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Why do we read and write Video clip 1 https www youtube com watch v ... Video clip 2 https www youtube com watch v ... .
Elements of PoetryPoetry is a form of literary expression captures intense experiencesPoetry is not prose .
ordinary language people use in speaking or Distinguishing Characteristics Unlike prose which has a narrator poetry has a A speaker or voice talks to the reader Thespeaker is not necessarily the poet It can also.
be a fictional person an animal or even a thing Poetry is also formatted differently from prose A line is a word or row of words that may ormay not form a complete sentence A stanza is a group of lines in a poem The.
stanzas in a poem are separated by a space Prose Vs Poetry No rhyme Rhymed Unrhymed No pattern rhythm Follows a beat has No line division.
Line division Can use images Usesimages to focus Can target emotions on a particular idea Divisions.
are Targetsparagraphs through use of images Divisions are stanzasA woman stands on a mountain top withthe cold seeping into her body She looks.
on the valley below as the wind whipsaround her She cannot leave to go to thepeaceful beauty below In the valley the sun shines frombehind the clouds causing flowers to.
bloom A breeze sends quivers through theleaves of trees The water gurgles in abrook All the woman can do is cry What literary devicesexist in this piece of.
The Woman on the PeakThe woman stands upon the barren peak Gazing down on the world beneath The lonely chill seeps from the groundInto her feet spreading upward bound .
The angry wind whistles round her head Whipping her hair into streaming snakes While she watches wishes weakly wails Beyond the mountain sunshine peeks Teasing flowers to survive and thrive .
The breeze whispers through the leaves Causing gentle quivers to sway the trees Laughter gurgles as the splashing brookPlayfully tumbles over rugged rocks While the woman above can only grieve .
What literary devices exist in this piece ofProse vs poetryNo one warnslittle girls thatboys tell lies.
and they end upcrying on theirpillows at nightrather thanchasing their.
Boys Do you have a rebuttal You try Write your prose here on the topic of childhood I remember when the blanket was newand smelled like Downy I took it with me.
everywhere I went and heaven forbid Isleep without it Through the years it hasaged right along with me It s no longer ablanket but rather a piece of ratty cloth Turn your prose into poetry using the box below .
My blanketDowny scentedA faithful companionAccompanied me through thick and thinAll that is left.
Is a tattered clothJust as I have Rhyme is the repetition of the samestressed vowel sound and any succeedingsounds in two or more words .
Red bed said Ted etc Internal rhyme occurs within a line of End rhyme occurs at the end of lines Rhyme scheme is the pattern of endrhymes that may be designated by.
assigning a different letter of the alphabetto each new rhyme Rhyme Scheme Pattern of rhyme in a stanza or poem You canidentify the rhyme scheme in stanzas by looking.
at the last word in the line and assigning letters tothe rhyming words Example Like the sun behind the clouds ALike the darkness of the night B.
Like the grass beneath the trees CYou stepped into the light B Penelope by DorothyIn the pathway of the sun AIn the footsteps of the breeze B.
Where the world and sky are one He shall ride the silver seas He shall cut the glittering wave I shall sit at home and rock Rise to heed a neighbor s knock .
Brew my tea and snip my thread Bleach the linen for my bed They will call him brave Rhyme Scheme PracticeI knew I d have to grow up sometime .
That my childhood memories would end But a spark within me died When I lost my imaginary friend As the sun set and the moon came I looked out the window in dread and shame .
The sound of birds rose from the sky I waved my hand and bid goodbye Rhyme Scheme PracticeWhen I look into his eyes I see the deep blue sea .
I hope my love never dies That he ll always be there for me And here ends the saga Of writers who have grown We re successful authors .
Now we will be unknown Enjambment Incomplete syntax at the end of the line in which themeaning runs from one poetic line to the next run on T S Eliot s The Wasteland William Carlos Williams s Between.
Walls is one sentence broken into 10enjambed lines April is the cruelest month Lilacs out of the dead land Memory and desire .
Types of poetry Acrostic A poem that spells out a word HumiliatingOpportunity.
Challenge Come up with the BEST acrostic poem for theword English Be ready to share Blackout PoetryThe basic idea behind blackout poetry is that.
the poet takes a found document newspaperclipping page of a book article etc andcrosses out a majority of the existing text leaving visible only the words that composeand original poem thereby revealing an.
entirely new work of literature birthed from anexisting one The striking imagery or design ofthe text and the remaining readable text worktogether to form a new piece of visual poetry Pretty cool right .
Chain poemChain PoemA chain poem uses the last word of a line as thebeginning of a new line A race against time Everlasting truth.
Time that we do not have Truth isn t always saidSaid one thing but meantHave the patience to dealDeal with the all of the bad Another web of liesBad things in life are inescapable Lies that cost too much.
Much of what we say is alwaysInescapable but not everlasting criticizedCriticized by people that do Cinquain.
five line poem 1 noun 2 adjectives 3 gerunds fullsentence 1 synonym Green desirableEarning sharing stealingIt is the necessary evil of the world .
Compose a cinquain using the oneof the following words love hate friendship or family Concrete A poem that focuses on the visual aspect of poetry .
thus creating a shape An Elegy is a sad and thoughtful poem lamenting the death of aThe Stone Alone in a meadowin the pouring rain I find the stone thatcauses all my pain .
