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1.Fake BatikKaren SilerGlen Allen Elementary SchoolNAEA ConferenceNew York CityMarch 13-17, 2007

2.Fake Batik• Presented by Kirby Ming of HenryCounty, GA at the NAEA Conference inNew York City, NY• 5th Grade Students

3.Fake Batik• Batik - A method of dyeing fabric wheresome areas are covered with wax orpastes made of glues or starches tomake designs by keeping dyes frompenetrating in pattern areas

4.SOL• 5.14 - The student will produce fiber artthat reflects the qualities of the fiber artof another age, culture, or country.

5.History• Cloth decorated with this technique has been inuse as long back as 1500 years ago in Egypt,Africa, the Middle East and in several parts ofAsia. Many people think that batik was brought toAsia by travelers from the Indian subcontinent.Most people believe that Batik reached its highestartistic expression in Indonesia, particularly inJava. Batik has become a very central means ofartistic expression for many areas of Asia and adeeply integrated facet of the Asian culture.

6.The Process• Cotton and silk are used for the cloth.• Melted wax is applied with a canting, sometimescalled a wax pen. It is a funnel like pen that has abamboo handle and the wax comes slowly out ofthe tip as the artist draws onto the fabric.• The melted wax is kept in a wajan, a little pan thatsits on a small charcoal stove. Beeswax andparaffin are the most common waxes used forbatik.

7.• Because batiked fabric grew to be so popular, amethod of making the fabric more quicklydeveloped. This made the fabric more affordableto the masses and much quicker to make.• A copper stamp called a cap (pronounced chop)was made of copper strips bent into the shape ofthe design. Then it was dipped in wax andstamped onto the fabric.

8.Material for Fake Batik• 12 X 12 white paper, 14 X 14 muslin,pencil, Sharpie, tape, alum and flourmixture in squeeze bottles, diluted acrylicpaint and brushes. Additional muslin toback the pillow. Volunteers to sew thepieces together! Polyester fiberfill to stuffpillows.

9.The Process-The DesignCome up with a 12 X 12 design basedon something from nature: water,wind, plants, animals, leaves, etc.Nothing man-made should beincluded. Keep it fairly simple. Welook at Hokusai’s painting “TheGreat Wave” and talk about themovement seen in the wave and thepower as well as the way the water isdrawn and how the color is used. (Weignore the boats this time!) Tracewith a Sharpie on 12 X 12 paper.

10.The Process - The ResistTape muslinonto paper(center). Tracethe lines you seethrough thepaper with thealum mixtureand let drythoroughly.

11.The Process - PaintStudents will addcolor to the batikusing dilute acrylicpaint. Students maycrack the resist andpaint over it toachieve some of thecrackled effect.

12.The Process - FinishWhen the entirepiece is painted andcompletely dry.Place the fabric insoapy water andscrape the paste off.Rinse. Let dry.

13.The Finished PillowParent volunteers seweach painted topiece to anunpainted one insideout leaving anopening for stuffing.Students stuff andthen sew the stuffinghole closed!


Fake Batik Karen Siler Glen Allen Elementary School NAEA Conference New York City March 13-17, 2007 Fake Batik Presented by Kirby Ming of Henry County, GA at the NAEA Conference in New York City, NY 5th Grade Students Fake Batik Batik - A method of dyeing fabric where some areas are covered with wax or pastes made of glues or starches to make designs by keeping dyes from penetrating in pattern ...

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