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Divine LiturgyPreparatory Activities Repentance Confession On the Way to Church Entering the Church.
Vespers Tasbeha Raising of Incense Doxologies Midnight Prayers Tasbeha Morning Doxologies Morning Raising of Incense Divine LiturgyPreparatory Activities.
Repentance ConfessionCovered in Spiritual Theology Class Divine LiturgyPreparatory ActivitiesOn the Way to Church.
Recite psalms which help you get prepared Psalm 122 121 in the Agpya Vespers Iwas glad when they said to me Let us go intothe house of the Lord Psalm 84 83 in the Agpya Sixth Hour .
How lovely is Your tabernacle O Lord ofhosts Psalm 15 14 in the Agpya Prime Hour OLord who may abide in your tabernacle Whomay dwell in Your holy hill .
Divine LiturgyPreparatory ActivitiesEntering the Church At the door make the sign of the cross andenter quietly in awe and reverence .
At the altar make the sign of the cross andkneel worshiping three times saying During the first we worship You O Christour God During the second with Your good Father .
During the third and the Holy Spirit forYou came and saved us Vespers Tasbeha Shorter than that of Midnight Beautiful Hymn of Ps 117 Ni.
eynoc rou Fourth Hoas Psalia of the day or feast or both Theotokia of the day Lobsh Tarh Commentary .
Conclusion The Rite of Raising Incense Biblical Separate Altar in OT Tabernacle Malachi 1 11 and.
NT in Revelations Rev 8 3 Before every Liturgy duringVespers except Lent andMorning Prayers Raising of Incense Prayers.
The Thanksgiving Prosterations EnteriExiting Holy Sanctuary Raising of Incense Prayers cont Mystery of Incense.
5 spoonfuls represent 5 OTacceptable offerings Abel Noah Melchizadek Abraham Aaron Zachariah 8.
Raising of Incense Prayers cont Mystery of Vespers Morning Incense Raising of Incense Prayers cont Three Major Litanies.
Three Circuits ofIncense around the The Circuit of Incense around Altar Raising of Incense Prayers cont Litanies followed by Procession of.
The Litany of the Departed alwaysduring Vespers The Litanies of the Sick the Travelers and the Offering in Morning Incenseduring weekdays No Travelers Litany.
on Sundays and Feasts On Saturday mornings the Litany ofthe Reposed in commemoration ofour Lord Jesus Christ in the tomb on 12 Raising of Incense Prayers cont .
The Procession of Incense After the litanies the priest enters thesanctuary and offers incense over thealtar three times then outside at St Mary s icon then towards the west .
then south at St John s icon thentowards east then to relics of saints if present and Pope Bishop if Raising of Incense Prayers cont Incense Circuit outside the Altar .
After incensing before the clergymen the IncenseTour around the Church begins After offering incense before the icons to theNorth of the sanctuary the priest proceedswestward among the congregation offering.
incense and blessing them saying During Vespers Incense The blessing of theVespers incense be with us Amen During Morning Incense The blessing ofthe Morning incense be with us Amen .
Raising of Incense Prayers cont Five Inspiring Contemplatory VersesThe priest recites them after he comesdown the centre towards the Eastwhen he reaches the place of the.
Passover Holy Week Prayers andwhere the place of the crucifixion iconis usually placed on Good Friday They are five verses glorifying Christ Who was crucified for our sake and.
gave us salvation Raising of Incense Prayers cont Mystery of Confession With the penitent prayers andcollective repentance that is.
offered by the congregationduring the incense tour thepriest goes back to the altarand prays The Mystery ofConfession .
Raising of Incense Prayers cont Vnou nainan GodHave Mercy on us After the Doxologiesand the Creed .
Litany of the Gospel Raising of Incense Prayers cont The Five Minor Litanies Having put one spoonful of incensein the censer the priest stands.
before the door of the sanctuaryand prays the Five Minor Litaniesconcerning Safety the ChurchFathers the Holy Places theWeather and Vegetation and the.
Congregations Raising of Incense Prayers cont The AbsolutionsThe First Absolution This prayer is called aPrayer of Submission to the Son.
The Second Absolution This is also a Prayer ofSubmission to the SonThe above two are prayed by the priest inaudiblywhile facing the East The Third Absolution The priest prays this.
absolution while facing the West and bowing his Raising of Incense Prayers cont Blessing and DismissalThe Blessing The priest says the blessing while facing the.
West At the end he says Christ is our God P c Pennou Congregation respond Amen let it be Am nThe Dismissal Priest Go in peace the Lord be with you.
Congregation An also with your spirit The priest prays audibly up until the phrase, "...and all the powers of the devil...", then he must prays the inaudibly part-as this part contains the Name of Christ; through Whom every prayer is accepted, as He promised when He said, "Most assuredly I say to you, whatever you ask the Father in My Name He will give you" (John 16:23).

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