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The 21st Century Teacherand Learner K to 12 classifications of the 21st Century SkillsDEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION Curriculum Exits.
DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION Curriculum Exits1 Visual and information 1 Creativity and curiosity 1 Collaboration and 1 Flexibility andliteracies 2 Critical thinking interpersonal skills adaptability2 Media literacy problem solving skills 2 Initiative and self .
3 Basic scientific 3 Risk takingeconomic and 3 Social and cross technological literacies cultural skillsand multicultural 4 Productivity andliteracy accountability.
5 Leadership and4 Global awarenessresponsibility6 Ethical moral andspiritual values.
DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION LearningInnovationCreativity and innovationCritical thinking and problem solving.
Communication and collaborationAccess and evaluateinformationUse and manage informationAnalyze media.
Create media productsApply technology effectively Flexibility and adaptability Initiative and self direction Social and cross cultural skills.
Productivity and Accountability Leadership and responsibility Characteristics of a 21st Century LearnerKnowledge Network for Innovations inLearning and Teaching KNILT by Palfrey and Gasser.
http tccl rit albany edu knilt... The 21st Century Learner http roryjonmanning com Schola... DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION http nicholasroseth com wp co... Characteristics of a 21st Century Teacher.
The Adaptor21st Century Educators are able to adaptThe Communicator1 the curriculum and the requirementsto teach to the curriculum in.
The Learnerimaginative ways 2 software and hardware designed forThe Visionarya business model into tools utilizable.
by a variety of age groups andThe Leaderabilities to a dynamic teachingexperience 3 teaching style to be inclusive of.
different modes of learning The CollaboratorThe Risk takerhttps edorigami wikispaces com... Characteristics of a 21st Century Teacher.
The AdaptorThe CommunicatorThe 21st Century teacher as aThe Learnercommunicator must be fluent in.
tools and technologies that enableThe Visionary communication and collaborationanywhere anytime They do not onlyThe Leaderknow how to do communication they.
also know how to facilitate stimulate control moderate and manageThe Collaborator communication The Risk takerhttps edorigami wikispaces com... .
Characteristics of a 21st Century TeacherThe AdaptorThe CommunicatorThe 21st Century teacher as aThe Learner learner must.
be lifelong learners The Visionary continue to absorbexperiences and knowledge The Leader.
endeavor to stay current change and learn as thehorizons and landscapeThe Collaborator changes The Risk taker.
https edorigami wikispaces com... Characteristics of a 21st Century TeacherThe AdaptorThe 21st Century teacher as a visionary must have rich imagination to .
The Communicator see the potential in grasp andmanipulate the emerging tools andThe Learnerweb technologies .
look at others ideas and envisageThe Visionaryhow they would use these in theirThe Leader looks across the disciplines and.
through the curricula and makelinks that reinforce and valuelearning in other areas andThe Collaborator make other fields as leverage toreinforce their own teaching and.
The Risk takerthe learning of their studentshttps edorigami wikispaces com... Characteristics of a 21st Century TeacherThe Adaptor.
The 21st Century teacher as aThe CommunicatorThe Learner leads by example bychampioning processes and.
The Visionarymodeling skills walks the talk The Leader is an advocator early adopter a maverick .
The Model set clear goals and objectivesThe Collaboratorcrucial to the success of aThe Risk takerhttps edorigami wikispaces com... .
Characteristics of a 21st Century TeacherThe 21st Century teacher as aThe AdaptorThe Communicator model should model the behaviors that they expect from.
The Learner their students tolerance acceptance a wider view than justThe Visionarytheir curricula areas globalThe Leader.
awareness and reflection reflective practice by monitoring andThe Model evaluating their teaching via blogs twitter and other medium whereThe Collaborator educators can look both inwards and.
The Risk takerhttps edorigami wikispaces com... Characteristics of a 21st Century TeacherThe AdaptorThe Communicator.
The 21st Century teacher as aThe Learnercollaborator must be able to leverage collaborative tools likeThe Visionary.
Linkedin Ning Blogger Wikispaces The LeaderBebo MSN MySpace Slideshare Pinterest Instagram and FacebookThe Model to enhance and captivate our.
The Collaborator Share contribute adapt and inventThe Risk takerusing these collaborative toolshttps edorigami wikispaces com... .
Characteristics of a 21st Century TeacherThe AdaptorThe 21st Century teacher as a riskThe Communicatortaker must.
have a vision of what s he wants andThe Learner what the technology can achieve to beable to identify goals and facilitateThe Visionary take risks and sometimes surrender to.
The Leaderthe students knowledge and use thestrengths of these digital natives to understand and navigateThe Collaborator products.
have students teach each otherThe Risk takerhttps edorigami wikispaces com... What must 21st century teachers do todevelop critical thinking in students .
Commitment Competence Creativity Compassion Character.
http www teachthought com lear... DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION 21st Century Teaching and LearningIDEAL LEARNING ENVIRONMENT1 Teachers and students are all learners.
2 The focus is more on questions less on answers3 Understanding is more important than knowing4 Innovation and exploration are part of learning5 We connect and learn with the worldhttp www peelschools org about... .
20Century 20Teaching 20and 20... DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION 21st Century Teaching and Learning21st century teaching and learning mustbe based on the following broad skills .
1 Collaborative inquiry to solve real andrelevant problems2 Creativity and innovation3 Critical thinking andproblem solving.
4 Communicationhttp www peelschools org about... DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION 21st Century Teaching and LearningTechnology then is what supports and enables.
this kind of learning and engages students by 1 Providing learning anywhere anytime2 Supporting teacher innovation and capacity3 Enhancing equity of access through the use ofpersonal devices and internet resources.
4 Using social media to support inquiry andcommunication while building socialresponsibility and digital literacy5 Strengthening connections with parentshttp www peelschools org about... .
DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION 20th Century Learning VS 21st Century20th Century Learning learning content21st Century Learning learning the tools and skills toremake the content to become the.
producer and creator Diana Rhotenwww youtube com watch feature ... DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION Some Quick Suggested.
TECHNOLOGY TOOLSProvide crossword and word search puzzles foryour students in order to address vocabularyor to introduce new topics in your lessons You may visit this site .
http puzzlemaker school discov... http www enchantedlearning co... RUBISTAR www rubistar 4teachers org The greatest sign of a success for ateacher is to be able to say The.
children are now working as if I didnot exist Maria Montessori Thank You http fis pyp wiki wikispaces c... .
DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATIONIn order to ensure that our students can thrive and be successful in a future that can’t be predicted, education needs to keep pace with these changes. If we imagine the ideal learning environment—it might be a place where:

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