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Food AllergyManagementfor SchoolFood ServiceProfessionals.
N E W YO R K S TAT EC H I L D N UT R I T IO NP R OG RA MA D M I N I S T RAT I ON 1 in 13 Children has a Food Allergy.
When a person eats a food theyare allergic to the immuneA food allergy is a medical system attacks proteins in theThe role of the immune systemcondition in which exposure to food that are normally.
is to protect the body froma food triggers a harmful harmless germs and diseaseimmune responseThe proteins that trigger the.
reaction are called allergens What is a Food Allergy Food Intolerance vs Food Allergy A Food Intolerance affects theDigestive System and is not Life.
Threatening A Food Allergy affects the ImmuneSystem and can be Life Threatening Autoimmune Disease Triggered by eating gluten contained in wheat rye .
What is and barley productsCeliac Damages the small intestine Interferes with nutrient absorption Symptoms vary What is Anaphylaxis .
A severe life threating reaction Requires immediate response andmedical attention What FoodsCause Allergic.
Reactions Most are caused by 8Foods The Big 8 Students requiring meal modifications must be identifiable to staff Staff must understand the meal modification required to each identified student.
Best PracticesIdentificationProcedures Identifyi Maintainng Allergen List .
The list is areference staffIdentification ofKnown must stillcheck labels.
s MaintainMaintain foodlabels frominformation ofvendors to.
served to aaccess foodchild withingredientinformation.
Know YourIngredients Each process from receiving all the way toservice of food can introduce an opportunityThe Flow of for cross contact.
Food in theKitchen Cross contact occurs when an allergen isinadvertently transferred froma food containing an allergen to a food thatWhat is Cross does not contain the allergen.
Cooking does not reduce or eliminate thechances of a person with a food allergy havinga reaction to the food eaten Scrub down counters and If you are making severaltables with soap and water foods cook the allergen free.
Store allergen containing Always wash your hands Always put on a new apronbefore and after making foods first and keep foodsfoods separately and clearly with soap and water before when handling an allergenallergen free food use a new covered and away fromlabel foods handling allergen free foods free food .
bucket of wash solution and other foods that maycloth splatter Use utensils cutting boards Always identify special If a change of menu offeringand pans that have been If you make a mistake the allergen free foods prepared has to be made for a studentthoroughly washed with allergen free food product for a student label the food with a food allergy always.
soap and water or use a will have to be made again clearly and hold it separate check with your Director orseparate set of equipment from other foods their designee Best Practices Recognizing an AllergicSkin rash itching hives.
Swelling of the lips tongue or throat trouble swallowingShortness of breath trouble breathing wheezingStomach pain vomiting diarrheaFeeling like something awful is about to happen anxiety confusionDizziness feeling lightheaded fainting.
It feels like There is My tongue feels My tongue is hot something issomething stuck in My lips feel tight big or burning poking my.
my throat tongue Something is My eyes are My skin is My tummy wrong or.
itching or My chest is tight itching hurts Something bad isburning happening Common Descriptions Used by Children.
http www foodallergy org resou... ServSafe Allergens https www servsafe comAcademy of Nutrition and Dietetics https www eatright org health ... CDC Centers for Disease Control .
https www cdc gov healthyschoo... USDA United States Department of Agriculture https www fns usda gov school ... accommodating children disabil... .
Food allergies involve the immune system and can be life threatening. We will be reviewing food allergy symptoms later in this presentation. Physicians test for the indicators of food allergies and diagnose food allergies. Food allergies and food intolerances need to be taken seriously.

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