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Drama and Shakespeare A form of literature known as a play A serious type of play that concernsthe character versus society Drama is a type of literary work.
intended to be performed for an 3 Important Elements in Drama 1 Story there has to be one 2 Performance must be acted out 3 Audience people who experience.
What does an audience need To use imagination Very important Must have scenery or setting They must understand a story line Characters or actors to perform the story.
Props are important for the modern Costumes simple or extravagant The movements of the characters Drama Terms Allegory a story in which people things and.
actions represent an idea or a generalizationabout life Often have a moral or teach a lesson Allusion a reference in literature to a familiarperson place or thing Anecdote a short summary of an interesting or.
humorous incident or event Aside words spoken so that the audience canhear but other characters cannot The audiencelearns about the character s thoughts and Drama Terms cont .
Character sketch a short piece of writingthat reveals or shows something importantabout a person or fictional character Comedy literature with a love story at itscore In comedy human errors or.
problems may appear humorous Conflict the struggle in a story thattriggers the action There must be action Drama Terms cont Denouement the final solution or.
outcome of a play or story Dialogue is the conversation carried onby the characters in a literary work Deus ex machina a person or thingthat suddenly appears providing a.
solution to a difficult problem Usuallylowered to the stage by a crane lift Drama Terms cont Didactic literature instructs or presents amoral or religious statement .
Dramatic monologue where a characterspeaks about him herself as if anotherperson were present Reveals somethingabout the character Elizabethan refers to the prose and.
poetry created during the reign ofElizabeth I 1558 1603 Drama Terms cont Epitaph ashort poem .
written in Drama Terms cont Empathy putting yourself into someoneelse s place and imagining how thatperson must feel .
Epithet a word or phrase used tocharacterize a character ie Ms Know it Expressionism dramatic form whichexplores the ultimate nature of humanexperience .
Drama Terms cont Farce literature based on a highlyhumorous and highly improbable plot Flashback going back to an earliertime to make something more clear to.
the audience Foreshadowing giving hints of whatis to come later in a story Drama Terms cont Diction is an author s choice of words.
based on their correctness clearness oreffectiveness Archaic words that are old fashioned and nolonger sound natural when used Colloquialism an expression that is usually.
accepted in informal situations and certainlocations Jargon technical diction a specialized languageused by a specific group such as those who usecomputers or those in the medical profession.
Drama Terms cont Profanity language that shows disrespect forsomeone or something regarded as holy or sacred Slang language used by a particular group ofpeople among themselves it is also language that.
is used in fiction to lend color and feeling Trite Expressions that lack depth or originality overworked Vulgarity is language that is generally consideredcommon crude gross and at times offensive It.
is often used to add realism to literature Drama Terms cont Hubris excessive pride GK oftenviewed as the flaw that leads to thedownfall of the tragic hero .
Impressionism the recording ofevents or situations as they havebeen impressed upon the mind asfeelings emotions and vague Drama Terms cont .
Irony using a word or phrase to mean theexact opposite of its literal or normal Dramatic the reader or the audience sees acharacter s mistakes but the character doesn t Verbal the writer says one thing and means.
Situation there is a great difference betweenthe purpose of a particular action and the Drama Terms cont Local Color the use of details that arecommon in a region of the country .
Melodrama an exaggerated form ofdrama heavy use of romance suspense and emotion Miracle Play early play form cycleplay dramatizing Christian history in.
episodes used during the medieval Drama Terms cont Morality play an allegorical drama 15C which made a moral or religious Myth traditional story that attempts.
to explain a natural phenomenon or acertain belief of society Narrator the person who is tellingthe story Drama Terms cont .
Parable short descriptive story thatillustrates a particular belief or moral Paradox a statement that seemscontrary to common sense yet may in factbe true The coach considered it a good.
Parody form of literature that mocks aparticular purpose A comic effect is Drama Terms cont Pathos a Greek root meaningsuffering or passion Describes the.
part in a play that is intended to elicitpity or sorrow from the audience Poetic justice a term that describesa character getting what hedeserves in the end especially if.
what he deserves is punishment Drama Terms cont Pun a word or phrase that is used in sucha way as to suggest more than onepossible meaning .
Quest features a main character who isseeking to find something or achieve agoal The person must encounter andovercome a series of obstacles Theyreturn with new wisdom as a result of their.
Drama Terms cont Realism literature that attempts torepresent life as it really is Resolution same as denouement Romance a form of literature that.
presents life the way we would like it to be great adventure love and excitement Romanticism a literary movement with anemphasis on the imagination and emotions Drama Terms cont .
