Development of Heavily Aluminized  Rocket Propellant

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1.Development of Heavily AluminizedSolid Rocket PropellantRuby Gomez (Presenter)Gaines Gibson

2.Outline Daedalus Astronautics Project Purposeat ASU Chemical Properties Mixing Procedures Testing Equipment TestingResults and Analysis

3.Daedalus Astronautics StudentOrganizationat Arizona StateUniversity Extensive PropulsionExperience Communityinvolvement

4.Project Purpose Todevelop a heavily aluminized solid rocketpropellant To characterize the new propellant “Characterize” in using rocket designequations, simulation, and empirical testing onthe new solid propellant To test propellant on conventional (delavel)and multi-grid nozzlefunded project

5.Chemical PropertiesLIQUIDS HTPB (Hydroxyl-terminatedpolybutadiene) similar color to waxpaper, highly viscous, and a binder (tobind the fuel (aluminum) and oxidizer(ammonium perchlorate)) DOA (Dioctyl Adipate) - lightcolored oil used as plasticizer (toreduce viscosity of propellant)

6.Chemical PropertiesLIQUIDS Castor oil – very paleyellow liquid used toharden the grains, toprevent fractures andincrease the density Tepanol – is a verysticky substance used asa bonding agent tostrengthen the bondbetween the binder(HTPB) and oxidizer(ammonium perchlorate) Isonate 143L – is thecurative which starts theprocessing of hardeningthe solid propellantCuring Agent

7.Chemical PropertiesFUEL Aluminum – used as a fuel in powderform 325 meshOXIDIZER Ammonium Perchlorate – is theoxidizer

8.Chemical PropertiesSOLIDS Carbon black – a dyeing agent ,prevents the grains from breakingdown due to the ultraviolet lightreleased during combustion Ferric (Iron III) oxide - createsthermite reaction, serves as a catalystto the combustion reaction

9.Chemical PropertiesSOLIDS Strontium chromate – very powerfuloxidizer Copper II oxide- creates thermitereaction, serves as a catalyst to thecombustion reaction

10.Mixing ProceduresLiquids – HTPB, DOA, CO,TP Fuel – aluminum Vacuum Solids – CB, FO, SC, C3O Custom madeVacuum plate Oxidizer – ammoniumperchlorate Curing Agent – Isonate 143L Cast Heat Treatment Kitchen AidmixtureCustom made Heat Box

11.Raytheon Propellant FormulationOrderMaterialPurpose /ComponentPercentageCalculatedWeight (lb)1HTPBBinder8.50.644252AluminumFuel191.4253DOAPlasticizer20.154HX-752Bonding Agent0.30.02255TepanolBonding Agent0.50.03756AmmoniumPerchlorate (AP)Oxidizer695.1757IPDICurative0.590.04425N/ATPBN/A0.02-

12.Daedalus PropellantOriginal CrazyPants3FormulationCrazyPants3Modification 1CrazyPants3Modification 2ChemicalPercentagePercentagePercentageAmmonium Perchlorate(200 micron)73.872.370.96HTPB14.213.913.65Aluminum (325 mesh)579Dioctyl Adipate3.553.483.41Isonate 143L1.841.801.77Iron Oxide0.550.540.529Strontium Chromate0.300.290.288Carbon Black0.200.1960.192Tepanol0.200.1960.192Castor Oil0.200.1960.192Copper Oxide0.150.1470.144Silicon Oil0.010.0090.009

13.Mixing Difficulties Tepanol and Ammonium production Texture of Heavily Aluminize Propellant HardeningCustom built casting rackCasted grain

14.Testing Equipment

15.Testing Equipment Data Acquisition (DAQ)model 718B – recordspressure and thrust data Test Stand – custombuilt test stand

16.Test One Test one failure analysisRoot cause analysis foundfailure due to nozzle throatarea— Extremely aggressivepropellant burn— Summary——Original CP-3 PropellantResult: Catastrophic overpressurization

17.Test Two Test two failure analysisRoot cause was extremelyfast regression rate— Exact same hoop stressfailure as first test— Summary— 7%CP-3 Propellant— Result: Catastrophic overpressurization— 60 lb thrust at operatingpressure

18.Special ThanksMatt Summers



Carbon black – a dyeing agent , prevents the grains from breaking down due to the ultraviolet light released during combustion . Ferric (Iron III) oxide - creates thermite reaction, serves as a catalyst to the combustion reaction

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