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Safety Momentsfrom CDM Smith s health and safety experts Safety Training Only do work that you aretrained for.
Ask for the training you need Work with the project manageror safety supervisor to identifysafety training you may need Personal Protection Equipment PPE .
Wear PPE to safeguard againstinjuries and illness Equip yourself and convey thatyou re ready to work safely andresponsibly.
Check H S manuals and talk to theonsite supervisor to see what s Inspect PPE prior to use Hazard Identification Keep work area neat to.
reduce likelihood of hazards Review potential hazards beforetasks begin Correct identified hazardsimmediately.
Confined Space Entry Do you have an exit plan Understand and follow procedures toget out safely in emergencies Have you identified any potential.
permit or non permit requiredconfined spaces Remember that you must be trained toenter a confined space Ladder Safety.
There are 30 000 ladder relatedinjuries each year Don t take shortcuts follow allthe rules for using ladders Guarding Against Heat Stress.
Monitor weather forecast and planfor high temps Extreme heat can requireacclimation and monitoring Stay hydrated.
Wear sunscreen Perform heavy labor during earlymorning and evening if possible Lightning Lightning causes 25 30 deaths.
per year in the U S Find safe shelters substantialbuilding or enclosed metal vehicle If you re outside get low to theground but DO NOT lie down .
Wait until thunder lightningpasses before resuming activities Fire Protection Pick up trash and combustible Control ignition sources.
Require fire watches after hotwork activities Keep fire extinguishers withingrasp and know how to use Crane Safety.
125 000 cranes in operation todayin the construction industry 100 000 additional cranes inmarine and general use 71 fatalities each year.
Safe Think Process Safe Think Process Before starting a newtask ask yourself What am I going to do .
How could I or someoneelse get hurt Do I have the rightequipment Do I need help .
Safe Think Process When working at a desk assess the situation byasking yourself Are my desk chair and.
workstation set up properly Am I comfortable Do I take sufficient breaks toallow for appropriate rest Safe Think Process.
Before carrying and orlifting something Is my travel path clear andtrip slip free Is it too heavy or hard to hold.
Am I wearing the rightfootwear to safely lift and Do I need help from others ortools such as dollies .
from CDM Smith’s health and safety experts. Safety Training. Only do work that you are trained for. Ask for the training you need. Work with the project manager or safety supervisor to identify safety training you may need. The concept of “safety first” applies to everything we do—no matter what. If you work in the field or in an office ...

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