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Herbert John Rogers King Lear Disinheriting Cordelia 1850 Shakespeare LiteraryHeritage ControlledAssessment UnitAccording to your coursework task you are exploring.
the ways that writers present strong feelingsabout parent and child relationships to interest theaudience in Acts I III of King Lear making linksbetween the play and three poems from the LiteraryHeritage anthology .
Herbert John Rogers King Lear Disinheriting Cordelia 1850 English Literature Shakespeare Literary Heritage Controlled AssessmentSparkNotes Shakespeare s King Lear SummaryRoyal Shakespeare Company King Lear starring Sir Ian McKellen The first link above is a 10 minute summary of the play from SparkNotes The.
second is the full length RSC version of the play on Youtube Google King Lear for free study aids Register to Book Rags or use SparkNotes tofamiliarise yourselves with the plot Note that these resources are NOT substitutesfor reading the play and engaging with its language English Literature Shakespeare Literary Heritage Assessment Objectives.
Can you AO1 writers ideasrespond to texts critically and imaginatively select and evaluaterelevant textual detail to illustrate and support interpretationsAO2 language and structure.
explain how language structure and form contribute to writers presentation of ideas themes and settingsexplain links between texts evaluating writers different ways ofexpressing meaning and achieving effectsAO4 contexts.
relate texts to their social cultural and historical contexts explainhow texts have been influential and significant to self and otherreaders in different contexts and at different time English Literature Shakespeare Literary Heritage Assessment CriteriaBand 5 33 40 Sophisticated impressive Candidates demonstrate .
sophisticated engagement with writers ideas and attitudessophisticated interpretations using imaginatively selected supporting textual detailsophisticated analysis of aspects of language and structureperceptive and imaginative exploration of links comparisonsperceptive and imaginative comment on the significance of the contexts.
Band 4 25 32 Assured Candidates demonstrate sustained and developed appreciation of writers ideas and provide convincinginterpretations using precisely selected supporting textual detailanalysis of aspects of language and structure in convincing detailassured and developed appreciation of links comparisons between texts.
thoughtful consideration of the significance of the contexts Key characters King Lear Cordelia Goneril Regan Kent EdmundKey words terms concepts soliloquy conflict natural order justice feudalism power and responsibility King Lear Lessons 1 2 .
Act I Scenes I IILO Can I explore characters to understand ideas themes and settings LO Can I explore plot and themes using dramaand role play .
Act I Scene I What do you notice What does this paintingtell us about plot and character at the beginning of the play Fuseli Henry Lear Banishing Cordelia c 1775 Act I Scene I What do you notice How does the languageintroduce themes .
What feelings do Regan and Goneril express towards their father in Act I Scene I Can we trust what they say Explode the quotes What feelings does Cordelia express towards her father in Act I Scene I Can we trust what she says .
Explode the quotes Act I Scene II Edmund s Soliloquy What do you notice Howdoes the language introduce themes What feelings does Edmund express towards his father and brother in Act I Scene II Can we trust what he says .
Explode the quotes Do you agree with this statement Why Why not Reading a synopsis of Shakespeare s King Lear is like watching an Eastenders Christmas Specialwithout knowing the characters and while much.
becomes clear in the theatre the soap analogyholds Shakespeare shows us some universaltruths about human relationships in this case the resentments and power struggles withinfamilies .
S L PresentationsAO1 Speaking and listening Speak to communicate clearly and purposefully structure andsustain talk adapting it to different situations and audiences use standard English and a variety of techniques as appropriate.
Listen and respond to speakers ideas and perspectives andhow they construct and express meanings Interact with others shaping meanings through suggestions comments and questions and drawing ideas together Create and sustain different roles.
English Literature Speaking and Listening Creating and sustaining roles Assessment CriteriaBand 5 13 15 Sophisticated impressive Candidates demonstrate create complex characters and fulfil the demands of challenging roles throughinsightful choice of dramatic approaches.
explore and respond to complex ideas issues and relationships in varied formal andinformal scenariosBand 4 10 12 Confident assured Candidates demonstrate create convincing characters and roles using a range of carefully selected verbal andnon verbal techniques.
respond skilfully and sensitively in different situations and scenarios to exploreideas and issues and relationships Group Task Groups of 3 4 Act I Scene I II S L Creating and sustaining rolesYou have viewed read and.
analysed the openingscenes of King Lear inwhich a King divides hiskingdom amongst hisdaughters according to.
their declarations of lovefor him and a sonconvinces his father thatanother son plans to betraySoap operas like Eastenders often deal with family and.
domestic issues Try to devise a short 3 4 min modern dayequivalent of Act I Scene I of Lear e g a father or motherdividing his or her will property or their business empire orAct I Scene II a son or daughter convincing his or her parentsthat a sibling plans to betray them .
