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Faculty of MedicineHealth Economics and Policies 31505391 Introduction to Health care management .
Health Policy and Healthcare DeliveryHatim JaberMD MPH JBCM PhD5 7 02 2018 Course Content 31505391.
Week 1 Introduction to Course introduction to Health health value health determinants Week 2 Introduction to Health care management Health Policy andHealthcare Delivery Week 3 The scope of health economics Economics and Health Economics Week 4 Demand and Supply Demand for Medical Care Supply of public health .
Week 5 The Market for Health Insurance Week 6 Financing health care Economic in Health Policy Cost and price Week 7 Health systems performance analysis Measurement and evaluation in health care Week 8 Midterm assessment Exams 21 3 2018 Week 9 Public Goods Market Failures and Cost Benefit Analysis .
Week 10 Economic evaluation Economics and efficiency cost analysis and cost effectiveness Week 11 Economic effects of Bad habits including smoking and alcohol consumption Week 12 Quality Improvements in healthcare delivery Methods to improve health care delivery Week 13 Human resources in Healthcare delivery Week 14 Health Markets and Regulation and Economic regulation of health markets .
Week 15 Final assessment Exams 2 Management and Health Administration Types of Health Care Systems and its components The Cycle of Care and Levels of Health care Resources and Financing.
Quality and Healthcare Planning Health policy International and national health policy and The state the private sector and health policy Health policy reform Supervision monitoring and Evaluation.
How People Invest to Maintain Good Health and Why People Invest in Good Health What is good health What leads to good health and bad health How do people make choices about investing in their health Does public policy have a role in helping low income people maintain good health status Investing in health .
The economic burden of disease Universal Health Coverage definition and importance Presentation outlineManagement and Health Administration 08 00 to 08 20Quality and Healthcare.
Types of Health Care Systems and its 08 20 to 08 30componentsThe Cycle of Care and Levels of Health carePlanning Health policy 08 30 to 08 40The state the private sector and health.
Health policy reform 08 40 to 08 50 Definitions and concepts Management The organization and coordination of theactivities of a business in order to achieve defined objectives The act of directing people towards accomplishing a goal .
Management is the operational part of administration Administration the activities that relate to running acompany school or other organizationHealth administration a field relating to leadership management and administration of public health systems .
hospitals and hospital networks Policy set of ideas or plans that is used as a basis formaking decisions especially in politics economics or DefinitionsMANAGEMENT is both a SCIENCE and ART.
As a SCIENCE management has basic rules and principles As an ART successful managers learn throughexperience they follow flexible adaptive innovativeapproaches to fulfill objectives Management is a decision making process.
translating the policies into plans implementing thoseplans and evaluate the plans and the interventions tore plan to achieve better results DefinitionsManagement is getting things effectively done to achieve.
desired objectives through proper planning efficientimplementation and evaluation to identify the needs for re Management is thus a dynamic process Effectiveness is the degree to which a stated objective isbeing achieved .
Efficiency is the optimized balanced use of resources Human resources equipment supplies money space time information What is care management Many different things to different people.
Resource coordination Utilization management Follow up Patient education Clinical management.
Good Management Highlights priorities Adapts services to needs and to changingsituations dynamic Makes most of limited resources.
Improves the standard and quality of Maintains high staff morale Management ProcessI PlanningII Implementation .
Organizing Staffing Leading Directing Controlling MonitoringIII Evaluation.
A systems view of managementInputs Conversion OutputsObjectivesachievement Definition of Administration.
The process of achieving defined goals at adefined timethrough the guidance leadership and controlof the efforts of a group of individuals andthe efficient utilization of non human.
bearing in mind adequacy speed and economyto the utmost possible level Elements of Administration Planning Reporting Organization Budgeting.
Staffing Supervising Directing Evaluation Coordinating Health Care AdministrationHealth care administration is the process by which.
knowledge energies and social structures aresystematically utilized to achieve specificobjectives 1 Planning function What do we need to do to improvehealth Anticipated action for tomorrow.
2 Management function What to do and how to do it Action for today3 Evaluation function Does what we have planed work Levels of AdministrationThere are also 3 levels of administration .
Ministry of healthIntermediate directorates of healthe g health office Local Level Hospital health Levels of Health Care.
Preventive Primary Secondary Tertiary Restorative.
Continuing Preventive and Primary Care Settings School health services Occupational health services Physicians offices.
Clinics Nursing centers Block and parish nursing Secondary and Tertiary Care Settings Hospitals medical centers.
Emergency departments Medical units Intensive care Psychiatric facilities Rural hospitals.
Restorative Care Settings Home health care Rehabilitation centers Extended care facilitiesCarrying out interventions correctly.
according to pre establishedstandards and procedures with an aim of satisfying the customersof the health system and maximizingresults without generating health.
risks or unnecessary costs Dimensions of Quality Technical competence Access to service Effectiveness.
