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Giving and Receiving Feedback helping our faculty andtrainees reach their fullpotential Charles J Gomer.
Professor of Pediatrics Radiation Oncology Why does USC promote mentoring Behind every successful person thereis one elementary truth somewhere somehow someone cared about their.
growth and development This personwas their mentor Beverley Kaye Up is Not the Only Way 1997 Many times there will be multiple mentors Mentors share experiences and advice.
in a variety of areas Career advancement guidance on resources Professional practice skills Grantsmanship scientific oversight Publishing scientific writing skills.
Teaching skills curriculum development Enhancing professional visibility networking Overcoming barriers to success time management Meshing a career with a personal life Characteristics of a Good Mentor.
Approachable and welcoming Shares information and experiences openly Good communication skills Trustworthy Provides accurate and appropriate feedback.
Technical expertise Motivating encouraging positive and empowering Allocates appropriate time to mentoring An effective intermediary Characteristics of a Good Mentee.
Asks questions Willing to be mentored Strives to give his her best at all times Accepts criticism graciously Learns from mistakes.
Has courage to try new things Accepts responsibilities Open and honest Respectful and grateful Listens watches learns grows.
Mentoring Skills Listening Seek first to understand then to beunderstood Steven Covey Never miss a good opportunity toshut up and listen Will Rogers.
One of the most important skills you will everIt is listening so intently and identifying soclosely that you experience the other person ssituation thoughts and emotions Building Trust.
Follow policies and guidelines Make expectations clear Provide feedback that is useful Maintain a positive tone Demonstrate concern for the mentee.
Postdoctoral Goals Expand research expertise Perform public presentations Publish publish publish Acquire grantsmanship teaching skills.
Develop professional relationships Develop mentoring skills Postdoctoral Expectations Favorable work environment facilities and funding.
research focus advisor presence and input Enhanced learning potential Professional development opportunities Advisor Expectations.
Laboratory Skills bring in expertise learn and teach new skills Contribute positively to the advisor sresearch program.
Design perform supervise present Student Goals to be able to do real science to be able to understand research to determine the data needed and how to.
collect it to develop abilities to think independentlyand creatively to acquire attitudes skills of scientists to become adept in the lab.
Student Expectations A positive relationship with their facultymentor and research team Respect Real work not busy work.
New friends social interactions Succeeding in a new organization setting laboratory Mentoring students Make sure students know they matter.
Explain the why when you ask them todo something Look for opportunities to reward them Provide feedback Make work enjoyable.
Model the behavior you wantMolidor JB Here comes Gen Why Interacting with the next generation of learners APPD meeting April 2006 USC Mentoring Resources Primary Link www mentor usc edu.
Resources Depts Faculty Students www mentor usc edu resources School Unit Mentoring Activities www mentor usc edu schoolunit ... Mellon Mentoring culture of mentoring .
www mentor usc edu home mellon... Title: Faculty Mentoring “helping our junior faculty reach their full potential” Charles J. Gomer Professor of Pediatrics & Radiation Oncology Chair, Appointments, Promotions & Tenure Committee, KSOM

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