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DRRM ORIENTATION andPLANNING WORKSHOPDisaster Risk Reduction and Management OfficeTagaytay International Convention Center Tagaytay CitySeptember 9 11 2014.
Disaster Risk Reduction andManagement in DepEd We contribute to school resilience by Serving as Focal PointDEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION 3.
We contribute to school resilience by Monitoring of hazards andemergenciesDEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION 4 We contribute to school resilience by .
Providing real time data on theeffects of hazards andDEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION 5 How and why we do DRRM NDRRMC DepEd.
Education ClusterOffices inDRRM FocalLocal LocalDRRMC Education.
The creation of policies improves our capacity toimplement DRRM in DepEd Serve as the clearinghouse forall DRRM related transactionsincluding production and.
issuance of EiE DRRMmodules distribution of schoolkits and offering of emergencyPolicy Coordination aid or assistance CapacityInformation.
Planning and ManagementDevelop and recommendBuilding policyResearch standards and actions toDepEd management on DRRM .
EiE CCA and policy actions toenhance the DepEd s resilienceto disasters DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION 8 DRRMO coordinates information with and among.
Government Non government partners Act as the focal point for DepEd inplanning implementing coordinating and monitoring ofactivities related to.
DRRM EiE CCA Initiate and coordinate cooperationand collaborative activities withNGAs NGOs and CSOs inter Policy Coordination Information.
agency and cluster Capacitygroupings suchPlanning and Managementas NDRRMC Education BuildingResearch among others which are.
concerned with DRRM EiE CCA Create and operate an EmergencyOperation Center EOC which willserve as the Department soperating and responding facility.
during disasters DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION 9 DRRMO coordinates information with and amongGovernment Non government partners Represent DepEd in NDRRMC.
meetings Education Clusterlead Protection CampCoordination and Management PCCM Cluster member and Act as convenor and Secretariat.
of the Education ClusterCoordination Information Capacity Education Cluster Members Management BuildingDEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION 10.
Prevention and MitigationRegional Office Regional DRRMFocal Person Monitor the implementation of Request reports from the divisionprevention and mitigation programs and DRRM focal person regarding.
policies implementation of prevention andmitigation activities Issue policy on the conduct of Ensure that policies are communicatedprevention and mitigation measures to all concerned divisions Conduct policy research in DRRM Support the creation of DRRM policies.
implementation Maintain close coordination with Serve as point person for the RegionalRegional DRRMC Office Orient Regional Personnel on DRRM Spearhead DRRM training s or.
workshop s for DivisionDEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION 12 PreparednessRegional OfficeRegional Office Regional.
Regional DRRMDRRMCoordinatorFocal Person Ensure conduct of drills in the Request reports from DivisionRegional Office DRRM focal person regarding.
implementation of preparednessactivities Collaborate with partner Serve as the point person fororganizations and RDRRMC collaborations Maintain relevant and updated Ensure that the directory of Division.
emergency hotlines and directory of DRRM focal persons is updatedDivision DRRM focal persons Disseminate disaster preparedness Ensure that the communicationmeasures to divisions reaches all concerned Division Offices Organize DRRM team for EOC Initiate inter cluster coordination.
activation under the supervision of RDDEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION 13 PreparednessRegional Office Regional DRRMFocal Person.
Capacity building for Regional Spearhead capacity buildingPersonnel activities Integrate DRRM in the RegionalEducation Development Plan REDP DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION 14.
ResponseRegional OfficeRegional Office RegionalRegional DRRMDRRMCoordinator.
Focal Person Monitor Monitorthetheeffectseffectsofofhazard.
hazard Request for and consolidate Coordinate with RDRRMC on RADAR reports from Division Officesresponse needs and activities Coordinate Prepare forwith.
RDRRMC deploymenton Serve as the point person for theand provisionneeds andof resources activities Regional Office.
Consolidate and validate Prepare for reports monitoring possible deployment Monitor needs of Regional andand provision Activate of resources.
EOC Division Offices Consolidate and validate monitoring Serve as the point person forreports consolidation and validation of reportsto be submitted to DRRMO Activate and lead the EOC Coordinate EOC under the.
supervision of the RDDEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION 15 Recovery and RehabilitationRegional OfficeRegional Office Regional.
Regional DRRMDRRMCoordinatorFocal Person Assist in the conduct of detailed Assist in the conduct of detailed Participate in the conduct of Post .
Damage Assessment Post Disaster Needs Assessment Disaster Needs Assessments in critical Monitor implementation ofareas and coordinate results torecovery and rehabilitation plans .
Consolidate and validate recovery Monitor implementation of recovery Monitor and report to DRRMO theand rehabilitation reports and rehabilitation plans status of Divisions in recovery andrehabilitation phase.
Consolidate and validate recovery Serve as the point person forand rehabilitation reports consolidationDEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION 16 DRRM ROLES ANDRESPONSIBILITIES of.
DIVISION OFFICES andFOCAL PERSONSDEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION 17 Prevention and MitigationDivision Office Division DRRM.
Focal Person Ensure that all schools have established Forward advisories from the DRRMOEarly Warning Systems and Regional Office to School Heads school focal person Monitor the conduct of hazard.
Spearhead the conduct of risk mapping and risk assessment inassessment in all schools schools Communicate risk assessmentresults to DepEd offices Maintain close coordination with Local Serve as the point person for.
