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The PBB which is a top upbonus shall be given topersonnel of bureaus ordelivery units inaccordance to their.
contribution to theaccomplishment of theirDepartment s overalltargets andcommitments .
EO 80 s 2012 DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION 2 Objectives of PBB1 Rationalize the incentive system in governmentwhich was previously characterized by across the .
board bonuses that are given uniformly ofAgency andDelivery Units andIndividual2 StrengthenEligibility.
the performance monitoring and MC 2016 1 appraisal systems based on Individualsexisting systems likethe OPIF SPMS and RBPMS DO 53 s 2017 .
3 Improve service delivery by linking personnelincentives to the bureau or delivery unit sperformance and recognizing and rewardingexemplary performance 4 Motivate higher performance and greater.
DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION 3 Agency Eligibility1 Achieve performance targetsin the delivery of MFOs STO2 Satisfy 100 of the Good.
Governance Conditions3 Use the applicableperformance rating systems DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION 4 Take note .
Inability to meet any of the pre conditions shallrender ineligibility for the grant of PBBIn cases wherein a specific delivery unit is deemed non compliant for any of the above conditions the PMT wherethe non compliance exists shall meet to determine the.
highest accountable official and all staff membersresponsible for the non compliance The highestaccountable official must be a Section Chief Unit Head orhigher The said personnel will be included in the isolationlist for the FY 2016 PBB and will be ineligible for the grant.
of PBB for FY 2016 DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION 5 Where are we now in terms of AgencyPBB Requirement Eligibility StatusAgency Accomplishments Need to submit justification on.
vis vis underachievement and non availabilityMFO STO GAS Targets of data in some MFO indicatorsGood Governance ConditionsTransparency Seal CompliantPhilGEPS 25 non compliant delivery units.
highest ranking official and concernedpersonnel will be isolatedCitizen s Charter CompliantPublic Financial Management ReportBFARs On going review.
Report on Ageing of Cash CompliantCOA Financial Reports CompliantOperations Manual QMS CompliantDEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION 6 Individual Eligibility.
receive theDEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION 7 Who will receive the PBB All officials and employees holding regular plantilla and contractual and casual personnel having an.
employer employee relationshipSalaries are charged to the lump sum appropriationunder PS or occupying positions in the DBM approvedcontractual staffing patternFirst and Second level employees and officials.
performing managerial and executive functions whoare neither Presidential appointee nor covered byCESPES who receive an at least Satisfactory ratingunder RPMSThird level officials and all incumbents of CES positions.
who receive an at least Satisfactory rating underCESPES DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION 8 Who will receive the PBB An official or employee who has rendered a minimum of 9months of service in the current rating period and with at.
least Satisfactory performance rating may be eligible to thefull grant of the PBB An official or employee who rendered less than nine 9 months but a minimum of three 3 months of service in thecurrent rating period and with at least Satisfactory .
performance rating may be eligible for the grant of PBB on apro rata basis corresponding the actual length of servicerendered Length of Service of PBB Rate8 months but less than 9 months 90 7 months but less than 8 months 80 .
6 months but less than 7 months 70 5 months but less than 6 months 60 4 months but less than 5 months 50 3 months but less than 4 40 DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION 9.
Who will receive the PBB Personnel on detail to another government agency forsix 6 months or more shall be included in the rankingof employees in the recipient agency that rated his herperformance Payment of PBB shall come from the.
parent agency Personnel who transferred from one governmentagency to another shall be rated and ranked by theagency where he she served the longest If equalmonths were served for each agency he she shall be.
included in the recipient agency The same shall apply to personnel on detail reassigned and transferred to other delivery unitswithin DepEd except that the payment of PBB shallcome from the delivery unit where he she is rated and.
ranked DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION 10 Who will NOT receive theConsultants experts and or technical assistants whoare hired under Contract of Service or job order in theabsence of an employer employee relationship.
Employee on vacation leave with or without pay forthe entire rating periodPersonnel found guilty of administrative and or criminalcases and meted penalty in 2016 EXCEPT if thepenalty meted is only a reprimand.
Officials and employees who failed to submit 2015Officials and employees who failed to liquidate CashAdvances received in 2016 within the reglementaryperiod DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION 11 New features of 2016 PBB.
1 PBB rates of individuals shalldepend on the performanceranking of the delivery unit wherethey belong as a percentage oftheir monthly basic salary.
2 Third level officials should receiveat least Satisfactory ratingunder CESPESDEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION 12 Ranking of Delivery Units and.
Next 25 BETTER 57 5 Next 65 GOOD 50 or Php5 000 whichever ishigher DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION What are the Delivery.
OSEC 17 ROs All SDOs All publicbureaus including NIR excluding of the 17 elementaand ARMM regions ry JHSservices and SHS.
DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION 14 School Level Ranking Covers all publicelementary JHS and school ID registered in.
completed at least 1rating period by end SY2015 16 LARGE MEDIUM SMALL Annex and extensionschools that do not have.
school ID at the start of SYwill be included in mother BEST Schools will be rankedat the regional level Separate ranking for.
Elementary andSecondary schools Secondary include JHS andDEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION Separate ranking for.
School Level RankingPerformance Indicators Maxim Performance Indicators MaximPoints PointsOPCRF overall score50 OPCRF overall score.
SY 2016 2017 80 of learners who scoredaverage and better in LAPG 20NAT or its equivalent in SY liquidation of school.
