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eTapestry Workshop Kickoff08 27 2020 Footer 1 B l a c k b a u d B a s i c s W h a t Yo u N e e d t o K n o wa s Yo u G e t S t a r t e d08 27 2020 Footer 2.
Implementation Path Self Import DataTransition to CustomerImplementation Recorded Start UsingImport Data Database Live Client Success SuccessTraining Training Database.
Team Program08 27 2020 Footer 3 Implementation Path eTapestry Data ConversionConversion Blackbaud Customer Go Live Send Data to Implementation Project Recorded Completes Tests Transition to.
Blackbaud Training Assigned and Training Final Conversion Client SuccessStarted Programming Data Team08 27 2020 Footer 4 Log In TypesBlackbaud co.
Blackbaud BlackbaudPayment MerchantServices Services08 27 2020 Footer 5 Log In Types .
eTapestry Database eTapestryBlackbaud coNow you can manage all of your supporter relationships as Blackbaudwell as their gifts pledges and payments in one online Services ServicesMake sure each user that has.
access to your database has theirown unique Login ID and08 27 2020 Footer 6 Log In Types Blackbaud com eTapestry.
Blackbaud coResources Account Information Blackbaud BlackbaudPayment MerchantInvoice Access Services Services.
KnowledgebaseOther Blackbaud Services08 27 2020 Footer 7 Log In Types Blackbaud Merchant Services eTapestry.
Blackbaud coBlackbaud s complete end to end payment processing servicedesigned to make credit card processing simple secure and Blackbaud BlackbaudPayment Merchantaffordable for our customers Services Services.
https bbms blackbaud com Login... Blackbaud has been processing payments for more than10 years and we have helped non profits process andraise billions of dollars to help their causes 08 27 2020 Footer 8.
Log In Types Blackbaud Payment Services BBPS eTapestryBlackbaud coOur secure service designed to facilitate processing of creditcard transactions and store necessary credit card and Blackbaud Blackbaud.
Payment Merchantmerchant account information using Blackbaud s experience Services Servicesand expertise in hosted applications With the Blackbaud Payment Service BBPS you cantreat your constituents credit card information with the.
protection and security it requires and deserves 08 27 2020 Footer 9 Welcome to the Kickoff Session You are completing the first of several important implementationsteps Here s what is next .
Session 2 Congrats onUser Defined completingFields theJournal eTapestryEntries workshop .
Kickoff Session 3 Overview Queries and08 27 2020 Footer 10 What the eTapestry Workshop Will Not Cover We will not cover any consulting that is part of a Pro package That will.
be scheduled once you complete the eTapestry workshop Accounting Integration Advanced Security eStore Cart Module Personal Fundraising Module.
08 27 2020 Footer 11 eTapestry Help Resources Adding Accounts Users Tributes and Constituents The Account Record08 27 2020 Footer 12.
Logging In and Navigation To t h e e Ta p e s t r y D a t a b a s e08 27 2020 Footer 13 The Dashboard After you log in a toolbar displays at the top of all pages of your database This.
toolbar provides access to the functional areas in eTapestry You can also access Help resources through this toolbar 08 27 2020 Footer 14 eTapestry Help Resources 1 The Help Support drop down.
menu contains access to severalresources Help How to step by step and BestPractices for using eTapestry User Manual A way to upload.
documents files that specifically detailhow you use your database Recorded Training Videos that explainhow to do various tasks Knowledgebase Access to resources.
for learning about your eTapestry Case Central Review existing orprevious contacts you ve had with Walkthroughs Overviews of variousfeatures of the database.
Live chat The ability to talk withSupport via Instant Message08 27 2020 Footer 15 eTapestry Help Resources 2 Useful links are also located.
under the Home Tab Give Feedback on Idea Bank Thisis where you tell us what you wishthe database could do vote on therecommendations of other.
eTapestry Users and learn whatwe are researching or exploring as well as when our ProductManager is considering addingnew features or improving existing.
View My Dashboard Click onthis for additional HelpResources 08 27 2020 Footer 16 eTapestry Help Resources 3.
From the Dashboard eTapestry Help YouTube Channelwww youtube com user eTapestry... This Channel has videos that are notincluded in the Recorded Training Section .
Last but certainly not least our eTapestrySupport blog has posts on everything frombest practices to new releases Be sure to check it out www blackbaudknowhow com blog ... .
To Add Support Resources to yourDashboard simply click the Select Tilesand Layout on thelower right hand corner of the Dashboard click the checkbox next to Support.
Resources and Click Save 08 27 2020 Footer 17 Organization Preferences08 27 2020 Footer 18 Organization Preferences 1.
To get to yourOrganizational Preferences 1 Click on theManagement Tab red2 Under the Admin.
Header down pointingarrow select the MyOrganization leftpointing Arrow 08 27 2020 Footer 19.
Organization Preferences 2 From there you will click on the Preferences Page link up pointing arrow You can set several options up Currency Time Zone Auto Process ReportEmail Last Month of your Fiscal Year and even add your BBPS BBMS CreditCard Processor Log In information red rounded rectangle .
08 27 2020 Footer 20 Organization Preferences 3 Once you have added your BBPS Log In Information you will Click on theeCommerce Page link and then can add a Transaction Processor o You may have multiple processors within the same database .
o Talk with your sales person about the various options The list of processors is in on the left and regardless of which processor youwork with each one will send specific instructions on how to set this up 08 27 2020 Footer 21 Adding Accounts.
08 27 2020 Footer 22 Adding Accounts 1To add an Account Click on the Accounts Tab red left arrow and select Add anAccount red rectangle 08 27 2020 Footer 23.