DRRMC collaborations with Local DRRMC Close monitoring of safe site selectionand construction of new school buildings Orient Division Personnel on DRRMDEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION 18.
PreparednessDivision Office Division DRRMFocal Person Ensure the regular conduct of drills Monitor the conduct of drills inin all schools and Division Office schools.
Identify Temporary Learning Maintain a list of possible TLSSpaces and alternative delivery and coordinate the need for ADMmodes of education to concerned offices in the DO Disseminate and maintain relevant Ensure emergency hotlines areand updated emergency hotlines maintained and updated.
Collaborate with partner Serve as the point person fororganizations and P M CDRRMC on collaborationsthe conduct of Preparedness activities Disseminate and implement Ensure that the communicationdisaster preparedness measures to reaches all schools in the division.
DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION 19 PreparednessDivision Office Division DRRMFocal Person Organize DRRM team for EOC Initiate inter cluster.
activation coordination under thesupervision of SDS Ensure availability of updated Ensure the availability ofbaseline data of all schools baseline data of all schools Capacity building for Division Spearhead capacity building.
Personnel School Heads and activities Integrate DRRM in the DivisionEducation Development PlanDEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION 20 Response.
Division Office Division DRRMFocal Person Monitor class suspensions and Monitor the effects of hazard report such to Regional Office Collate and submit RaDAR to.
Regional Office Recommend possible class Ensure implementation of EOsuspensions to the local 66 s 2012 DRRMC chair Coordinate with Local Serve as the point person for.
DRRMC on response needs collaborationsand activitiesDEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION 21 ResponseDivision Office Division DRRM.
Focal Person Prepare for possible deployment Monitor needs of the Division Officeand provision of resources and schools Prepare monitoring reports Provide real time updates toRegional Office and DRRMO during.
incidents and disasters Activate EOC Coordinate EOC under thesupervision of the SDS Monitor and assess possible Provide updates to Regional Officeescalation of situation that may and DRRMO.
aggravate impact on learners personnel and DepEd properties Establish Temporary Learning Coordinate TLS needs and otherSpaces in affected schools related assistanceDEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION 22.
Recovery and RehabilitationDivision Office Division DRRMFocal Person Participate in the recovery Prepare implement and monitor rehabilitation planning initiatives.
recovery and rehabilitation Track and report the progress ofrecovery rehabilitation initiatives toRegional Office Spearhead the conduct of detailed Report coordinate Post DisasterPost Disaster Needs Assessment Needs Assessment to Regional Office.
Facilitate the provision of assistance toaffected Division Personnel and schools Monitor schools used as Evacuation Report and update Regional OfficeCenters on demobilization of ECs Recommend class resumption Monitor and report class resumption.
to Regional OfficeDEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION 23 DRRM ORIENTATION andPLANNING WORKSHOPDisaster Risk Reduction and Management Office.
Tagaytay International Convention Center Tagaytay CitySeptember 9 11 2014 COORDINATIONDEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION 25 The coordination of early warnings allows.
recipientsto get ready for the hazardNDRRMC DepEd DRRMODepEd field officesLDRRMC Region Division.
Advisory DRRM Focal Persons Pre schoolElementaryDEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION 26 Upon receipt of advisory the field offices should.
monitor the suspension of classes as per EO 66Schools SchoolsSchools Pre school Pre schoolPre school Elementary ElementarySecondary Secondary.
Suspension EO 66 2012 Signal No 1 Signal No 2 Signal No 3DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION 27 Coordinate needs and damages toappropriate agencies to facilitate rapid response.
NDRRMC Education ClusterDepEd SupportLDRRMC DepEd field offices O ServicesAdvisory Region DivisionSitReps DRRM Focal Persons HNC.
C PersonnelPre schoolElementaryDEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION 28 Activation of EOC at the appropriate level.
depends on affected areasDEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION 29 DepEd EOC Activation facilitates rapidcoordination and response during disastersDEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION 30.
Roles and responsibilities of DepEdUnits Offices in the EOCDEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION 31 Roles and responsibilities of DepEdUnits Offices in the EOC.
AAS Admin DRRMO PFSED COMMDEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION 32 Roles and responsibilities of DepEdUnits Offices in the EOCAAS Admin DRRMO PFSED COMM.
Personnel ICT IMCS HNC FinanceDEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION 33 Roles and responsibilities of DepEdUnits Offices in the EOCAAS Admin DRRMO PFSED COMM.
What do we monitor and report NDRRMC OpCenDepEd field officesDepEd field officesDEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION 36.
What do we monitor and report DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION 37 How can we communicate DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION 38 How can we communicate .
DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION 39 How can we communicate DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION 40 Rapid Damage Assessment ReportSchool ID .
Incurred Damages because of type of hazard Number of Totally Damaged Classrooms Needs to be Replaced Number of Classrooms with Major Damage Needs major repair .
Number of Classrooms with Minor Damage Needs minor repair that can be repaired by school Number of Makeshift Classrooms Needed For class resumption Number of Classrooms Used as Evacuation Center for.
type of hazard From Day 1 Are there still evacueess 3 days after the hazard Submitted by Signature Full Name .
Personnel (Employees’ Welfare and Benefits Div’n (EWBD)): Implement personnel tracking Disseminate information and centralize coordiantion re employee benefits during disasters Facilitate processing of benefits Mobilize OSH/DepEd volunteers to augment EOC personnel requirements Coordinate relief for personnel Info & Commmucation Technology ...

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