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Agenda for Wednesday Collect Getting to Know You sheet Set up binder General English.
Grammar American History Presentation Essay Explanation Rubric checklist.
Model Presentation Fallout Shelter Fallout SheltersBy Joe Student We will bury you Nikita Khrushchev Leader of Soviet Union to Vice.
President Richard Nixon during the Cold War Significance Public hysteria in the US ofa Soviet nuclear attack ledthe US Federal Civil.
Defense Administration toencourage Americancitizens to adopt methodsof surviving nuclear war inorder to alleviate public.
3 Main Points1 What is Fallout 2 What are Fallout Shelters 3 What is the Federal CivilDefense Administration .
Video Clip What is Fallout Point 1 Left over radioactive material propelledinto the upper atmosphere aftera nuclear detonation.
Trillions of radioactive particlesgradually fall back to the earth Alpha and proton particles may poisonfood and water Gamma particles can penetrate almost all.
Too much exposure may lead to I don t know withwhat weaponscancer and death World War 3 will befought but World Soviet possession of atomic bomb War 4 will be.
fought with stickscreated tremendous fear in America and stones Albert Einstein What was the Federal CivilDefense Administration Point 2.
Government agency created in1951 to alleviate public anxiety Developed evacuation plansfor people living nearprobable nuclear targets There was a turtle by the name.
Educated communities and And Bert the Turtle was veryschools conduct air raid drills When danger threatened him he Duck and Cover never got hurtHe knew just what to do FCDA slogan taught to.
He d duck and cover duck andchildren to keep them safe coverin the event of an attack He d hide his head and tail andfour little feetHe d duck and cover .
What are Fallout Shelters Usually constructed at least 6 feet below ground Made out of concrete and steel Provisions included 6 weeks of canned food.
bottled water medical supplies Portrayed as a realistic protection to alleviate in the event of an attack the lives of those familieswhich are not hit in a nuclear blast and fire can still be.
saved if they can be warned to take shelter and if thatshelter is available JFK July 1961 Duck and Cover Conclusion In order to calm American fear of nuclear war.
the federal government reassured the publicthrough education and the construction offallout shelter Fallout is residual radioactive particles thatpoison the earth and survivors after the initial.
Federal Civil Defense Administration wascreated to educate and reassure the public Fallout shelters were fortified shelters portrayedas a realistic way to survive nuclear Course Theme and Synthesis.
Power Authority and Leadership One of the primary jobs of our government is toprotect its citizens The Federal Civil DefenseAdministration s actions during the Cold Warmade many Americans feel protected Similarly .
George W Bush s administration reacted to theattacks of 9 11 by creating the Department ofHomeland Security to make Americans feel Extend this more Is the US government really being honest with.
its citizens Can it really protect us Fallout is residual radioactive particles that poison the earth and survivors after the initial blast Federal Civil Defense Administration was created to educate and reassure the public Fallout shelters were fortified shelters portrayed as a realistic way to survive nuclear Course Theme and Synthesis Power, Authority, and Leadership One of the ...

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