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Today you will need Yesterday s notes Today s notes from thestudent table Something to write with.
A highlighter Turn your Transcriptionhomework in to the studenttable C10L10C12 RNA and Protein Synthesis.
Chapter 11 Protein SynthesisConsists of 2 main stages 1 Transcription Takes place in the nucleus .
Makes mRNA2 Translation Takes place in the ribosome Makes a protein polypeptide Central Dogma.
TranscriptionDNA RNA ProteinsOccurs in the Making mRNA from DNA Similar to DNA EXCEPT it differs in 3.
1 The Sugar in RNA is riboseinstead of deoxyribose2 RNA is single stranded not doublestranded like DNA 3 RNA contains the nitrogen base Uracil.
instead of Thymine Uracil Adenine but it s still a pyrimadine Types of RNAThere are 3 types of RNA 1 Messenger RNA mRNA .
Carry copies of instructions for theassembly of amino acids into proteins Serve as messengers from DNA to therest of the cell2 Ribosomal RNA rRNA .
Helps build ribosomes3 Transfer RNA tRNA Transfers the amino acid to the ribosome Central DogmaTranscription Translation.
DNA RNA ProteinsOccurs in the Occurs at theNucleus Ribosome Protein Synthesis C10L10C12.
The Genetic CodeDuring translation the nitrogen bases of mRNA tellthe cell which amino acids building blocks ofproteins are needed to build a protein polypeptide .
mRNA bases are read in groups of 3 calledcodons Each codon codes for an amino acid RNA Strand U C G C A C G G UReads as UCG CAC GGU 3 codons Represents the amino acids .
Serine Histidine Glycine Amino AcidsThere are only 20 different amino acids but 64different codon possibilities so several codons mightrepresent 1 amino acid .
example UCU UCC UCA and UCG all codefor the amino acid SERINE There is also one codon AUG that is calledthe START codon because it starts proteinsynthesis .
There are 3 stop codons that stop proteinsynthesis C10L10C12 Lets practicemRNA AUG UGA CCUAmino Acid.
mRNA GCG GAU UGCAmino Acid Second Base of CodonUUU Pheny UCU UAU UGU UTyrosi Cystei.
CUC Leucin CCC Prolin CAC his CGC Argini CThird Base of CodonFirst Base of CodonCUA leu CCA pro CAA Gluta CGA arg ACUG CCG CAG gln CGG G.
AUU ACU AAU Aspar AGU UIsoleu agineAUC cine ACC AAC AGC ser CAUA ACA AAA AGA AMethi thr Argini.
Alanin asp GlycinG GUA val GCAala Gluta glyGUG GCG C10L10C12GAG Acid GGG G.
Lets practicemRNA AUG UGA CCUAmino Acid MetmRNA GCG GAU UGCAmino Acid.
Ala Asp Cys TranslationDuring translation the mRNA strandsynthesized during transcription will be used tomake a protein .
What happens during translation 1 The mRNA leaves the nucleus and attachesto a ribosome What happens during translation 2 Translation begins at the START codon.
AUG on the mRNA 3 The codons in mRNA match anticodons in4 TRNA transfers amino acids to the ribosomewhen they are called for by the codons in What happens during translation .
5 The ribosome moves down the mRNAstrand codon by codon and each tRNAbrings an amino acid that is added to thegrowing protein polypeptide C10L10C12.
Amino Acids. There are only 20 different amino acids, but 64 different codon possibilities, so several codons might represent 1 amino acid.. C10L10C12. example: UCU, UCC, UCA, and UCG all code for the amino acid . SERINE. There is also one codon . AUG. that is called the

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