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Faculty Senate BudgetReport to the Faculty SenateDr Mark L JohnsonOctober 16 2018 Membership Roster.
Mark Johnson Chair UBCEduardo Abreu SoNHSPaul Cuddy SOMTony Luppino LawErik Olsen CA S.
Buddy Pennington LibrarySully Read SBSMelanie Simmer Beck SODLeigh Salzsieder BlochSteve Stoner SOP.
Ronald Tice ConservatoryJennifer Waddell SOEex officioStephen Dilks Chair Senate Anil Kumar Chair Elect Senate .
Sharon LindenbaumLinda Mitchell Past Chair Karen Wilkerson Meetings 2018 Fall Semester meeting the second Tuesday of each month.
1 2 pm in Gilham Park Room Agendas and approved Minutes will be posted on the Faculty Senate CalendarMonth Date Time Agenda ItemsAugust New Members Seated FSBC Orientation State Updates Preliminary FY18 year end financial statement.
review FSBC White Paper drafting on APRSeptember State Updates Review of Budget Rules and Responsibilities Review of RIM FSBC White Paper draftingOctober State Updates Q1 FY19 report review Budget planning updates APR Data Annual Update FSBC WhitePaper finalNovember State Updates ORS Annual Research Report including Financials Administrative Services Annual.
December State Updates Financial forecast operating fund 4 8 January State Updates RIM high level projection Budget Planning updatesFebruary State Updates Q2 FY19 report review FSBC report Financial forecast operating fund 6 6 March State Updates RIM preliminary projectionApril State Updates Finance Budget Review.
May State Updates Q3 FY19 report review Finance Budget ReviewJune State Updates RIM final Finance Budget Review Recent Discussions Per Chancellor Agrawal s request What pieces of information theFSBC needs to know to make budget recommendations .
Committee recommendations were The total UMKC State Allocation operating not capital fund Net Tuition gross tuition less unfunded scholarships discounts Net Student fees Amount of General Revenues allocated to Central Administration.
and Central support Units functions These data provided with a lookback to prior years How subventions are calculated and distributed APR White Paper Budget Rules Roles and Responsibilities.
Joint letter from the Research Advisory Council and FSBC regarding concernsabout RIF budgeting under the new RIM to Chancellor Agrawal FY18 year end financials Questions .
Faculty Senate Budget CommitteeReport to the Faculty Senate. Dr. Mark L. Johnson. October 16, 2018

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