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DepEd Order No 2 s 2015Guidelines on the Establishment Implementation of the Results basedPerformance Management System RPMS in the Department of Education.
Lead Engage Align Do LEAD Policy Statement The DepEd hereby sets the guidelines on theestablishment and implementation of theRPMS in the department stipulating the.
strategies methods tools and rewards forassessing the accomplishment vis vis thecommitments This will be used for measuringand rewarding higher levels of performance ofthe various units and development planning of.
all personnel in all levels Policy Statement For non school based personnel theRPMS shall provide for an objective andverifiable basis for rating and ranking the.
performance of units and individualpersonnel in view of the granting ofPerformance Based Bonus PBB starting Policy Statement For school based personnel the RPMS shall be.
used only as an appraisal tool which shall bethe basis for training and development Thegranting of PBB shall be governed by theexisting PBB guidelines The Department shall adopt the RPMS.
VISION MISSION WHAT VALUES VMV Strategic ValuesPrioritiesDepartment .
FunctionalArea Goals CompetenciesObjectivesDEPED RPMS FRAMEWORKThe framework aligns efforts to enable DepEd to actualize its strategic.
goals and vision Policy Statement The DepEd RPMS shall follow thefour stage performancemanagement system cycle as.
prescribed by the CSCPerformance Planningand Commitment 1 Discuss Unit s Objectives2 Identify Individual KRAs Objectives.
and Performance Indicators3 Discuss Competencies Required andAdditional Competencies Needed4 Reaching Agreement CATEGORY DEFINITION.
Effectiveness Quality The extent to which actual performancecompares with targeted performance The degree to which objectives areachieved and the extent to which targetedproblems are solved .
In management effectiveness relates togetting the right things done Efficiency The extent to which time or resources isused for the intended task or purpose Measure whether targets are.
accomplished with a minimum amount orquantity of waste expense orunnecessary effort Category DefinitionTimeliness Measures whether the deliverable was.
done on time based on the requirementsof the rules and regulations and orclients stakeholders Time related performance indicatorsevaluate such things as project.
completion deadlines time managementskills and other time sensitiveexpectationsPerformance Monitoring and 1 Performance Tracking.
2 Coaching FeedbackHeart of the RPMSPerformance Review and EvaluationReview PerformanceReviewing Performance.
2 Discuss Strengths andImprovement Needs The RPMS Rating ScaleScale Adjectival DescriptionPerformance represents an extraordinary level of achievement and.
commitment in terms of quality and time technical skills and5 Outstanding knowledge ingenuity creativity and initiative Employees at thisperformance level should have demonstrated exceptional job masteryin all major areas of responsibility Employee achievement andcontributions to the organization are of marked excellence .
4 Very Satisfactory Performance exceeded expectation All goals objectives and targetswere achieved above the established standards Satisfactory Performance met expectations in terms of quality of work efficiencyand timeliness The most critical annual goals were met Unsatisfactory Performance failed to meet expectations and or one or more of the.
most critical goals were not met Poor Performance was consistently below expectations and or reasonable1 progress toward critical goals was not made Significant improvementis needed in one or more important areas Sample Computation.
KRA s Weight Per Objectives Weight Per Rating ScoreKRA ObjectivesKRA 1 40 Objective 1 10 4 0 400Objective 2 20 5 1 000Objective 3 10 3 0 300.
KRA 2 20 Objective 1 10 3 0 300Objective 2 5 3 0 150Objective 3 5 4 0 200 Sample ComputationKRA s Weight Per Objectives Weight Per Rating Score.
KRA ObjectivesKRA 3 30 Objective 1 10 4 0 400Objective 2 15 3 0 450Objective 3 5 3 0 150KRA 4 10 Objective 1 5 3 0 150.
Objective 2 2 50 3 0 075Objective 3 2 50 4 0 100Plus FactorFinal Rating 3 675 Adjectival Ratings.
RANGE ADJECTIVAL RATING4 500 5 000 Outstanding3 500 4 499 Very Satisfactory2 500 3 499 Satisfactory1 500 2 499 Unsatisfactory.
Below 1 499 Poor DepEd s Competencies ScaleScale Definition5 Role model4 Consistently demonstrates.
Most of the time3 demonstrates2 Sometimes demonstrates1 Rarely demonstrates5 role model all competency indicators.
4 consistently demonstrates four competency indicators3 most of the time demonstrates three competency indicators2 sometimes demonstrates two competency indicators1 rarely demonstrates one competence indicator will be used for developmental purposes.
Performance Rewarding andDevelopment Planning 1 Rewards2 Development Planning RPMS Cycle.
For School Based PersonnelPerformance Mid Year Review Year End Results Phase II Phases III IV Phase I November April RPMS Cycle.
For non School Based PersonnelPerformance Mid Year Review Year End Results Phase II Phases III IV Phase I July December December.
Composition of Performance ManagementDivision PMT School PMTChair ASDS most senior in terms of Chair Principal electtenure as ASDSMembers Members .
Planning Officer III Four 4 Master Teacher Head Teacher Accountant III One 1 representative from the School Chief Administrative Officer V Planning Team One 1 Education Program Supervisor One 1 Administrative One 1 Principals Representative Officer Representative from non teaching.
Elementary PESPA group One 1 Principals Representative Secondary NAPPSSHI NAPPSSPHIL One 1 representative from theteacher association for elementary.
Division PMT School PMTComposition of Performance One 1 NEU Division ChapterOne 1 representative from theManagement.
Representativeteacher associationObserver Observer One 1 PTA Division Federation One 1 PTA RepresentativeRepresentative.
Secretariat Secretariat Administrative Office Administrative Office Composition of the GrievanceSchools Division Office SchoolsChair SDS Chair ASDS.
Members Members Legal Officer PSDSHRMO HRMO AOEPS PrincipalAccountant Master Teacher Head Teacher.
PESPA representative Teachers Association RATEE RATER APPROVING AUTHORITYSchools Division Office1 Superintendent 1 Asst Regional Director 1 Regional Director2 Asst Superintendent 2 Superintendent 2 Asst Director.
3 Chief of Division 3 Asst Superintendent 3 Superintendent4 Education Program 4 Chief of Division 4 Asst SuperintendentSupervisor5 District Supervisor 5 Chief of Division 5 Asst Superintendent6 Section Chief Unit Head 6 Chief of Division 6 Asst Superintendent.
7 Staff 7 Section Chief Unit 7 Head of Division RATEE RATER APPROVING AUTHORITY1 Principal 1 Asst Superintendent 1 Superintendent2 Head Master Teacher 2 Principal 2 Superintendent Small Medium Divisions .
Asst Superintendent Large Very Large Divisions 3 Teacher 3 Head Master Teacher 3 Principal4 Non Teaching Staff 4 Principal 4 Administrative Officer V Behind every.
successfulperson there iselementarySomewhere someone cared.
their growth anddevelopment On the screen, you see Results-based Performance Management System (RPMS) Framework of DepEd. At the top center of the framework is the Vision/Mission of DepEd. At the left-hand side is the "WHAT" consisting of Strategic Priorities broken down into Department/Functional Key Result Areas (KRAs) and Objectives.

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