Key characters King Lear Kent The Fool Goneril Regan Oswald AlbanyKey words terms concepts soliloquy conflict natural order role reversal powerand responsibility appearance vs reality sight and seeing nothing King Lear Lessons 3 4 Act I Scenes II V.
LO Can I select and evaluate evidence from a text LO Can I identify and comment on emerging themes Edmund s Second SoliloquyWhat does it tell us about his view of the world and about his status as an illegitimate son This is the excellent foppery of the world that .
when we are sick in fortune often the surfeitof our own behaviour we make guilty of ourdisasters the sun the moon and the stars asif we were villains by necessity fools byheavenly compulsion knaves thieves and.
treachers by spherical predominance drunkards liars and adulterers by an enforced obedience ofplanetary influence and all that we are evil in by a divine thrusting on an admirable evasionof whoremaster man to lay his goatish.
disposition to the charge of a star Myfather compounded with my mother under thedragon s tail and my nativity was under Ursamajor so that it follows I am rough andlecherous Tut I should have been that I am .
had the maidenliest star in the firmamenttwinkled on my bastardizing Paired reading of Act I Scene II Introduction to Edgar Make notes in response to these questions In pairs read Edmund s trickery of his.
brother Edgar in Act I Scene III As you are reading and using yourknowledge of the whole of King Lear think about these questions 1 What do you make of Edgar in this.
scene Support ideas with quotes 2 How do you think audiences andcritics have responded to Edgar overthe centuries Support ideas with3 What is Edgar s status in the eyes.
of other characters and theaudience by the end of the play Mortimer John Hamilton Edgar 1775 Act I Scene III IV Goneril s displeasure with LearRefer to key words terms and concepts for this lesson while examining these scenes .
Pre reading From your knowledge of Act I i e having seen it do you think Lear behaves ina reasonable way after he divides his Kingdom While reading What evidence is there in Goneril s speech of a role reversal in the parent .
child relationship Find at least two instances of Lear losing his temper in Scene IV look at hisconfrontations with Oswald Goneril and Albany What triggers his anger andhow does he express it After reading.
What evidence is there that Goneril has a plan or plot against her father Referring to Act I Scene I suggest whether this plot was in place all along orwhether it has been devised as a reaction to Lear s riotous behaviour Read Scene III and read Goneril s confrontation with Lear in Scene IV Act I Scene IV Voices of Reason Kent and King Lear s Fool.
Refer to key words terms and concepts for this lesson while examining this scene Pre reading Why do you think Kent having been exiled banished by Lear isso desperate to remain beside him While reading.
How does the disguised Kent befriend Lear and convince him tolet him follow him What does this tell us about the king After reading Re read Lear s fool s speeches How does he provide an honestand wise commentary on Lear s situation How does he use.
metaphor humour and song to do so Read Scene IV Act I Scene IV V King Lear becomes self awareRefer to key words terms and concepts for this lesson while examining these scenes Pre reading Thinking about stagecraft.
Representing Lear s hundred knights on stage is one of the biggest challengesa director faces with this play How do you think Shakespearean and moderndirectors have achieved this While reading Lear is ordered to halve his army of knights within a fortnight How does he.
Find a Speech which suggests Lear realises his folly foolishness and b Speech from the Fool which tries to make sense of the events examinefigurative language metaphor analogy After reading In these scenes the Fool cautions Lear about his unnatural unfatherly and.
unkingly behaviour To what extent do you think the Fool has a point Read Scene IV from where Lear re enters the scene and Scene VSend one from your group to a group who looked at a different scene Remember envoys must catch up on the notes they miss In a sense Lear s fool wisely.
commentates on the actionand says what the audience particularly an Elizabethanaudience might be thinking Look at his first speech for.
instance Plenary What do you thinkLear would say toCordelia if she was.
still in England at theend of the first act English Literature – Shakespeare/Literary Heritage Assessment Criteria. Band 5 33–40 -‘Sophisticated/ impressive’. Candidates demonstrate: sophisticated engagement with writers’ ideas and attitudes. sophisticated interpretations using imaginatively selected supporting textual detail . sophisticated analysis of aspects of language and ...

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