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CHAPTER ONEThe chapter is pivotal todeveloping an effectiveunderstanding of businessmarketing management as the.
essence of the business marketand its unique aspects are oftenthe basis for the development ofmarketing strategies BA 303 B 2 B MARKETING.
Every marketer whether focused on consumeror business markets must embrace a marketorientation which places the consumer first anduses superior information about customers tomanage marketing efforts It is however .
important to understand how consumer andbusiness market environments differ WE ARE IN BUSINESS TO CREATEAND SERVICE A CUSTOMER CUSTOMER SATISFACTION IS.
B 2 B MARKETINGWE STRIVE TO CUSTOMER DRIVE Business MarketsMarkets for products andservices bought by.
business government orinstitutions Products to beincorporated into otherproducts used .
consumed or resold Process ofdetermining needs anddeveloping marketingorganizations.
The nature of thecustomer and how theproduct is useddistinguishesbusiness and consumer.
Derived demandBusiness consumer demandis derived from demand forthe final products of whichthey become a part.
Fluctuating demandSince demand is derived themarketer must monitor andforecast demand in final Business and Consumer.
Marketing A Contrastmphasis on personal sellingThe service component of the product offering plays aProtracted price negotiations for individual products areBusiness marketers typically sell direct to large accounts.
Relational emphasisBuilding a long term relationship is the goal Business Market CustomersCommercial enterprisesPurchase goods for use in.
making other productsBuy equipment and machinerythat are employed to manufactureother productsOriginal equipment manufacturers.
Buy products which will beincorporated into a finished product Business Market CustomersCommercial enterprisesDealers and distributors.
Purchase business products forthe purpose of reselling them to users Business middlemen whichfacilitate the distribution processUnderstanding the classifications.
provides guidelines for effectivestrategy formulation categoriesEntering goods Become part of the.
finished product of theRaw materials andmanufactured goodsTreated as expense Foundation goods.
Used to produceInclude installations buildings equipment and accessory equipment light factory equipment .
office equipment Treated as capital items Supplies and servicesto support theorganization s.
operationsInclude supplies repair and maintenance itemsTreated as expense advantage of the.
distinctive competencies of auto partssuppliers These suppliers are oftenmake selected parts more effectivelyand efficiently because theyconcentrate on.
creating competence in a very narrowline of products In other words autosuppliers are able to deliver superiorvalue as a result of their distinctivecompetencies in a limited product.
line A manufacturer s decision rulesto buy or make should be based on 2 Many business marketersspend considerable sums foradvertising to final.
consumers because of thenature of derived demand formany business products In the case of DuPont advertising to final consumers.
should help to expand thedemand for clothing made withDuPont s fabric and thusexpand the total demand for.
FALL 2002 BA 303 FOR EXAMINATION ONE L.P. CHEW EXAMINATION ONE CHAPTERS 1 thru 5, 7 and 8 BA 303 BUSINESS 2 BUSINESS MARKETING CHAPTER ONE The chapter is pivotal to developing an effective understanding of business marketing management, as the essence of the business market and its unique aspects are often the basis for the development of marketing strategies.

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