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Barrier Analysis From theBarrier Identification andElimination UnderManagement Directive 715Department of Veterans.
Office of Diversity and Barrier Analysis Element 4 of theModel EEO Program Proactive PreventionAgencies have an ongoing obligation to prevent.
discrimination on the basis of race color nationalorigin religion sex age reprisal and disability andeliminate barriers that impede free and opencompetition in the workplace As part of thisobligation agencies must conduct ongoing self .
assessment to monitor progress identify areas wherebarriers may exclude certain groups and develop actionplans to eliminate identified barriers What is Barrier Analysis An investigation of the any triggers indicating.
that workplace policies procedures orpractices are having a negative impact on oneor more protected EEO groups with an eyetoward identifying the root causes of thoseanomalies so that they can be addressed and.
eliminated if possible Terminology Current MD 715 Less than expected Low Participation Rates compared againstbenchmarks.
Outdated MD 712 713 714 Underrepresentation Terminology Current MD 715 Specific EEO Groups Men Women.
Hispanic or Latino Men Women White Men Women Black Men Women Asian Men Women Native Hawaiian Other Pacific Islander.
NHOPI Men Women American Indian or Alaska Native AIAN Two or more races Men Women Outdated MD 714 Women and Minorities Crucial Distinctions.
Triggers Barriers EEO Program Deficiencies Part G EEO Program Deficiencies A problem that inhibits an agency s efforts to develop a.
model EEO program Agencies should use the Self Assessment Checklist MD 715 01 Part G 123 measures to identify strengths and weaknesses in their EEO EEO Program Deficiencies in Part G which the Agencyanswers No are to be identified as opportunities to bring.
the Program into compliance with the model Remember EEO Program Deficiencies can lead totriggers and or barriers but not necessarily Examples of EEO ProgramDeficiencies.
All new supervisors are not provided a copy of EqualEmployment Opportunity policies upon their appointment Lack of consistent coordination among Human Resources HR and EEO Office on matters affecting the integration of equalemployment opportunity in the Agency s strategic mission .
Lack of involvement of senior managers and supervisors inworking with Human Resources and EEO Office to identifybarriers to equal employment opportunity for all groups duringthe development of the EEOC MD 715 Annual Plans Treatment of EEO Program.
Deficiencies EEO Program Deficiencies should be identified byanswering No in Part G and addressed throughaction plans developed in Part H not part I Completed objectives in Part H should indicate.
that the deficiency reported have been eliminated Once eliminated EEO program deficiency nolonger need to be reported under MD 715 unlessit resurfaces A trigger is a red flag .
Triggers are conditions disparities or anomalieswarranting further inquiry A trigger alerts the facility that additional scrutiny ofthe area where the trigger occurred is necessary Facilities must investigate triggers to determine.
whether actual barriers are at work Remember triggers can lead to barriers but notnecessarily Examples of Triggers The net change for individuals with targeted.
disabilities declined by 3 3 as compared to a 3 0 increase for the overall workforce The participation rate of Hispanic women is lowerthan the RCLF High separation rate for Hispanics compared to their.
on board ratio Low ratio of Asian men in senior level positions compared to their on board ratio Employees are transferring to other agencies forpromotions .
Any employment policy procedure practice or condition or facet thereof that limits ortends to limit employment opportunities formembers of a particular Race EthnicBackground Gender or based on an.
individual s disability status Barriers Institutional or Structural Example Agency will hire only at higher grades as opposed to hiring at entry level .
Attitudinal Example Belief on part of senior executives thatwomen will not be as committed to the agency smission after having a child Physical.
Example Building does not have an elevator making it inaccessible to employees who usewheelchairs Examples of Barriers Single source or limited source recruiting .
Some employees are not provided information ontraining development opportunities due to limited orno access to computers Use of overly narrow selection criteria e g highlyspecialized exotic experience requirements that.
potential applicants are not likely to have Biased hostile attitude of management toward certainEEO protected groups The Barrier Analysis Process An Overview.
Review sources of information Identify triggers i e red flags Determine root cause of trigger If root cause is a barrier within the control of theagency devise action plan.
