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BEHIND CLOSED DOORS What is Domestic Violence NYS Office for the Prevention of DomesticViolence defines DV as A pattern of coercive tactics which can.
include physical psychological sexual economicand emotional abuse perpetrated by one personagainst an adult intimate partner with the goalof establishing and maintaining power andcontrol over the victim .
What does that really mean Focus is on pattern of coercive tactics and power andcontrol Differs from high conflict relationships Note the different types of IPV it s not just physical .
In other words abuse is any behavior that seeks todeprive the victim of independence and respect that theabuser demands for himself in the relationship Types of Abuse We often think of physical abuse when thinking of DV .
Other types of abuse include Sexual Non physical Financial Emotional.
Psychological Victims have told us that these other forms of abuse can be muchmore damaging than physical violence Physical Abuse Strangling punching kicking biting .
shaking hitting whipping shoving Pushing hair pulling arm twisting scratching Hitting head against wall burning Attacking with a weapon or other item .
such as a chair table cord lamp etc Forcing alcohol or other drug use Harm without violence Physical harm can be caused without physicalviolence .
Refusing to practice safe sex knowinglytransmitting STDs HIV or other diseases Forcing unsafe living conditions Dangerous driving Denying food sleep medication health.
care mobility aids Revealing information to others Sexual Abuse Forcing unwanted or unprotected sex Objectification.
Not taking no for an answer Criticizing performance or desirability Jealousy obsessiveness accusations of infidelity Forcing sex with others Unwanted or unknown filming of a sexual act.
Revenge porn Sextortion Internet Crime Online predators are increasing drastically withexpansion of social networking sites and.
availability and access to technology Children are particularly vulnerable to sexualpredators sexual offenses and cyberbullying Predators use social networking sites to gaininsights into victim s habits and likes .
Explicit sexual graphics pornography and violenceis easily accessible YouTube online gaming Financial Abuse Fostering financial dependency Controlling money financial info.
Withholding money Hindering partner s work or school Making partner hand over paychecks Financial exploitation Making partner commit welfare fraud or other.
unlawful acts Getting into debt in partner s name Emotional Verbal Abuse Emotional abuse is speech and or behaviorthat s derogating controlling punishing or.
manipulative Erodes a person s self esteem self worth independence and makes them feel they arenothing without the abuser Includes verbal abuse tactics Opposing .
Blocking Discounting Belittling Undermining Interrupting Denying Gaslighting Examples of Emotional Abuse Opposing The abuser will argue against anything you say challenging your perceptions opinions and thoughts .
Blocking This is another tactic used to abort conversation Theabuser may switch topics accuse you or use words that in effectsay Shut Up Discounting Belittling This is verbal abuse that minimizes ortrivializes your feelings thoughts or experiences It s a way of.
saying that your feelings don t matter or are wrong Undermining Interrupting These words are meant toundermine your self esteem and confidence such as You don tknow what you re talking about Examples of Emotional Abuse cont d .
Denying An abuser may deny that agreements orpromises were made or that a conversation or otherevents took place including prior abuse The abuserinstead may express affection or make declarations of loveand caring This manipulative behavior leads the victim to.
gradually doubt her his own memory perceptions andexperience You may have heard the term gaslighting to describe thistype of extreme persistent behavior The term was derivedfrom the Ingrid Bergman movie Gaslight In that movie a.
husband used denial in a plot to make his wife believe shewas losing her grip on reality Psychological Abuse Intimidation infliction of mental anguish scary behavior intended tofrighten victim .
Involves using tactics to make the victim appear or even feel unstable Threatening to kill victim children and or self Hurting animals or threatening to do so Threats blackmail Stalking can include seemingly innocuous gestures like sending notes.
and flowers menacing harassing Throwing things destroying things partner values Victims say that psychological and emotional abuse can be farmore damaging than the physical assault Psychological Abuse cont d .
Manipulation Lying making breaking promises Isolation from family friends Restrictions Controlling partner s every move.
Exploiting vulnerabilities Homophobic control Control through disability Tactics Used to Gain Power and Control Abuse is a choice It s not about losing control it s.
about doing whatever it takes to gain and maintainpower and control Some tactics include Isolation Intimidation.
Minimizing denying blaming Using children or pets Coercion and threats Duluth Power and Control Wheel Dynamics of DV.
Domestic violence is a complex dynamic that occurs on a continuum The Cycle of Violence Theory was developed in 1979 by Dr LenoreWalker and describes the phases an abusive relationship movesthrough in the lead up to a violent event and its follow up The cycle of violence looks at the repetitive nature of perpetrator s.
actions that hinder a victim s ability to leave an abusive relationship The cycle of violence theory provides an insight into this byillustrating how the behavior of a perpetrator can change verydramatically making it difficult for the woman to leave Women whohave experienced violence may recognize this cycle .
Why Do Victims Stay orGo Back toAbusive Partners Why Do Victims Stay or Go Back to Abusive Children.
Culture family influence Religious beliefs Isolation Safety Self blame embarrassment guilt Belief that abuser will change.
