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Introduction VideoView Video Think About It What are some things you ve never seen but stillbelieve exist .
Some things we have to believe and take on faith We are told by authorities they exist or we ve seen At the same time we struggle with the reality of somethings we ve been told or shown But we can confidently trust in what God says and.
Listen for a definition Hebrews 11 1 3 NIV Now faith is being sure ofwhat we hope for and certain of what we do notsee 2 This is what the ancients were commendedfor 3 By faith we understand that the universe.
was formed at God s command so that what isseen was not made out of what was visible Faith Responds with Belief and Reliance And a couple of other versions of verse 1 HCSB Now faith is the reality assurance of what is.
hoped for the proof conviction of what is not seen AMP Now faith is the assurance title deed confirmation of things hoped for divinely guaranteed and the evidence of things not seen the conviction oftheir reality faith comprehends as fact what cannot be.
experienced by the physical senses Faith Responds with Belief and Reliance Let s list the key words in the writer s explanation Note the two descriptive phrases from otherNIV KJV NLT.
being sure of what we substance of things confident assurancehope for hoped for that what we hope for certain of what we do evidence of things not is going to happennot see seen evidence of things wecannot yet see.
Faith Responds with Belief and Reliance We see two basic elements 1 The reality required for having hope2 Evidence beyond what we see and feel What does faith help us to comprehend about the.
creation of the world Why does believing God is Creator require faithon our part Faith Responds with Belief and RelianceFaith is merely a leap in the dark If you.
know something you don t need faith To Agree or disagree accept something about which you knowlittle or nothing you are acting blindly Agree Disagree Faith Responds with Belief and Reliance.
What are some invisible realities faith helps us to What do you think the writer of Hebrews meantwhen he described people as approved becauseof their faith This is still true today we are approved by God.
by our faith our personal acceptance of theredemptive work of Jesus when He died on thecross for our sins Listen for the first hero of faith Hebrews 11 4 NIV By faith Abel offered God.
a better sacrifice than Cain did By faith hewas commended as a righteous man whenGod spoke well of his offerings And by faith hestill speaks even though he is dead Faith Responds with Worship.
How did Abel demonstrate faith How did God commend him How does our influence as people of faith livelong past us and affect those who follow us What are some daily practices that strengthen.
your faith Listen for a unique experience Hebrews 11 5 6 NIV By faith Enoch was takenfrom this life so that he did not experience death he could not be found because God had taken.
him away For before he was taken he wascommended as one who pleased God 6 Andwithout faith it is impossible to please God because anyone who comes to him must believethat he exists and that he rewards those who.
earnestly seek him Faith Responds with Obedience What makes Enoch unusual in the annals of thebiblical accounts What does he illustrate about faith .
What do you think it means to earnestly seek Faith Responds with Obedience The passage says God rewards those whoearnestly seek Him What rewards do wereceive from the Lord .
Application Thank God for faith Thank God for bringing you to faith in Christ Acknowledge your belief in Him and seek to pleaseHim in how you live out your faith .
Application Walk in faith Choose to walk in obedience to Christ Daily read God s Word and identify areas in whichyou need to walk in faith and obedience .
Application Express your faith As you live in obedient faith ask God foropportunities to tell someone else why you believe inHim and choose to live by faith in Christ .
Family ActivitiesWhoa this is scary the lettersare falling and we ve lost themessage Can you help If you getstuck use the QR code It s worth.
the effort have FAITH in what I mtelling youSome things we have to believe and take on faith. We are told by authorities they exist or we’ve seen pictures. At the same time, we struggle with the reality of some things we’ve been told or shown. But … we can confidently trust in what God says and does.

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