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Grades 3 8 10 111 KDE OAA DSR 2 10 2014 Before TestingDistribution2 KDE OAA DSR 2 2014.
K PREP Resources DAC BAC Manuals Test Administrator Manuals Scripts KDE Website Items Times Chart.
Approved Resources List3 KDE OAA DSR 2 2014 All test administrators must receiveAdministration Code training 703 KAR 5 080 Sept 2009 This training applies to all state .
administered tests Staff designated to provide accommodationsmust also have the Inclusion of SpecialPopulations training 703 KAR 5 070 Feb 2009 4 KDE OAA DSR 2 2014.
Receiving Materials Regular and accommodated test materials will arrivein the district by March 31 April 14 or 28 Test materials arrive in the district packaged byschool The pre printed student response booklets will.
be sorted by grade in ascending alphabetical order Test materials will include an overage School will receive 5 District will receive 3 5 KDE OAA DSR 2 2014.
Accommodated Materials Braille Large Print Audio CD Text Reader new for 2014.
available in both Mac and PC formats 6 KDE OAA DSR 2 2014 Inventory Materials Inventory materials as soon as possible upon Keep original boxes .
Original boxes will be used to return test materials Request additional materials if needed Check district and school overage before placing anadditional order Note Do not exchange test materials between schools in or out of.
the district in lieu of ordering additional materials 7 KDE OAA DSR 2 2014 Test Book Security BarcodeEach test booklet has a uniquesecurity barcode located in the.
upper right corner of theback cover of the test booklet Using this barcode testbooklets are assigned tospecific districts schools This.
provides an accurate means of K PREP Test Booklettracking secure test booklets Back Coverthat are shipped to andreturned from the school For all questions regarding test.
8 booklet security see the DAC BAC Manual KDE OAA DSR 2 2014 Requesting Additional PearsonAccess Online orders must be submitted and approved prior to1 30 p m ET to be included in that day s shipment .
Requests for additional test materials can be madethrough June 4 Only one order per school per grade can be processed ina single day Request additional return shipping materials for a school.
through June 11 9 KDE OAA DSR 2 2014 PearsonAccessPearsonAccess is used to View student enrollment counts for K PREP.
Note No edits can be made to the counts If adiscrepancy of 15 20 or more is found contactKDE at kdeassessment education ky gov... Choose shipping options Order additional testing and shipping materials.
Order accommodated materials Update district school profiles shipping addresses etc 10 KDE OAA DSR 2 2014 DAC Materials Distribution Distribution of materials should allow time for.
BACs to inventory and prepare for teacherdistribution Test booklets housed in the BAC s designatedarea can be double locked Test bookletshoused in classrooms must be double locked .
11 KDE OAA DSR 2 2014 BAC Materials Distribution Shrink wrapped packs can be split betweenclassrooms but the order of the test bookletsshould not be changed .
Test booklets should not be distributed to testadministrators until the first day of testing Ensure that each teacher receives adequatenumbers of test booklets and the appropriatepre printed Student Response Booklets SRBs .
12 KDE OAA DSR 2 2014 Reminders for Teachers Teachers should be strongly encouraged tofollow TAM directions about entering thestudent s name on test booklets .
Teachers should verify that each studentreceives his her own test booklet and SRBfor each testing session 13 KDE OAA DSR 2 2014 Test Book Replacement.
Assign a new book of the same form as the The original test book should not be returned ifdamaged with bodily fluids Contact Pearson togive student name school grade test securitybarcode back and form number Then destroy.
according to local OSHA requirements 14 KDE OAA DSR 2 2014 Student Response Booklet Correct pre printed SRB Use SRB as is .
Incorrect pre printed SRB Void the SRB Assign a new SRB with demographic information completed onfront cover Enter correct information into IC .
No pre printed SRB Follow gridding instruction in the script portion of the TAM 15 KDE OAA DSR 2 2014 Pre Printed DemographicsK PREP Pre Printed Demographics.
Pre PrintedDemographicInformation Date of BirthThis is how thedemographic.
information willlook on the pre District School Codeprinted StudentResponse Booklet .
16 KDE OAA DSR 2 2014 Student Response Booklet Do not assign a pre printed SRB to another Do not use mechanical or liquid pencils Only regular 2 pencils are to be used .
Do not use highlighters Do not use staples or glue 17 KDE OAA DSR 2 2014 SRB Replacement Grid all information including name room number form.
number etc Transcribe answers into new SRB The new serial number front of SRB may be annotatedinto SDRR but not mandatory Securely destroy original SRB .
SRBs soiled by bodily fluids should not be returned Destroythe SRBs according to OSHA requirements 18 KDE OAA DSR 2 2014appropriateaccommodation.
19 KDE OAA DSR 2 2014 Room Number Bubble on the SRB indicating the room where each student takes the test Zeros need to be entered for any blank space for a room number If the room number is 9 the student will enter 0009 .
If a classroom does not have a number assigned the school will need toassign one Letters can not be entered for a room number 20 KDE OAA DSR 2 2014 Do not remove from SRB .
21 KDE OAA DSR 2 2014 Seating Charts Seating charts are required for both individual andgroup testing The room location must be recordedon the Student Response Booklet .
A single chart can be used for multiple sessions ifseating arrangement and room location do notchange mark the date for each session Templates are available in TAMs and on the KDEwebsite A customized form may be created to reflect.
the room arrangement 22 KDE OAA DSR 2 2014 During TestingTest MaterialsScheduling.
23 KDE OAA DSR 2 2014 Test FormsThere is one operational form items that are included for accountability The difference in the number offorms are the pre test items .