Adding Accounts 2Three eTapestry Account Types Roles Constituent 98 of your Accounts will need to be this in order to track any of thefollowing giving volunteer membership grants etc Tribute Tribute accounts are accounts for whom donations are made in honor in.
memory or in celebration User User accounts are for individuals in your organization that need to have a loginID and password for your eTapestry database 08 27 2020 Footer 24 ADDING ACCOUNTS 3.
Name Format controls how names can be entered on an accountThere are three Name Format options Individual Used for individual people John Smith Family Used for joint accounts or family accounts.
John and Mary Smith or The Smith Family Business Used for companies foundations Best Buy08 27 2020 Footer 25 NAME CHANGE ADDING ACCOUNTS 4.
Individual Name Format Family Business Name Format08 27 2020 Footer 26 NAME CHANGE ADDING ACCOUNTS 5 Individual.
By entering data into Title First Name Middle Name Last Name eTapestryautomatically configures the following fields Account Name Sort Name Recognition.
Short Salutation Long Salutation Envelope Salutation Family Business By entering data into the Account name field eTapestry automatically.
configures the following fields Sort Name Recognition Short Salutation Long Salutation.
Envelope Salutation08 27 2020 Footer 27 NAME CHANGE ADDING ACCOUNTS It is possible to edit the values in the auto generated fields08 27 2020 Footer 28.
Add Account Screen Classic ViewAdding Accounts 3 Name and Recognition How to utilizethese Fields will be discussed in later slides Persona Type Think of these as rolodexcards that help you remember where to.
contact someone Every Account has eachpersona type Business Office Work contactinformation Personal Home contact information.
Joint Home contact information butthe Salutation Fields address a couple not just one individual User Defined Fields UDF s AccountType Gender Marital Status Mailing Status .
We recommend making Account Type aRequired Field Please remember that the Fields on thisscreen are Account level Fields 08 27 2020 Footer 29.
Adding Accounts 4Add Account Screen Wizard View This way of entering Accounts differs from the Classic View in that you can create up to fiveAccounts at once using the Steps .
Classic View only allows for the addition of oneAccount at a time but the advantage is you enterall the information for one Account before movingto the next Account to be added 08 27 2020 Footer 30.
The Account Record08 27 2020 Footer 31 The Personas Page The Persona page is where contact information used to mail call or email anAccount The different Salutation Fields allow you to have informal and formal.
ways to greet people in letter templates saved in the Communications Section Through the use of different Persona Types you can store data for multipleaddresses and ways to communicate with an Account Though you can enter data for as many persona types as you would like youmust designate one persona as Primary on each account .
This persona will be the default persona used for mailing and reporting If there08 27 2020is only one persona on an Account that will be the Primary Persona .
The following slides display best practicesfor entering Contact information fordifferent Persona types on a variety of08 27 2020 Footer 33 Account Entry and Personas 1.
Individual Couple w Same Last Couple w Different Last Business w Contact Business w o ContactFirst First and Spouse First First and Spouse First First FriendsTitle Last Title and Spouse Title Last Title Last and Spouse Title Title Last Friends Spouse LastTitle First Middle Last Title and Spouse Title First Title First Middle Last Title First Middle Last .
Suffix Middle and Spouse First Suffix and Spouse Title SuffixSpouse Middle Last Suffix Spouse First Spouse Middle Spouse Last Spouse Suffix08 27 2020 Footer 34 Account Entry and Personas 2.
Please Note for Individual Accounts Suffixes Suffix that differentiate a person like II Jr Sr III and IV etc should be used in the AccountName Sort Name and Envelope Salutation Fields Only Suffixes that are professional certifications or academic accomplishments Prof Cert Esq JD PhD MSN or CPA etc should only be included in the Envelope Salutation Fields .
Prefixes Titles like Mr Ms Dr Miss and Mrs The Honorable etc should only be included in theLong and Envelope Salutation Fields Please Note for Two Individuals with Same Last Name Same Account You may want to ensure you type the man s name into First Name1 so the Envelope Salutation isformatted consistently based on traditional uses If your organization has different preferences .
consistent data entry across every Account is critical not how you address your constituents You may want to add two individuals to the Joint Persona Type leaving the Personal Persona Type toaddress the primary contact as an individual This is a good solution for a Board Member s Account Use Joint Persona to address the Board Member and their spouse and then use the PersonalPersona when you want to send correspondence to just the Board Member s attention.
Please Note for Two Individuals with Different Last Names Same Account You may want to add two individuals to the Joint Persona Type leaving the Personal Persona Type toaddress the primary contact on the account as an individual 08 27 2020 Footer 35 Account Entry and Personas 3.
Fields on Persona Page When you know a contact person When you do not have a contact person s name Account Name Blackbaud The First Bank of OhioSort Name Blackbaud First Bank of Ohio TheShort Salutation Caleb FriendLong Salutation Mr Hedden Friends.
Envelope Salutation Mr Caleb J Hedden Our Friends at The First Bank of OhioCompany BlackbaudJob Title ConsultantPersona Type Business Business08 27 2020 Footer 36.
Account Entry and Personas 4Additional Contacts at a Business Organization Foundati... Regardless of the Account Name and contact person listed in the entity s AccountLet’s navigate to the GPS Portal. This is our “one stop shop” providing a true game plan for what you can expect during implementation. You’ll want to save this page as a favorite – you’ll be using it often! Presenter’s Note: ***have link open to show a quick view of the portal and briefly explain how it works***

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