Efficiency Amenities Interpersonal relations Continuity Safety.
What Is Health Care Quality The degree to which health services forindividuals and populations increase thelikelihood of desired health outcomes and areconsistent with current professional knowledge .
Institute of Medicine Health Policy Health policies are public policies orauthoritative decisions that pertain to healthor influence the pursuit of health.
Health policies affect or influence groups orclasses of individuals or organizations Health policy can be understood as the courses of action and inaction that affect thesets of institutions organizations services and.
funding arrangements of the health system It includes policy made in the public sector bygovernment as well as policies in the private sector But because health is influenced by many determinantsoutside the health system health policy analysts are also.
interested in the actions and intended actions of organizationsexternal to the health system which has an impact on health forexample the food tobacco or pharmaceutical industries Buse Mays Walt 2005 6 Public vs Private Policymaking.
Public Policy Policy that is established by the federal state and local levels ofgovernment Private Policy Policy that is established by private organizations.
Public Policies are authoritative decisions made in the legislative executive or judicialbranches of government intended to direct or influence the actions behaviors or decisions of Health Policy.
the aggregate principles stated or unstated that characterize the distribution of resources services and political influences that impact on the health of the population Forms of Health Policies.
There are five main forms of health policies Rules Regulations Operational Decisions Judicial Decisions Macro Policies.
A GOOD HEALTH POLICY SHOULD Goals and targets Be reasonably explicit clear in terms of values Provide a road map for the future Give scope for transparent follow up of the Proposals.
Be useful as a tool for change The Policy CycleThe formation and implementation of health policy occurs ina policy cycle comprising five components 1 issue raising.
2 policy design3 public support building4 legislative decision making and policy support5 legislative decision making and policy implementation THE IDEAL POLICY CYCLE.
ET H I C S ProblemDefinitionEvalu DiagnosisP OL I T ICSImplementa.
Developmen Power is the ability to make others do what youwant them to do Authority can be used to mean power given by thestate in the form of government judges police.
officers it is legalized power Sources of Political PowerTANGIBLE NON TANGIBLE Money Information Organization Access to leaders.
People Access to media Votes Expertise Legitimacy Offices Skills Types of policy interventionsRegulatory.
A Regulate productsSpecify who where when products can be used how theyshould be made etc E g drugs supplements syringes gloves instruments etc B Regulate consumers.
E g age for consuming service i e vaccination familyC Regulate service providers or producersE g who can prescribe medications who can perform eyeexams who can produce pharmaceuticalsD Regulate promotion advertising what to whom when .
E g restrict tobacco or alcohol pharmaceuticals health claimsmade by products etc Disadvantages of public policyIts not easy to influence the policy processThe process moves very slowly.
It s not easy to adaptThere are almost always unintendedconsequences The process can be co opted to achieve otherpurposes e g revenue income profit .
generation Health policy includes a variety of activitiesPublic Health Health CareFocus on population Focus on treatment of theSanitation individual.
Disease control AccessInfant mortality Service deliveryNutrition Standards for practice andOccupational health treatmentEnvironmental Funding.
health Accountability Important Distinctions Health vs Health Care Health refers to a state of the human body and Health Care refers to chemicals devices and.
services used by people to improve their health Health insurance A system of paying for unpredictable needs forhealth care The planning function.
Definition planning is a team work involving anorganized intelligent attempt to select the bestalternative s to achieve specific objectives in efficientThe purpose of planning1 To match limited resources with unlimited problems.
2 To use resources effectively and efficiently Minimizeor eliminate wasteful use of resources 3 To develop the best course of action to accomplishpre defined objectives 2 Environmental .
Planning stepssituational 1 Situational Analysis 3 Prioritization 8 Evaluation.
7 Implementation 4 Statementof objectives 6 Choice of one 5 Exploration of alternativesolution solution Factors that may disturb.
health care planning Political instability Economic crises Administrative inefficiency Complexity of health care determinants .
Conflicts between among decisionmaking groups Natural disasters Haphazard random populationdistribution .
What is a Health Care System System a collection of componentsorganized to accomplish a specificfunction or a set of functions The parts of a system can be referred to as its.
elements or components The environment of the system is defined as allof the factors that affect the system and areaffected by it What is a Health Care System .
A Health Care System the complete networkof agencies facilities and all providers ofhealth care in a specified geographic area Mosby s Medical Dictionary 8th edition 2009 Elsevier an organized plan of health services .
Every country has a health care system however fragmented it may be amongdifferent organizations or howeverNational income accounts measure income in a narrow sense “ Full income ” is a broader concept that . values income accounting as well as mortality risk. We used “full income ” approach to better assess health’s contribution to a nation’s economic well-being. income growth. value life years gained (VLYs) in that period. change in ...

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