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Faculty StudentInteraction in the Contextof a Faculty in Residence FIR Program Experiences and.
Outcomes for StudentsDr Jordan Perez Fullam College ofDr Andrew Hughes College of The leading researchers and professional organizations in studentaffairs have called for institutions of higher learning to create.
integrated learning environments that bridge the divide betweenAffairs student affairs professionals and faculty IntegratedEnvironment NASPA ACPA 2004 Manning et al .
However this is a difficult task for most colleges and universitieswhere student affairs offices and faculty departments havehistorically been separated by differences in duties careerspecializations professional culture and even physical distance Browne et al 2009 .
Faculty member lives in an apartmenton campus and interacts with residential Faculty member has no supervisory role What is a instead focusing on programming andcommunity building.
Faculty FIR programming includes book clubs in running clubs film series speaker series outdoor activities music groups arts Residenc crafts workshops and open housese As Rhoads 2009 points out these.
activities are not just fun and games asProgram they often appear to be but moreimportant are aimed at helping studentsform the connections and socialsupport systems that are helpful for.
academic success p 21 The Faculty in Residence Program Faculty in Residence programstarted at CSUSB in 2016 with 4.
FIRS live on campus and areassigned to different residentialvillages AV UV SV CV Currently 5 faculty serve as FIRs including .
1 Dr Joseph Wellman Psychology2 Dr Isabel Huacuja Alonso RESEARCH QUESTIONSWhat kinds of interactions are FIRs havingwith our students How are students.
impacted by their interactions with the FIRs What factors led to particular studentsengaging in sustained interactions with theFIRs What obstacles and opportunities ariseas student affairs professionals faculty and.
students collaborate to build community inthe residence halls RESEARCH DESIGN1 Qualitative interviews with 15 students2 NSSE data related to experiences with faculty.
Fitzpatrick 2011 suggests that a goal ofresearch on FIR programs should be to shedlight on the question of whether true communityis formed on campus and if social capital can beacquired by or collaborative efforts p 78 .
Academic self Persistence Chi Academicconcept Kuh performanceVesper 1997 Terenzini et al 1996 Woodside et al Gamson 1987 Woodside et al 1999 Tinto 1993 1999 .
Research Personal Student Positive attitudestoward learningdevelopment retention Milem Pascarella Astin 1993 Kuh Berger 1997 Terenzini 1991 Cruce.
1995 Pike et al 1997 et al 2006 Faculty Positive Critical thinking General satisfactionStudent multiculturalskills Frost 1991 Terenzini et.
with the highereducation experience Wilson et al 1975 Armstrong 1999 al 194 Lamport 1993 Academic oriented.
interactions Anaya What Types Kole 2001 Kuh Hu 2001 of Faculty Kuh 2003 Umbach Student Wawrzynsi 2005 Cotten Interactions Wilson 2006 .
are Social interactions AylorImpactful Oppliger 2003 Cox for Orehovec 2007 Healea etStudents al 2015 Sustained interactions.
Ellett Schmidt 2011 CHALLENGES FORCHALLENGES FOR Lack of STUDENTSResearch understanding of.
roles Jessup Anger et RAs play a criticalrole in success of FIRon al 2011 Manning etal 2013 Golde .
programs Ellett Schmidt 2011 Faculty Pribbenow 2000 Student timein Faculty time.
constraints Fitzpatricconstraints Ellett Schmidt 2011 Residenc k 2011 Healea et al 2015 Humphrey et al Poor attendance at.
e 2015 academic orientedprograms planned byPrograms Faculty discomfortwith interactingFIRs Browne et al .
with studentsoutside ofclassrooms Browneet al 2009 1 Students want us to find ways to.
make FIRs more visible on2 Academic and social interactionsPreliminar are impactful for studentsy Findings 3 Students are benefitting bothsocially and academically from.
interactions with FIRs4 Sustained interactions areessential Ellett Schmidt 2011 From our perspective it is misguided to debate whether onlyacademic and intellectual interactions benefit students or.
whether social interactions can also be beneficial Cox andOrehovec 2007 for example suggest that social interactionscan have a humanizing and personalizing effect for FIRsand students and can serve as a stepping stone to moresubstantial interactions later p 26 As FIRs and students.
build deeper relationships the sustained interactions thatresult may open more and better opportunities for FIRs toserve as academic mentors and intellectual role models These sustained interactions between students and facultycreate opportunities to share academic goals and learn from.
one another in the residence hall setting Ellett Schmidt 2011 p 32 In other words intellectual and socialThe study, in this manner, is both a case study and a mixed methods approach to investigating faculty-student interaction in the context of an FIR program. Fitzpatrick, an FIR researcher, suggests that a goal of research on FIR programs should be to “shed light on the question of whether true community is formed on campus and if social ...

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