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Learning Target Today I am learning how to determine the meanings ofwords and phrases used in a text because I can analyze the theme of aRead 30 minutesDAILY GRAMMAR PRACTICEAction and Linking Verbs Practice.
Materials agenda pencil or blue black ink pen Poetry Notes Are you knowledgeable Do you have the perseverance tofinish this task YOU RE A POET DID YOU.
POETRY THE REAL DEFINITION OF POETRY IS UP TO YOU Let s share some of your definitions ofpoetry .
Is POETRY important Poetry takes a simple concept and makesit more powerful and beautiful Which one of these poems is better The Turtle.
breaks from the blue blackskin of the water dragging her shellwith its mossy scutesThe Turtle across the shallows and through the rushescomes out of the water and over the mudflats to the uprise .
walks across the sand to the yellow sand digs a nest to dig her ungainly feetand lays some eggs a nest and hunker there spewingher white eggs downBy Mr Brooks into the darkness .
By Mary Oliver WHAT IS FIGURATIVE LANGUAGE Figurative language goes beyondthe literal meaning of a word or HERE ARE SOME EXAMPLES .
FIGURATIVE LANGUAGE IT S LIKE A SIMILE a comparison of two unlike things using thewords like or as Examples of simile .
Life is like a box of chocolates The girl is as beautiful as a rose The willow is like an etching FIGURATIVE LANGUAGE IT IS A METAPHOR.
a comparison of two unlike things withoutusing the words like or as Examples of metaphor My father is a tall sturdy oak The hotel is a diamond in the sky .
The moon is a large white balloon FIGURATIVE LANGUAGE PERSONIFICATION the giving of human qualities to an animal object or idea .
Examples of personification Hunger sat shivering on the road The flowers danced on the lawn The chair skated across the floor NOTE SpongeBob SquarePants and Smokey the Bear are.
personified characters FIGURATIVE LANGUAGE an exaggerated statement used to make aExamples of hyperbole An apple a day keeps the doctor away .
I could sleep for a year This book weighs a ton FIGURATIVE LANGUAGE IMAGINE THE IMAGERY figures of speech or which appeal to the five.
Examples of imagery Her clammy back felt like bark of the tree after asummer s rain the small pond behind my house was lappingat it s banks .
The willow s music is like a soprano WHAT IS A SOUND DEVICE It is the effect a poem has dependingon the sound of its words HERE ARE SOME EXAMPLES .
SOUND DEVICE SOUNDS LIKE ONOMATOPOEIA the use of words whose sounds suggest theirExamples of onomatopoeia The bang of a gun .
The hiss of a snake The buzz of a bee The pop of a firecracker SOUND DEVICE REPETITION the repeating of sound words phrases or lines in a.
poem used to emphasize an idea or convey a certainExamples of repetition Sing a song full of faith that the dark past has taughtus Sing a song of the hope that the present hasbrought us .
I think I can I think I can I think I can I think I can The isolation during my vacation created a situationof relaxation SOUND DEVICE I RHYME ALL THE TIME AND I GUESS IT.
SOUNDS FINE repetition of sound at the ends of words Rhyme occurring within a line is called internal rhyme Rhyme occurring at the end of a line is called endRhyme Scheme the pattern of end rhyme in a poem Lines.
that rhyme are given the same letter Example of internal rhyme end rhyme and rhyme scheme I looked at the shell in the ocean a I looked at the bell in the sea b I noticed the smell and the motion a.
Were very peculiar to me b SOUND DEVICE DO YOU HAVE RHYTHM LET S CLAP the pattern of sound created by stressed moreemphasis and unstressed less emphasis .
syllables Many poems are given diacriticalmarkings and depending on the rhythm Example of rhythm I looked at the shell in the oceanI looked at the bell in the sea .
I noticed the smell and the motionWere very peculiar to me SOUND DEVICE ASSONANCE repetition of VOWEL SOUNDS at theBEGINNING MIDDLE or END of at least two.
words in a line of poetry Examples of Assonance Repeating the eh sound in the words crescent flesh extending medicine and death .
SOUND DEVICE CONSONANCE repetition of CONSONANT SOUNDS at theBEGINNING MIDDLE or END of at least twowords in a line of poetry Examples of Consonance.
Repeating the sh sound in the words shush wish sharp cushion and quash SOUND DEVICE ALLITERATION repetition of CONSONANT SOUNDS at theBEGINNING of at least two words in a line of.
Examples of Alliteration Frank the frog frolicked frivolously on the furryforest floor Little skinny shoulder blades Sticking throughyour clothes .
Sandy sold seashells by the seashore WHAT IS FORM It is the physical arrangement of the words onthe page sometimes involving rhyme andrhythm How does the poem look on the paper .
LINE a sentence or fragment of sentence STANZA a group of lines in a poem Prose paragraphs and sentencesPoetry stanzas and lines FORM COUPLET.
a pair of lines that rhyme A couplet may be apoem in itself or part of a larger poem What is an example of a COUPLET The artist stirred some blue and greenTo paint an underwater scene .
FORM HAIKU an unrhymed poem consisting of three lines and seventeen 17 syllables These poems are normally about nature The first line is five 5 syllables The second line is seven 7 syllables .
The third line is five 5 syllables What is an example of a HAIKU The autumn wind blows 5 syllables Calling the leaves on the ground 7 syllables To join him in dance 5 syllables .
FORM LIMERICK a funny five line poem made up of thirteen 13 beatswith an AABBA rhyme scheme The poem is namedafter the city of Limerick in Ireland Example of a LIMERICK .
There was a young boy from Caboo 3 beats Who had trouble tying his shoe 3 beats He said to his ox 2 beats I ll just walk in my socks 2 beats Now all of his friends do that too 3 beats .
FORM FREE VERSE Poetry that does not contain regular patterns of rhyme and rhythm Thelines flow more naturally and have everyday speech rhythm Poets whowrite in free verse often use the sound devices we have already discussed Southbound on the Freeway .
They all hiss as they glide like inches down the markedtapes Those soft shapes shadowy insidethe hard bodies are they.
Learning Target: Today I am learning how to determine the meanings of words and phrases used in a text because I can analyze the theme of a poem.. HOMEWORK: Read 30 minutes. DAILY GRAMMAR PRACTICE . Action and Linking Verbs . Practice. Materials: agenda, pencil or blue/black ink pen, Poetry Notes

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