Economic dependency Unsure of where to go for help Who is affected by DV Statistics vary but National Coalition Against Domestic Violence reports show 1in 4 women and 1 in 9 men have experienced severe intimate partner physical.
violence intimate partner contact sexual violence and or intimate partnerstalking with impacts such as injury fearfulness post traumatic stress disorder and contraction of sexually transmitted diseases 1 in 3 women and 1 in 4 men have experience some form of IPV 44 of Lesbians and 61 of bisexual women have experienced rape physical.
violence or stalking by an intimate partner 26 of gay men and 37 of bisexual men have experienced rape physicalviolence or stalking by an intimate partner The 2015 U S Transgender Survey found 47 of transgender people aresexually assaulted at some time during their lifetime .
What does a DV victim look like What does a DV victim look like DV knows no boundaries It does not discriminate The majority of DV victims are women however DV affects every race and ethnicity educational background .
religious background gender sexual orientation socio economiclevel and occurs in every city state and country around the world You never know what goes on behind closed DV Fatalities in Westchester County In 2018 Richard DeLucia 71 shot and killed his wife Ann DeLucia 70 with a licensed 38.
caliber handgun before turning the gun on himself Police later found a note in which thehusband stated he was distraught over his wife s medical issues and wanted to end hersuffering Also in 2018 Cynthia Arce 29 killed her two year old daughter Gabriella Boyd and thenattempted to kill herself Arce and Gabriella s father were in the middle of a custody dispute.
when Arce murdered their daughter Arce also attacked and slashed two police officers whoresponded to a 911 call at the house She pled guilty to 2nd degree Murder and AttemptedAggravated Assault and is scheduled to be sentenced on October 31 2019 to 25 years to life In 2017 Steven Dym 56 shot and killed his wife Loretta Dym 50 and their daughterCaroline with a shotgun before turning the gun on himself Loretta Dym had returned from.
California the night before after dropping their son off at college Their house had recentlybeen sold and indications of financial problems fraud involving Steven Dym were uncoveredafter the murders DV Fatalities in Westchester cont d In 2017 7 year old Gabrielle White was suffocated to death by her father a day after he and.
Gabrielle s mother signed papers to finalize their divorce Neil White 47 was found withslash marks on his arms when police arrived at the scene Neil White stated that he did notwant his daughter to grow up with divorced parents In 2016 Dr Robin Goldman 58 was stabbed by her husband 61 year old Julius Reich 21times while showering the couple was in the midst of a divorce at the time .
In 2015 retired White Plains police officer Glen Hochman 52 killed two of his daughters andhis dogs before killing himself His wife who was out of town with their third daughter whenthe murders took place reportedly had recently told the perpetrator that she wanted to endthe marriage In 2011 Amy Friedlander was bludgeoned to death by her husband He then shot and killed.
both of their children with a 12 gauge shotgun before turning the gun on himself They too were in the middle of a bitter divorce when the perpetrator killed the entire family What are we doing here in WC to addressrisk of lethality In 2017 the Office for Women along with 5.
PDs in Northern Westchester Hope s Door PWJC Probation and the DA s Office wasawarded a 2 year NYS grant to implement a pilotprogram to provide enhanced responses indomestic violence cases exhibiting high risk for.
lethality What are we doing here in WC to addressrisk of lethality A victim s safety should not depend onwhere they live .
We are rolling out a countywide Lethality Assessmentprogram to provide enhanced responses to all high risk DVTeam consists of law enforcement DA s Office Countyagencies Probation OFW DCMH DSS local NFPs Westchester Medical Center .
Danger Assessment Tool The Danger Assessment Tool DA is an evidence based modeldeveloped in 1985 by Dr Jacquelyn Campbell Associate Deanat Johns Hopkins University to help victims and advocatesbetter understand the threats to victims safety .
It is a questionnaire designed to assess a woman s risk of beingkilled by an abusive partner It is also designed to give womenmore of a role in planning their own safety and to give themmore personalized help Many advocates are trained and certified in using this instrument.
and incorporate it as part of their safety planning Police officers first responders also trained in using DA tool as partof Lethality Assessment Program Danger Lethality Assessment the 5 S s .
Separation ALWAYS the most dangerous time Strangulation Stalking Suicide includes threats and or attempts tokill himself you and or children .
SES change in socio economic status Warning Signs of AbuseDoes your intimate partner Isolate you from family and friends .
Put you down Try to control what you do say wear Deny you access to money or financial assets Blame YOU for everything that s wrong in the relationship Accuse you over and over of being unfaithful .
Force you into having sex when or in ways you don t want Threaten to harm you the children your family your pets or Shove hit kick bite slap punch pull your hair What does DV look like to an Outsider Signs behaviors that MAY indicate that someone you know is.
experiencing DV include Visible physical injuries Stress related illnesses Marital family problems Alcohol or other addictions .
Depression anxiety suicidal thoughts or attempts Leaving work early arriving early absenteeism lateness Strict adherence to start and end times for work or social events Inability to go out with friends Frequently cancelling plans .
Constant checking in with partner Domestic violence is a complex dynamic that occurs on a continuum. The . Cycle of Violence Theory . was developed in 1979 by Dr. Lenore Walker and describes the phases an abusive relationship moves through in the lead up to a violent event and its follow-up. The cycle of violence looks at the . repetitive nature . of perpetrator’s actions that

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