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1.Divine GroupThe Artisans of Cloth

2.Divine Group’sProductionUnits• Divine Textile Ltd.ChougachaFashionsDivineTextileDivineTextile(Unit 2)DivineFabrics• Divine Textile Ltd.(Unit 2)• Divine Fabrics Ltd.DivineGarments• Chougacha FashionsLtd.• Divine Garments Ltd.

3.Our MainBuyers byProductionVolumeBuyersID Kids; 5.00%KappAhl; 5.00%Tchibo; 25.00%• Tchibo: 25%Jennyfer; 10.00%• Lindex: 25%• Carrefour: 15%• M&S: 15%• Jennyfer: 10%MNS; 15.00%• KappAhl: 5%• ID Kids: 5%Lindex; 25.00%Carrefour; 15.00%TchiboLindexCarrefourMNSJennyferKappAhlID Kids

4.OurServicesYarn SpinningKnittingDyeing & Fabric FinishingYarn DyeingAll-Over PrintingKnit Garment ManufacturingPlacement Print & EmbroideryGarments WashLaboratoryAccessories Manufacturing

5.Divine Spinning Mills Ltd.• Divine Spinning Mills Ltd.• Capacity: 16 tonnes/day• Machine Origin:Switzerland, Germany

6.Knitting• Total Knitting Capacity: 20,000 kg/day• Machine Origin: Taiwan and Germany• Product Range:• Single Jersey• Rib• Interlock• All types of Elastane• Pique• Etc.

7.Dyeing• Total Fabric Dying Capacity: 35,000 kg/day• Machine Origin: Turkey and Germany• Auto-Dispensing• Fabric Dyeing Machine (170 kg – 1500 kg)• Applicable Fabric Characteristic• U.V. Coating• Water/Oil/Soil Repellant• Teflon Finish• Anti-Bacterial Finish• Aroma Finish

8.Fabric Finishing• Total Finishing Capacity: 70,000 kg/day• Machine Origin: Germany and Italy• Machine Type:• Singeing Machine• Stenter Machine• Sueding Machine• Raising Machine• Compactor Machine• Tumbling Machine

9.Yarn Dyeing• Total Yarn Dyeing Capacity: 6,000 kg/day• Machine Origin: Switzerland and China• Allows us better control of dyed yarn quality

10.All-Over Printing• All-Over Printing Capacity: 20,000 kg/day1.Reactive Printing2.Discharge Printing3.Pigment Printing4.Burn-out Printing

11.Laboratory• State-of-the-Art Laboratory Facilities, Featuring:• Light Fastness Machine• Auto Dispensing Machine• Formaldehyde Test Machine• Bursting Strength• National Accreditation: Bangladesh AccreditationBoard• Buyer Nomination: Lindex & Target

12.Cutting and Sewing• Total Capacity: 75,000 pcs/day• Machine Origin: JapanMale-Female RatioMale; 30.00%Female; 70.00%

13.Garments Finishing• Modern & Efficient machinery• Motive Printing• Washing Plant• Embroidery

14.A Few Of Our Product Lines…

15.Our Babies Products

16.Our Girls Products

17.Our Boys Products

18.Our Ladies Products

19.Our Mens Products

20.A Few Words From our Managing Director…Ever since our inception in 1997 it has been our solepurpose to produce high quality apparels made tomeet the needs of the buyer, with inch-perfectaccuracy and high reliability.I can say with pride that Divine Group Ltd. is one ofthe few elite private sector business groups whohave been able to balance high levels of quality,production and social responsibility. To the pointthat maintaining quality and social standards havebecome second nature to our operating procedures.In conclusion, if I was to sum up this company in afew words, it would be that we are a family. Fromthe managerial desks to the production floors, weare a family that synergizes together to be greaterthan the sum of its individual components, and weexcel only through the dedication of all ourmembers.

21.Thank You


Our dyeing machines are geared towards producing the finest quality dyed fabric on the market that develops a tangibly unique appearance and feel. In our dyeing facility we have an automatic dispensing machine that uses pre-coded formulae to mix the required amount of dyes and chemicals with surgical levels of precision and accuracy, which can ...

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