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Cognitive Coachingfor All Teachers Becoming ReflectivePractitioners Not Ego Guardians.
Olathe Public Schools Summer Conference 2018 To Connect with Rick www rickwormeli comrick rickwormeli onmicrosoft c... rwormeli cox net.
RickWormeli2 Twitter 703 620 2447Herndon Virginia Helpful resources Educational Coaching A Partnership for Problem Solving by.
Cathy A Toll Embarrassment And the Emotional Underlife of Learning byThomas Newkirk Onward Cultivating Emotional Resilience in Educators by Elena The Art of Coaching Effective Strategies for School.
Transformation by Elena Aguilar The Human Side of School Change Reform Resistance andthe Real Life Problems of Innovation by Robert Evans Instructional Coaching A Partnership Approach to ImprovingInstruction by Jim Knight.
Helpful resources Better Conversations Coaching Ourselves and Each Other toBe More Credible Caring and Connected by Jim Knight Coaching Conversations Transforming Your School OneConversation at a Time by Linda M Gross Cheliotes Marceta F .
Unstuck How Curiosity Peer Coaching and Teaming CanChange Your School by Bryan Goodwin Tonia Gibson DaleLewis and Kris Rouleau The Grief of Accepting New Ideas Cultivating the IntellectualLife of Teachers and Cognitive Coaching Training for All.
Teachers by Rick Wormeli Article available atwww rickwormeli com Practice Brainstorming Questionsto Identify the Focus for the CoachingSample Initial Comments from the Teacher .
Student isn t engaged Student knew it last week but doesn t remember it this week This curriculum unit is very difficult to teach I m really not getting along with my department grade level The class period is too short I don t have enough time .
The heating cooling system is broken Students are being pulled out of class daily There s too much in the curriculum to teach Human EgoEgo insulates us from otherwise incapacitating personal.
attacks and it moderates those monologues we tellourselves as we attempt to shape reality to our privatetheories of the world and our role in it A healthy ego helpsus maintain confidence and conviction in the face ofadversity fuels hope in positive outcomes and powers.
that critical driver of our self and work that we matter Human EgoIt is fiercely protective however of its own view for fearthat if its perceptions were found faulty and neededchanging everything else it declared as truth would also.
be suspect forcing us into uncomfortable uncertainty andeven change We d have to lose a piece of ourselves andwhat we accepted as normal we think in order to acceptthat new idea As physicist Max Planck declared Scienceadvances one funeral at a time .
Planck quote from Derek Thompson Why Experts Reject Creativity TheAtlantic October 10 2014 VulnerabilityWe can become so concerned about what the changemeans for us in the classroom that we become vulnerable .
and that vulnerability and sometimes confusion can comeout as anger and depression directed at specific others orat the general ether We may even accept the logic of thenew idea as well as the limited nature of our former idea but we still resent the threat to our perceived competency .
Note too that idea acceptance can be a time of great People cannot accept even the simplest and most obvious truth ifit would oblige them to admit the falsity of conclusions which theyhave delighted in explaining to colleagues which they have proudlytaught to others and which they have woven thread by thread into.
the fabric of their lives Gleick 1987 p 38 Evans p 30 The humiliation of becoming a raw novice at anew trade after having been a master craftsman atan old one and the deep crisis caused by theRespect to.
the Challenge of the Teacher s Journey suppressancient prejudices to push aside thecomfort of thefamiliar to.
relinquish thesecurity of what oneknows well Evans p 48 People must be.
sufficiently dissatisfied with the present stateof affairs and their role in maintaining it orthey have no reason to endure the losses andchallenges of change Evans p 57 In order for someone to.
accept feedback or takea risk with a new idea hemust admit first what hewas doing was lesseffective than his ego.
thought it was Peter Senge quotinganother consultant swords People don tresist change They.
resist being changed p 22 Toll The fallacy ofrationalism is theassumption that the.
social world can bealtered by logicalargument The problem as George BernardShaw observed is that .
reformers have theidea that change can beachieved by brutesanity Michale Fullan.
1991 p 96 as quoted inRobert Evans Side of SchoolChange 1996 George.
students thrive Unexaminedharms students Ultimate Goal ofCognitive Coaching .
Self EfficacyTeachers are empowered through autonomy professionalism and specific skill skillsets to employ best practices self monitor analyze reflect and to revise practices based on thosereflections .
When Cognitive Coaching Clarify lesson goals and objectives Help determine evidence of studentachievement Help teachers anticipate teaching strategies From .
decisions concerns csuscognitivecoachingflc Help teachers summarize their impressions wikispaces com file view and assessments of the lesson CognitiveCoaching UofTexas pdf Help teachers recall data supporting those.
impressions and assessments Help teachers Infer relationships betweenstudent achievement and teacherdecisions behavior Further Definition.
Educational coaches partner with teachers for job embedded professional learning that enhances teachers understanding of students the curriculum and pedagogy for thepurpose of solving problems that impeded teacher success andpursuing interests that enhance teacher success Coaching is a.
partnership It s a collaboration between equals The coach maysteer the process but the teacher has the final say in what isdiscussed and what actions are taken as a result It attendsto teachers own classrooms and their own strengths needs andinterests Toll p 6 7 .