Sarcasm the use of praise to mocksomeone or something Satire literary tone used to ridiculeor make fun of a human weakness Setting time and place of a story.
Drama Terms cont Soliloquy a speech delivered by acharacter when he or she is alone on Stereotype a pattern or form thatdoes not change .
Script is the piece of writing that anactor reads from and memorizes lines The original writing from the author Drama Terms cont Tragic hero a.
character whoexperiences aninner struggle dueto a character flawand it ends in.
defeat for the hero Drama Terms cont Total effect is the general impressiona literary work leaves on the reader Tragedy a literary work in which the.
hero is destroyed by some characterflaw and by forces beyond his or her Playwright Dramatist is the writer of Drama Terms cont Sequence is the order of events in which.
something happens during the story Fade in where the lights slowly come upand the scene is before the audience Fade out usually at the end of a scenethe lights usually dim and the acting.
space goes dark Drama Terms cont Proscenium Arch a border whichframed the space.
on which a play saction took place A room with onewall removed A19th Century type.
Drama Terms cont Theatre in theRound an openstage where theactors are very.
close in distance tothe audience Audience on threesides of the stage Drama Terms cont .
Act a main division of a drama Shakespeare s consist of five acts witheach act subdivided into scenes Scene a small unit of a play in whichthere is no shift of locale or time.
Rhetoric the art of persuasion used byspeakers to add emotion to their words Drama Terms cont Stage directions locations on thestage that tell actors where to.
position themselves See handout Epiphany a sudden perception thatcauses a character to change or actin a certain way An AH HA Drama Terms cont .
Malapropism a type of pun or playon words that results when twowords become jumbled in thespeaker s mind Naturalism extreme form of realism.
author shows the relationshipbetween character and theenvironment Drama Terms cont Oxymoron a combination of.
contradictory terms such as tough Pathetic Fallacy a form ofpersonification giving human traits tonature howling wind Slapstick a form of low comedy that.
often includes exaggerated sometimes violent action Shakespeare s Language Hoodwinked tricked All the world s a stage we are all actors.
Neither rhyme nor reason In my heart of hearts Eat out of house and home Dead as a doornail The be all and the end all.
Shakespeare s Language Knock Knock Who s there Full of sound and fury What the dickens Laughing stock.
Wear my heart on my sleeve Pomp and circumstance Green eyed monster Shakespeare s Language Wild goose chase.
A fool s paradise To not budge an inch An eye sore Melted into thin air Laugh yourself into stitches.
William Shakespeare Born April 23 1564 in Stratford Parents John glovemaker and Mary Married November 28 1582 to AnneHathaway she was 8 years senior.
and 3 months pregnant Shakespeare con t First child Susanna May 1583 Second child Twins Hamnet andJudith in 1585 .
In his 20s he travels to London andbecomes involved in the theatre acting and writing Shakespeare con t Plays written by 1592.
The Comedy of Errors C Taming of the Shrew C Henry VI parts I II III H Titus Andronicus T Shakespeare con t .
1594 Founds The LordChamberlain s Men acting company he is a shareholder Perform at the following The Theatre.
The Curtain The Globe Shakespeare con t Plays between 1592 1599 Midsummer Night s Dream C.
Romeo and Juliet T Richard II H Much Ado About Nothing C Henry V H Julius Caesar T.
As You Like It C Shakespeare con t Tragedy strikes in 1596 Hamnet Tragedy strikes in 1601 Will sfather dies.
Name change 1603 QueenElizabeth dies King James I renamesthe company The King s Men Shakespeare con t Plays written between 1600 1608.
Twelfth Night King Lear Hamlet All s Well That Ends Well Measure for Measure.
Othello Macbeth Anthony and Cleopatra Shakespeare con t King s Men move to an indoor.
theatre The Blackfriars Plays written between 1608 1611 Pericles Cymbeline The Winter s Tale .
The Tempest Shakespeare con t Semi Retirement 1611 It is assumedthat he returns to Stratford however hecontinues to collaborate with a new.
playwright March 25 1616 draws up his last will leave his wife their second best bed money to some friends for memorial ringsand does not mention any of the scripts .
Shakespeare con t Curtain Call April 23 1616 buried inHoly Trinity Church Good Friend For Jesus SakeForbeare To Digg The Dust.
Encloased Heare Bleste Be YeMan Yt Spares These Stones AndCurst Be He Yt Moves My Bones Satire - literary tone used to ridicule or make fun of a human weakness. Setting - time and place of a story Drama Terms cont. Soliloquy – a speech delivered by a character when he or she is alone on stage Stereotype - a pattern or form that does not change. Script - is the piece of writing that an actor reads from and memorizes lines.

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