Social LanguageReading Mathematics Science DemandStudies MechanicsGrades Number of Forms4 10 10 10 10.
6 12 12 12 127 12 12 128 12 12 12 1224 KDE OAA DSR 2 2014 2014 Testing.
Items Chart25 KDE OAA DSR 2 2014 Test Booklets Extended Response and Short AnswerScoring Guides grade 3 8 .
On Demand Writing Scoring Criteria grades 5 6 8 10 11 On Demand Pre Writing Area grades 5 6 8 10 11 26 KDE OAA DSR 2 2014.
Test Material ResourcesRemind teachers to distribute the additionalresources for the appropriate test sessionsaccording to directions in the TAMs Mathematics Reference Sheets.
Writer s Reference Sheets Calculators Rulers Protractors or Angle Rulers27 KDE OAA DSR 2 2014.
CalculatorsFollow the KDE calculator policy Written policy available on KDE website and in28 KDE OAA DSR 2 2014 Rulers are provided by Pearson and are included in.
the test materials shipment These rulers must beused for testing The rulers may not be modified The rulers may be kept and used after testing iscompleted .
Protractors or Angle Rulers are to be availablefor grades 4 and 7 These are NOTprovided by Pearson 29 KDE OAA DSR 2 2014 Unapproved Resource Materials.
Cell phones Smart phones Highlighters Electronic Devices Items with Internet accessibility Graphic Organizers.
30 KDE OAA DSR 2 2014 Who Takes the K PREP Required to Test Not Required to Test Students in grades 3 8 and 10 11 Students in the Alternate K PREPincluding those with disabilities.
Student s skipped grade Students who are retained Students who move within the state Foreign Exchange studentsduring testing Students enrolled at Job Corp Students with a minor medical centers.
emergency Students with medical or EL students in their first year are extraordinary circumstance non required to attempt mathematics participation requestsand science four multiple choice orone constructed response .
EL students in their second year and31 later participate in all content areas KDE OAA DSR 2 2014 K PREP Scheduling Testing is to be 5 consecutive instructional daysduring the last 14 instructional days of the district.
The 5 days are to be done by school level elementary middle high not by separate grade Any day a regular test session is scheduled isconsidered one of the 5 testing days even if only onesession is done on that day .
32 KDE OAA DSR 2 2014 K PREP Scheduling All students in a grade school must take eachpart of the test at the same time Each part is to be given as a separate session.
with a break in between Allow for breakswhen developing schedule Breaks may be short i e stand and stretch or long i e lunch with appropriatemonitoring .
33 KDE OAA DSR 2 2014 K PREP Scheduling Extended time is allowed only for studentswith IEPs 504s or PSPs specifying extended Make arrangements for the extended time in.
a manner that allows other students to goback to instructional activities At the end of the school day students with regular and extended time need tohave finished the same parts of the test 34 KDE OAA DSR 2 2014.
Make up Schedule Make up sessions can be done during the 5 daywindow or during the 4 days after the windowends while test materials are prepared for It is recommended to schedule a make up.
session as soon as is reasonably possible afterthe missed test session Seating charts are required for make up sessions 35 KDE OAA DSR 2 2014 Non Standard Response.
Printed word processed answer must fit in theanswer box Trim around and tape response to appropriatearea in the SRB Tape at least the 4 corners using clear desk tape .
Do not cover other answers bar codes or timingtracks with tape 36 KDE OAA DSR 2 2014 This is where the typed test will go It will be trimmed around so that it fitscompletely inside the black box allowed for each test question The template.
allows only enough space to complete the question while remaining inside theallowable space The template can be downloaded from the KDE webpage Tape must be on the corners of the text being inserted but not covering multiplechoice answers barcodes or timing tracks Place clear desk tape at least on thefour corners of the printed response so the pages are securely in place and will.
not move around when the booklet is moved opened closed packaged orduring shipping This will ensure proper scoring will occur 37 KDE OAA DSR 2 2014 After TestingNon participation.
Return Shipping38 KDE OAA DSR 2 2014 K PREP RostersThe Student Data Review and Rosters SDRR application is used to collect K .
PREP student rosters non participation requests and data39 KDE OAA DSR 2 2014 Non participation Emergency Medical Non participation too fragile to test.
Recent illness or accident Undergoing chemotherapy Extraordinary Circumstance Non participation Recent traumatic experience Protective custody.
Medical Emergency can test with accommodations Broken eye glasses Recent surgery on writing hand40 KDE OAA DSR 2 2014 Medical Non participation.
Cannot be filed based solely on handicapping A chronic condition with acute changes relative tothe testing window is appropriate for filing a Homebound instruction is not a basis for filing a41 KDE OAA DSR 2 2014.
Medical Non participationStudent diagnosed with severe kidney disease Treatment course requires heavy medications Student routinely receives homebound instruction It is not in the student s best interest to test at this.
Why can this student not be assessed if receiving homebound services Recent complications around the student sdiagnosis have required medication changes andmultiple hospitalizations Student will behospitalized during entire testing window .
42 KDE OAA DSR 2 2014 Extraordinary CircumstanceNon participationUsed for situations that don t fall undermedical or emergency.
Traveling out of state due to death of familyFollow gridding instruction in the script portion of the TAM. KDE:OAA:DSR: 2/2014. Voiding and destroying SRBs, instead of voiding and returning, is new for 2014. You should not receive a pre-printed SRB for Alternate K-PREP students. If you do receive an SRB for an Alternate K-PREP student, void and make corrections in IC.

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