To Build Trust and Relationshipsbetween Coach and teacher Honor the person and what they bring to the conversation Be present and attentive From Toll Now Post it note Listen without judgment and regulate your internal editor .
Don t give in to intellectual biases empathize with first time Channel Stephen Covey Seek to understand then to beunderstood To Build Trust and Relationshipsbetween Coach and teacher.
Remain open and give every body indicator that you really areopen and willing to be a fellow learner Use the inclusive firstperson plural rather than first or second person singular i e Use we not I or you as you can If it s stated in the coaching conversation it stays there even.
positive and complimentary things If even compliments comeback to the teacher through an outside party trust is broken Respect the teacher Ask permission Respecting the Teacher Asking Permission.
Would you mind if I shared an idea that comes to mind May I ask a question that may seem off topic but that may be Is it okay if I bring some resources to the next meeting Would you care to partner to solve that problem I d like to ask a colleague about her approach Would that be.
okay with you Toll p 75 Suggestion Prepare anoverview of expected experience for teachersin the coaching experience.
Think about how to make the best use of the time devoted tothe coaching conversation Focus your preparations on problems you d like to solve orinterests you d like to pursue rather than seeking solutions inadvance of the conversation .
Gather evidence that may be useful in the conversation samples of student work summaries of student assessments or teaching material you d like to use Arrive at the meeting with the coach on time and ready togive it your full attention .
Ask about anything that is unclear Review notes from the conversation Attend to any information gathering you committed to in theconversation Toll p 54 Coaching Actions.
During the conversation Teacher does most of the talking Seriously record a sessionand note the time you talk versus the time the teacher talks Shoot for 90 teacher 10 coach Avoid simplistic platitudes and education politicizing .
And this From Toll p 11 Said privately as we listen toteachers which is short for and this is part of theconversation that I accept as well Coaching ActionsDuring the conversation.
Ask questions without a specific answer in mind Weunconsciously telegraph that there is one correct answerwhen we are seeking a particular response and it doesn tcome across as genuine and exploring Use tentative language seems might and open ended.
questions that come across as a mutual explorer expressingcuriosity Speak in such a way as to continue thoughtful dialog notprove that you are right or the problem is solved It s notabout you providing the solution it s about the teacher.
arriving there Coaching ActionsDuring the conversation Practice silence Assume at any given moment in the conversation the.
teacher is doing the best he she can Work toward long term insights and gains not justshort term fixes though that can be done as needed Focus on developing the intellect not evaluation orjudgment seek phrasing and conversations that do not.
invoke the ego The goal is teaching excellence and independence which might be achieved in our partner by usingmethods other than those that worked for us Coaching Actions.
During the conversation Coaching is not telling nor is teaching Don t provide the solution s Never think for teachers what they can think for themselves Toll p Surprisingly professional development focused on what teachers do isamong the least effective approaches Toll p 18 .
Use metaphors analogies to help the teacher see things through adifferent lens Toll p 46 47 Potential Resource Metaphors andAnalogies Power Tools for Teaching any Subject by Wormeli When brainstorming with a teacher don t provide dozens of ideas it soverwhelming can create resentment or dependence .
If the teacher says something we know will not work we don t nix it We ask for more information and walk them through it Paraphrasing I hear you saying What I hearing you saying is .
Let me make sure I have this correct In sum then you are worried that Do I have that right Did I hear that correctly It sounds like you re saying that .
From Drive The Surprising Truth aboutWhat Motivate Us by Daniel PinkThree elements in intrinsic motivation Autonomy the ability to choose what and how tasks are Mastery the process of becoming adept at an activity.
Purpose the desire to connect to something larger toimprove the world Where can we find opportunitiesin cognitive coaching to make surethese are experienced by the teacher .
Three reminders about Motivation We can control and coerce someone to do something but we can tmotivate anyone to do anything they don t already want to do Motivation comes from within Motivation is only doing to the best of our ability what we are already.
capable of doing Rick Lavoie F A T City Workshop How DifficultCan This Be PBS Video Motivation is not something we do to teachers it is something wecreate with them Questions to Help Teachers Reflect.
How do you feel it went If you were teaching the way you wanted to teach what wouldstudents see hear and feel When you think about the learning you want your students to do andthe teaching you want to do what gets in the way Toll p 27 .
When you think about bringing Standard to life in your classroom what might get in the way Coach I m making a note of that Whatelse gets in the way Then as things are mentioned keep recordingthe notes and re mentioning them in the list In addition to Xgetting in the way you also think Y and Z are adding to the.
challenge Based on idea by Toll p 28 Questions to Help Teachers Reflect How s X going You were concerned happy with it last time What was your goal there .
Cognitive Coaching for All Teachers: Becoming Reflective Practitioners, Not Ego-Guardians Olathe Public Schools Summer Conference 2018

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