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Distributed DatabaseManagement Systems 2001 M Tamer zsu and Patrick Valduriez Introduction Background.
Distributed DBMS Architecture Distributed Database Design Semantic Data Control Distributed Query Processing Distributed Transaction Management.
Parallel Database Systems Distributed Object DBMS Database Interoperability Current IssuesDistributed DBMS 2001 M Tamer zsu Patrick Valduriez Page 0 2.
Fundamental References M T zsu and P Valduriez Principles of DistributedDatabase Systems 2nd edition Prentice Hall 1999 M T zsu and P Valduriez Distributed and ParallelDatabase Systems In Handbook of Computer Science and.
Engineering A Tucker ed CRC Press 1997 pages 1093 1111 Chapter 48 M T zsu The Push Pull Effect Can Distributed DatabaseTechnology Meet The Challenges of New Applications Database Programming Design April 1997 .
S Ceri and G Pelagatti Distributed Databases Principlesand Systems McGraw Hill 1984 D A Bell and J B Grimson Distributed Database Systems Addison Wesley 1992 Distributed DBMS 2001 M Tamer zsu Patrick Valduriez Page 0 3.
Other References Distributed Query Processing C T Yu and W Meng Principles of Database Query Processingfor Advanced Applications Morgan Kaufmann 1998 J C Freytag D Maier and G Vossen Query Processing for.
Advanced Database Systems Morgan Kaufmann 1994 D Kossman The State of the Art in Distributed QueryProcessing ACM Computing Surveys 32 3 September 2000 G Graefe Query Evaluation Techniques for LargeDatabases ACM Computing Surveys 25 2 73 170 June.
P Mishra and M H Eich Join Processing in RelationalDatabases ACM Computing Surveys 24 1 63 113 MarchDistributed DBMS 2001 M Tamer zsu Patrick Valduriez Page 0 4 Other References Transaction Management .
P A Bernstein and E Newcomer Principles of TransactionProcessing for the Systems Professional Morgan Kaufmann 1997 J Gray and A Reuter Transaction Processing Concepts andTechniques Morgan Kaufmann 1993 P A Bernstein V Hadzilacos and N Goodman Concurrency.
Control and Recovery in Database Systems Addison Wesley 1987 out of print A K Elmagarmid Transaction Models for Advanced DatabaseApplications Morgan Kaufmann 1992 M Buretta Data Replication Wiley 1997 .
V Kumar ed Performance of Concurrency Control Mechanismsin Centralized Database Systems Prentice Hall 1996 V Kumar and S H Son Database Recovery Kluwer 1998 C H Papadimitriou The Theory of Concurrency Control ComputerScience Press 1986 .
Distributed DBMS 2001 M Tamer zsu Patrick Valduriez Page 0 5 Other References Interoperability A K Elmagarmid M Rusinkiewicz and A Sheth eds Management of Heterogeneous and Autonomous Database.
Systems Morgan Kaufmann 1998 O A Bukhres and A K Elmagarmid eds Object OrientedMultidatabase Systems Prentice Hall 1996 K R Dittrich and A Geppert eds Component DatabaseSystems Morgan Kaufman 2000 .
M L Brodie and M Stonebraker Migrating Legacy Systems Morgan Kaufmann 1995 A Bouguettaya B Benatallah and A Elmagarmid eds Interconnecting Heterogeneous Information Systems Kluwer J Siegel ed CORBA Fundamentals and Programming Wiley .
K Brockschmidt Inside OLE 2nd edition Microsoft Press 1995 K Geiger Inside ODBC Microsoft Press 1995 Distributed DBMS 2001 M Tamer zsu Patrick Valduriez Page 0 6 Other References Parallel Database Servers .
P Valduriez ed Data Management and ParallelProessing Chapman and Hall 1992 M Abdelguerfi and K F Wong Parallel DatabaseTechniques IEEE Computer Society Press 1988 P Valduriez Parallel Database Systems Open.
Problems and New Issues Parallel and DistributedDatabases April 1993 1 2 137 165 D DeWitt and J Gray Parallel Database Systems TheFuture of High Performance Database Systems Communications of ACM June 1992 35 6 1992 .
Distributed DBMS 2001 M Tamer zsu Patrick Valduriez Page 0 7 Other References Distributed Object Management E Bertino and L Martino Object Oriented DatabaseSystems Addison Wesley 1993 .
A Kemper and G Moerkotte Object OrientedDatabase Management Prentice Hall 1994 A Dogac M T zsu A Biliris T Sellis ed Advancesin Object Oriented Database Systems Springer Verlag M T zsu U Dayal and P Valduriez eds Distributed.
Object Management Morgan Kaufman 1994 W Kim ed Modern Database Management Object Oriented and MultidatabaseTechnologies Addi... Wesley ACM Press 1994 S Zdonik and D Maier eds Readings in Object .
Oriented Database Systems Morgan Kaufmann 1990 R G G Cattell Object Data Management 2nd edition Addison Wesley 1994 Distributed DBMS 2001 M Tamer zsu Patrick Valduriez Page 0 8 Other References.
Data Warehousing There are many books A small sample W Inmon Building the Data Warehouse John Wileyand Sons 1992 A Berson and S J Smith Data Warehousing Data.
Mining and OLAP McGraw Hill 1997 S Chaudri and U Dayal Overview of Data Warehousingand OLAP Technology ACM SIGMOD Record March1997 26 1 pp 65 74 IEEE Q Bull Data Engineering Special Issue on.
Materialised Views on Data Warehousing June 1995 Distributed DBMS 2001 M Tamer zsu Patrick Valduriez Page 0 9 Other References Mobile Databases A Helal et al Any Time Anywhere Computing Kluwer .
T Imielinski and H Korth Mobile Computing KluwerPublishers 1996 E Pitoura and G Samaras Data Management for MobileComputing Kluwer Publishers 1998 T Imielinski and B R Badrinath Data Management.
Issues in Mobile Computing Communications of ACM October 1994 37 10 18 28 M H Dunham and A Helal Mobile Computing andDatabases Anything New ACM SIGMOD Record December 1995 24 4 5 9 .
G H Forman and J Zahorjan The Challenges of MobileComputing Computer April 1994 27 4 38 47 Distributed DBMS 2001 M Tamer zsu Patrick Valduriez Page 0 10 Other References Web Data Management.
S Abiteboul P Buneman D Suciu Data on the Web Morgan Kaufmann 2000 D Florescu A Levy and A Mendelzon DatabaseTechnoques for the World Wide Web A Survey ACMSIGMOD Record 27 3 59 74 1998 .
Distributed DBMS 2001 M Tamer zsu Patrick Valduriez Page 0 11M. Abdelguerfi and K-F. Wong. Parallel Database Techniques. IEEE Computer Society Press, 1988. P. Valduriez. “Parallel Database Systems: Open Problems and New Issues,” Parallel and Distributed Databases, April 1993, 1(2): 137–165. D. DeWitt and J. Gray. Parallel Database Systems: The Future of High-Performance Database Systems.

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