As I stumble through the fog in disbeliefI fall down upon my knees and sob inThe fog horn cries her mournful soundAs my heart falls down beneath the ground Crying out to God.
for mercy all in vainTo take away the stone that bears your A short poem saying or other messageon a gravestone in memory of adeceased person .
Anepic poem is abook length poem ofa serious natureabout a significantevent often.
featuring a hero The Odyssey Free VerseFree Verse is a type of poetry that exhibits very little boundaries It does not rhyme but rather flows It is not story like with.
complete sentences but poetic like the following A thought or is it realityMysterious happeningsSeeking to be let outScary beyond all measures.
Falling into darknessOnly finding morning Sample Free Verse Can youguess the subject and give it a.
Whispering the words of the deafAlways felt but never touchedAlways heard but never seenCornering you in the nightAnd ever changing.
Let s write one together Contribute a line Work collaboratively with your group to construct a Free Verse poem over yourgiven topic EACH group member must.
contribute at least one line Group 1 CloudsGroup 2 AdventureGroup 3 WinterGroup 4 Betrayal.
Group 5 Laughter Work collaboratively with your group to construct a Free Verse poem over yourgiven topic EACH group member mustcontribute at least one line .
A Haiku is a Japanese poem that follows a specificpattern Haikus traditionally deal with subjectsassociated with nature or natural things the first linemust be five syllables the second line must be sevensyllables the third line must be five syllables 5 7 5.
The whisper of wind Yellow lines white linesHere today here tomorrow It shouldn t be quite so hardAlways Everywhere To stay in betweenCurving up then down Meeting blue sky and green.
Melding sun and rain Are these Haikus If not howcan they be fixed Night FriendsMystery lurking True friends do listen.
Chilled to the bones with fear When life seems to get you downCautiously waiting Trust is key You try Fill in the two five syllable Fill in the seven syllable line Fill in the two five syllableIt was the first time.
The wind sang a mournfulBeautiful escape .
LimerickA limerick poem is one in which the first second and fifth linesrhyme with each other and have the same number of syllables typically 8 or 9 The third and fourth lines rhyme with eachother and have the same amount of syllables Limericks often.
start with the line There once was a or There was a andare typically funny humorous Example of an 8 8 5 5 8 syllable limerick There once was a girl on the busSo cute she made Christopher fuss.
He gave her a lookGot smacked with a bookIt hurt him so bad that he cussed Sample LimericksThere once was a boy named.
who gave all the ladies feverMy homework has just been besetSmall pox it was not by the memes on the Internetthey thought he was hot .
A panda sneezes with hair like a golden retriever Then my comp freezes And I m stuck with math I don t get Poetry Slam.
Writtenperformed for ancompetitive PowerfulExplaining My Depression to My Mother .
Rhythmic https www youtube com watch v ... Passionate In your Sample response you ll berequired to.
reflect andrespond to A poem thatcelebrates asubject a.
tribute to anobject personWhataburge www youtube com wa.
To repeat one s lovely self twice daily And to tell the time is quite the ticket Sonnet While grinding your shining gears quite A form of poetry that wasWithin ticking metal so intricate .
created during therenaissance Englishsonnets consist of 14 It just takes some time and its dictationlines three four line To fuel your ever working little handsstanzas quatrains .
Silently counting the world s rotationsaccompanied by a twoline couplets closing As wind blows hard upon the dusty sands stanza The rhymingscheme for an English A clever guardian of all that breathes.
Sonnet is And of everything that s rightly true abab An invisible sower of the seedscdcd But will you choose to see tomorrowefef through .
You can erode the world down to the lastTeller of future and keeper of past Poetic Devices Figurative and LiteralLiterally words function exactly as.
The car is blue He caught the football Figuratively figure out what itI ve got your back You re a doll .
Figures of Speech Alliteration Alliterationrefers to repetition of aparticular sound in the first syllables of a.
series of words and or phrases Don t delay dawns disarming display Dusk demands daylight Dewdrops dwell delicatelydrawing dazzling delight .
Dewdrops dilute daisies domain Distinguished debutantes Diamonds defraydaylights distilled daisy dance AlliterationCafeteria Chaos.
The line lingers My stomach growls Tina topples her tray And the whole place howls Spinach spills .
Pass the paper towels Someone pings a pea And the fifth grade teacher frowns What s likely at lunch Everyone chomps and chows down .
Assonance Repetition of vowel soundstypically in the center of a word That solitude which suits abstrusermusings Samuel Taylor Coleridge.
Hearthe mellow wedding bells Edgar Allen Poe Assonance Examples Writers sometimes repeat vowel soundsto reinforce the meaning of the words It.
also helps to create moods Here thelong o sounds mysterious Poetry is old ancient goes back far It isamong the oldest of living things So oldit is that no man knows how and why the.
first poems came Carl Sandburg Early And so all the night tide I lie down by Consonance Repetition of a consonant sound that is not atthe beginning of the word appears in the.
middle or end of words The sun goes down as in guys she gently sways at ease RobertDistinguishing Characteristics of Poetry. Unlike prose which has a narrator, poetry has a speaker. A . speaker, or voice, talks to the reader. The speaker is not necessarily the poet.

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