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and reliability of data and efficiency I RATIONALE Are among the critical activities conducted at the endentitled Adoption of the Modified School Forms SFs forPublic Elementary and Secondary Schools Effective End of.
School Year 2013 2014 the preparation of forms wastedious and took up a significant amount of time andeffort on the part of teachers This burden wassubstantially lessened with the issuance of the said policywhich replaced the manual preparation of forms with the.
introduction of streamlined and electronic school formsmade available for download from the Learner InformationSystem LIS II Statement of the Policy Toprovide a reliable assurance mechanism of.
learner information ensure the quality andtimeless of school reports and reduce theresources spent for clerical and recordsmanagement Definition of Terms.
School Form1 SF1 School Register A list of learners who are officially enrolled and attendingSchool Form 2 SF2 Daily Attendance Report of Learner A list of the learners daily attendanceSchool Form 3 SF3 Books Issued and Returned.
A list of books and other reading materials issued to thelearners and returned to the issuing authoritySchool Form 4 SF4 Monthly Learner s Movement andAttendance A summary number of learners who transferred in out and.
dropped out during the month and cumulative count from School Form 5 SF5 Report on Promotion and Level of Proficiency A list of the learners academic performance and result ofassessment by the end of the school year School Form 5K SF5K Report on Promotion and Level of Proficiency.
for Kinder A list of the learners result of assessment by the end of theschool year for KindergartenSchool Form 6 SF6 Summarized Report on Promotion and Level ofProficiency.
A summary number of learner status by the end of the semesterand or school yearSchool Form 10 SF10 Learner s Permanent Academic Record formerly Form 137 The official record of an individual learner s academic.
achievement as he or she progresses through the basic education A Before Checking of Forms1 At the Division Level1 1 Composition of the Division Checking Committee DCC Table 1 Composition of the DCC.
Chair Chief of Curriculum Implementation Division CID Vice Chairs Chief of School Governance and OperationsOperation SGOD and Public Schools DistrictSupervisor PSDS Members Education Program Supervisors CID to be.
identified by the Chair Senior Program Specialistfor Planning and Research SGOD DivisionPlanning Officer SGOD Other Division or SchoolPer to be identified by the Chair and Vice ChairThe CID and SGOD may deputize school personnel as representatives to cover all.
schools in their Division within the given schedule 1 2 Roles and Functions of the DCC The CID shall focus on the areas of enrollment eligibility andassessment which include promotion retention or accelerationto ensure that the most recent policies are strictly observed .
The SGOD shall validate the enrollment count number of schoolleavers dropped out number of learners who transferredin out were promoted retained and other enrolment relatedindicators The SGOD shall also conduct spot checks or headcounts of learners vis vis the SF1 and SF5 as necessary The.
Division System Administrator who may be the Planning Officeror the Senior Education Program Specialist for Planning andResearch shall validate the presented SF1 and SF5 with theactual online record of the school in the LIS 1 3 Initial Tasks of the DCC.
The schedule of quarterly examinations stipulated in the annualschool calendar shall be strictly observed No internal advanceschedule of examinations shall be given for graduating movingup levels Grade 6and Grade 10 as the traditional practice ofranking of honors particularly the instruction to announce the.
list of honors 15 days prior to graduation is no longer applicableand deemed unnecessary as a consequence of theimplementation of DO No 36 s 2016 2 At the School Level2 1 Composition of the School Checking Committee SCC .
A checking committee shall also be created at the school level with the schoolhead as the Chair As SCC Chair the school head shall determine themembership of the SCC There will be two 2 Vice Chairs at the SCC The ICTCoordinator or the School System Administrator s for LIS EBEIS shall serve asthe Vice Chair for Enrollment Counts and Learner Profile The school head shall.
also appoint the most capable school personnel as Vice Chair for Curriculum andAssessment The Vice Chair for Enrollment Count and Learner Profile will focuson LIS related issues and school report generation while Vice Chair Curriculumand Assessment will ensure that the content of school forms and reports arecompliant the policies related to enrollment eligibility curriculum promotion .
and retention 2 2 Roles and Functions of the SCC The SCC is expected to conduct a pre checking activity involving the thoroughreview of all learner s records for all classes in preparation for the scheduledchecking of forms with the DCC .
Summary of Tasks and Reference Documents at the School LevelResponsibl References Outpute Document to be Checked Reports Forms to bePerson s Validated Compile supporting documents Ensure that the following SFS.
particularly on the learner s generated from the LIS areClass eligibility correct Advisers admission such as SF1 School Register PSA Birth Certificate other SF2 Learner Daily Attendanceequivalent document Report for the months of.
SF9 formerly Form 138 and February and March only SF10 formerly Form 137 or SF5 Report on Promotion andECCD Checklist Kindergarten Level of Proficiency includingProgress Report and Certificate SF5 K SF5A SHS and SF5B SHSof Completion for Kinder for Grade 12 .
PEPT PVT A E Certificate ifapplicable Prepare Summary Report Ensure that the followingusing the following SFS generated from theSchool references provided by the LIS are correct .
Heads class advisers SF4 Monthly Learner SF1 School Register Movement and SF2 Learner Daily Attendance Report forAttendance Report for the the months of Februarymonths of February and and March only .