MOOE in FY 2016 and 202014 15 timeliness of monthlysubmission as of the 5thworking day of theSimple Dropout Rate in SY.
2014 15 20 succeeding month of liquidation of schoolMOOE from January 1 to 10 Plus factor If Brigada EskwelaDecember 31 2015 and.
timeliness of monthly Awardee in the nationalsubmission as of the 5th level DM 23 s 2017 working day of the If recipient of nationalsucceeding month awardsDEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION.
What if there is a tie The schools with the same total scoresshall be ranked based on theimprovement from previous year sperformance in OPCRF overall score and.
liquidation of school MOOE in that If after the above cited criteria havebeen considered and there is still a tie all schools with equal total scores will bemoved to the next performance.
category DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION 17 Division Level Ranking Covers all SDOs of the17 regions completed at least 1 rating.
period as of end 2016 included in the 2016 GAA SDOs that do not satisfy theabove parameters will be SDO SDO SDOincluded in the mother division.
SDOs will be ranked atthe regional level SDO SDO SDO No classificationbased on size will beSDO SDO SDO.
DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION Division Level RankingPerformance Indicators MaximumPerformance Indicators MaximOPCRF overall score 50.
of 5 year old children enrolled in 5Kindergarten in SY 2014 15 both Public and of 6 11 year old pupils enrolled in Elementary 5OPCRF overall score FY 2016 80.
in SY 2014 15 both Public and Private5 Average OPCRF ratings of of 12 15 year old students enrolled inSecondary in SY 2014 15 both Public andschools within the SDO.
of elementary schools both Public and 5Private with improvements in the of learnerswho scored average and better in NAT or itsequivalent in SY 2014 15FY 2016 BUR based on.
obligations as of December 31 10 of secondary schools both Public and 5 2016 Private with improvements in the of learnerswho scored average and better in NAT or itsequivalent in SY 2014 15.
Simple dropout rate in SY 2014 15 both Publicand Private of liquidation of CashAdvances received in FY 2016 5 of school MOOE downloaded three 3 5.
working days upon receipt of liquidationreports of schools of FY 2015 newly created teaching and non 5teaching items with NOSCA filled up within 3 of excess teachers re deployed in SY 2014 2 5.
15 including those hired by the Local SchoolBoard LSB of private schools submitting EBEIS data on 2 5or before August 28 2015 of applications for permit to operate 2 5.
recognition processed and endorsed to the ROwithin the prescribed number of days of DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION Regional Level Ranking Covers 17 regions including NIR but.
excluding ARMMBEST RO RO RO ROs will be ranked atthe national level No classification BETTER RO RO RO.
based on size will beGOOD RO RO RODEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION Regional Level RankingPerformance Indicators Maxim Performance Indicators Maxim.
Points PointsOPCRF overall scoreOPCRF overall score FY 2016 80 of SDOs within the region.
categorized as Best and BetterAverage OPCRF ratings of accomplishment utilization vis vis the AWFP15 SDOs within the region 5.
based on obligations as of DecemberFY 2016 BUR based onobligations as of December 10Timeliness and completeness ofsubmission of quarterly budget.
5 31 2016 accomplishment reports BARs to of liquidation of Cash of liquidation of cash advances5 Advances received in FY 5.
from January 1 to December 31 2015 of private schools with permit tooperate or which acquired recognitionto total number of private schools asof February 2016.
of applications for permit toDEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION Central Level Ranking Covers OSEC allbureaus and services BEST.
in the central office No classification BETTERbased on size will beDEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION Central Office Ranking.
Performance Indicators Maxim Performance Indicators MaximPoints PointsOPCRF overall score OPCRF overall score50 FY 2016 80 accomplishment .
utilization vis vis the 25AWFP based on obligations asAverage OPCRF ratings ofdivisions offices units within 5of December 31 2015 the bureau service.
of liquidation of cash FY 2016 BUR based onadvances from January 1 to 20 obligations as of December 10December 31 2015 31 2016 Timeliness andcompleteness of submission 5 of liquidation of Cash.
Advances received in FY 5of quarterly budget 2016accomplishment reports BARs to PPD OPSDEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION.
What if there is a tie The delivery units with the same totalscores shall be ranked based on theimprovement from previous year sperformance in OPCRF overall score .
BUR liquidation of Cash Advances and average OPCRF ratings of officesunder them or schools in case of SDOs in that order If after the above cited criteria have.
been considered and there is still a tie all delivery units withDEPARTMENT equal total scoresOF EDUCATION 24 In times of calamity.
All delivery units that are affected by major calamities in FY 2016shall be ranked using the previous year s data except for theinformation in the plus factor provided however that the deliveryunit submits to the PMC a request for exemption for onwardverification and approval of the DRRMS with the ff .
List of calamity affected DepEd offices and or schools Preventive measures initiatives in times of calamity to show that theregion division and or schools have established necessaryprecautions even prior to the calamity Proof of damage if available and.
Weekly attendance of learners from the first to fourth Friday followingdate of resumption as submitted by schools and consolidated by thedivisions and region DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION 25 Take note .
Inconsistency and inaccuracy of the compliance reports certificationsPersonnel found guilty of administrative and/or criminal cases and meted penalty in 2016, EXCEPT if the penalty meted is only a reprimand ... that the delivery unit submits to the PMC a request for exemption for onward verification and approval of the DRRMS, with the ff: ... Letter addressed to Chair. Resolution w/in 15 days. Appeal to Chair w ...

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