Assess results through follow up Barrier IdentificationIdentify Source Material Workforce statistics Part IV of Form 462 Bases Issues Matrix.
EEO complaints Input from EEO and human resources staff Input from Unions and advocacy groups Surveys focus groups and exit interviews Studies by outside agencies.
Barrier Identification and Elimination I E Step 2Identify Triggers Red Flags Lower than expected participation rates for oneor more groups .
High separation rates for one or more groups A surge in EEO complaints out of oneshop region or on one particular basis Unfavorable responses on employee surveys High termination rates for a particular group .
Others Analyzing Workforce Data Compare workforce population to benchmark source population for the personnel action Hires If hire rate is below benchmark.
R CLF then we have a trigger Separations If separation rate is aboveonboard rate then we have a trigger Identifying Benchmarks A Tables Table A1 Compare workforce percentages to civilian.
labor force R CLF Table A3 Compare the ratios for Officials andManagers to the ratio of each group in the total Table A4 2 Compare each pay grades to the All column for that pay grade.
Table A6 Compare participation in major occupationsto Occupational RCLF Table A8 Compare total new hires to RCLF Table A14 Compare total separations to workforce Identifying Benchmarks B Tables.
Table B1 Compare the ratio of persons withtargeted disabilities PWTDs with the Federal Table B3 Compare the ratio of PWTDs in Officialsand Managers with the total on board ratio for PWTDs Table B 4 2 Compare the ratio of PWTDs in each pay.
grade with the ratio in the ALL column for that grade Table B6 no benchmark Table B8 Compare the hire ratio for PWTDs to the 25hiring goal Tables B7 9 11 12 Compare the ratio of PWTDs.
selected to their ratio in applicant pool onboard Looking for Triggers Workforce data from different tables can be grouped inways that reveal patterns Overall Workforce.
Total Participation Table 1 Organizational Component Table 2 Hiring Table 8 Separations Table 14 Senior and mid level Management.
Officers and Managers Table 3 Promotions Tables 9 and 11 Looking for Triggers cont Senior Grades Glass Ceilings Pay Level Distribution Table 4 2.
Competitive Promotions Table 11 Major Occupations On Board Rate Table 6 Hiring Table 7 Competitive Promotions Table 9.
Barrier I EInvestigate and Assess How do I pinpoint the policy practice orprocedure that is the root cause What s my investigative plan .
What questions need to be asked Who needs to be interviewed What documents do I need if any Barrier Identification How much information is enough .
A drill down process Keep asking why until you have an answer Key The identification of a barrier is always aworking hypothesis The barrier identification should be detailed.
enough to allow the facility to develop an actionplan that will yield the desired results Barrier I EAction Plan What Should Be in Part I Trigger Identified.
Barrier Analysis Explained Barrier Identified with Specificity Objective for Eliminating Barrier Specified alignwith VA Diversity and Inclusion Strategic Plan Responsible Official Identified.
Timeline start and complete dates Milestones with target dates Follow Up Accomplishments from previous years Barrier I E Step 5Follow Up What to Look For.
Caveat results hard to assess after only one reporting Assess whether action plan was successful in eliminating Indicators of Success Participation rates up Separation rates down.
Drop in complaints If plan did not yield desired results then the wrongbarrier was identified or the Action Plan needs to be Policy Intent To ensure that all employees and applicants for employment.
enjoy equality of opportunity in the federal workplaceregardless of race sex national origin color religion disability or reprisal for engaging in prior protected activity Statutes and Authority Equal Employment Opportunity Management.
Directive 715 01 Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 Rehabilitation Act of 1973 29 C F R 1614 Office of Diversity and Inclusion.
Outreach and Retention Team 202 461 4131Table B6 – no benchmark. Table B8 – Compare the hire ratio for PWTDs to the 25 hiring goal. Tables B7/9/11/12 Compare the ratio of PWTDs selected to their ratio in applicant pool/onboard. Looking for Triggers. Workforce data from different tables can be grouped in ways that reveal patterns:

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