March only SF6 Summarized SF5 Report on Report on Promotion andPromotion and Level of Level of ProficiencyProficiency including SF5 K SF5A SHS and SF5B SHS.
for Grade 12 asappropriate B During Reading and Checking of Forms1 At the School Level Immediately after the tabulation of 4th quarter examination.
results for grade levels that shall move up graduate Kinder Grades 6 10 12 has been processed and recorded in theappropriate forms the SCC shall start the school levelchecking This may be done through sub committees pergrade level in large schools or whatever structure deemed.
efficient in small schools The review shall focus on the accuracy of the learner profilesan enrollment eligibility using reliable references such as butnot limited to the Birth Certificate Learner s PermanentAcademic Record SF10 formerly Form 137 or appropriate.
certifications Electronic forms pre loaded with learner informationand their general averages downloadable from the LISare not subject for editing manually or outside the LIS Any correction shall be done in the SF1 and eventually.
in the Learner s profile module in the LIS Print layout order or arrangement of the list of learner s namesshould likewise not be edited The format and contentof system generated SFs are considered final andofficial Commercialized electronic school forms.
as mentioned in DO No 58 s 2017 Section VII Special Provision shall not be recognized noraccepted To ensure that only SFs generated from theLIS are being presented during the checking of forms the designated LIS or ICT Coordinator is required to.
sign or initial each SF 2 At the Division Level Selection of Classes for Checking of Forms The DCC shall conduct the Division level Checking of forms forgrade levels that shall move up graduate Kinder Grades 6 10 .
12 prior to the school s schedule for the moving upceremony commencement exercises The checking for other gradelevels may start after the 4th quarter examination until the 2nd weekof April The DCC should also notify the SCC of this schedule Kinder Grade 1 Grade 6 Grade 7 Grade 10 Grade 11 and.
Grade 12 shall be the priority grade levels for checking Paramount Considerations in the Checking of School Forms Since only the LIS generated school forms shall be presented it isunnecessary to retype reformat the name of learners The format andorder of learners names in the LIS generated school forms are.
considered final and official The system shall also determine themargins font name font size and placement of the extension nameif any Modifications such as the insertion of additional columns is arenot allowed For printing A4 8 27 x 11 69 or Long Folio 8 5 x 13 size white.
bond paper may be used depending on its availability in the school Forms shall be printed using black ink The DCC shall focus on the following Check the availability of supporting documents for entry gradelevels Kinder Grade 1 Grade 7 and Grade 11 and learners who.
transferred in or moved in for other grade levels Supporting Documents for Entry Grade LevelsGrade Level Supporting DocumentsKinder Birth Certificate 5 years old as of August 31 Grade 1 Kinder Completion Certificate and ECCD.
Grade 7 Elementary Completion Certificate or SF 10 Grade 11 JHS Moving Up Certificate or SF 10 JHSTransferred In or Moved In to other grade SF 10 with attached Birth CertificateFor Accelerated DepEd Assessment Passers PEPT PVT Rating or ALS A E EquivalencyCertificate.
Check the correctness of the following school forms and certificates forGrade 1 and exiting grade levels Kinder Grades 6 10 12 Focus Areas for CIDGrade Credential Consistency in SFsThe Omnibus Policy on Kindergarten DO 47 s 2016 or.
Kinder the most recent applicable policies should be strictlyInformation observed in the SF1is LRN printed in the Completion Certificate and ECCDconsistent Checklist should be consistent with the LRN in the SF1 .
with what The existing applicable policies on promotion retention Grade 6 is written in awarding of honors and acceleration should be strictlythe Birth observed Certificate LRN printed in the Completion Certificate SF5 and.
SF10 ES should be consistent with the LRN in the SF1 The existing applicable policies on promotion retention Grade 10 awarding of honors and acceleration should be strictly Focus Areas for SGODSF Type Focus of Validation.
SF 4 For grauating Grades 6 and 12 and moving up Kinder and Grade 10 gradelevels the SF2 and SF4 for the month of February shall be used during theValidate the cumulative number of school leavers dropped out and learnerswho transferred out by checking the SF1 and SF2 of each section or gradeValidate the supporting documents for learners reported to have transferred.
out to a school abroad an international school an ALS program or tagged asdropped out due to death SF5 SF6 For grauating Grades 6 and 12 and moving up Kinder and Grade 10 gradelevels the SF2 and SF4 for the month of February shall be used during theThe total number of learners per class as recorded in SF1 should be consistent.
with the total number of learners who actually reported to school as of March31 as recorded in SF4 The breakdown of enrollment by grade level must betallied with the breakdown of promoted and retained disaggregated by gradelevel in SF6 For graduating grade levels Grades 6 and 12 the SF4 for themonth of February shall be used for the purpose of checking .
At the end of the checking of forms the committee sfindings shall be consolidated in an observation reportusing the SFCR1 The DCC shall prepare an SFCR1 in three 3 copies reflecting only the classes that they reviewed The entries in the templates particularly the level of.
correctness or accuracy shall be discussed by thecommittee en banc before communicating them to the SCC Thank you - A list of the learners’ academic performance and result of assessment by the end of the school year. School . Form . 5K (SF5K) Report on Promotion and Level of . Proficiency for Kinder - A list of the learners’ result of assessment by the end of the school year for Kindergarten. School Form 6

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