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Food Chains and Food WebWhat Are Some Parts of a FoodChain and a Food Web Key Words Consumer.
A living thing that eats other living things Food chain Pathway of energy through an ecosystem Food Energy Where energy gets passed from one consumer to another .
Food web Interconnecting food chains in an ecosystem whichshows many energy relationships Producer Living things that make their own food by.
photosynthesis a List the organisms that you thinkare producers Roots seeds leaves stems and fruits b Why are they called Producers .
They make food glucose byphotosynthesis c List the organisms that you thinkare primary consumers Rabbit.
Earthworm Cricket Small insects d Why are they called primaryconsumers .
Primary consumers which are herbivoreseat producers e List the organisms that you thinkare secondary consumers f Why are they called secondary.
consumers They eat consumers g Herbivores are organisms that eatplants List the herbivores in the food Rabbit.
Earthworm Cricket Small Insects h How does your list of herbivorescompare with your list in question c .
They are the same organisms i Carnivores are organisms that eatother animals List the carnivores in thefood chains J How does your list of carnivores.
compare with your list in question e They are the same K Make two food chains using animalsnot listed in the above food chains Food Webs and Chains.
Get in groups of 2 One person in your group get the followingcolor pencils Orange Purple.
Yellow Light Blue Plant Plant Plant Plant Plant Plant Plant PlantParts Parts Parts Parts Parts Parts Parts PartsSmall Small.
Cricket Earthworm Crickets Insects InsectsMouse Rabbit RabbitRobin Robin Mouse Mouse Mouse Snake Fox HawkSnake Fox Fox Owl Hawk HawkHawk Snake.
Mouse SnakeHawk Robin OwlSmall insects MouseCrickets Rabbit EarthwormPlant parts.
I Out of Energy PyramidA Decomposers1 BacteriaMostly 2 FungiCarnivores B Scavengers.
1 BuzzardsOmnivores and CarnivoresZooplankton Herbivoresand OmnivoresPhytoplankton Aquatic Protist Euglena Diatoms.
Plants Land Questions on Back 254 1 How many of the food chains you made inFigure 1 include the following animals 2 How many food chains include.
plant parts 12 all of them 3 Give the names of the producersthat are in the food web Plants.
4 Give the names of the of the consumersthat eat both plants and animals 5 What would happen to the foodweb if all the plants were removed Everything would die .
5 b Explain your answer Plants are involved in all of the food chainsand are the base of the food chain in allecosystems 6 What might happen to the owl population.
is there were less rabbits mice and snakesin a certain year There would be less owls because of thelack of food 7 What organisms will be affected if crickets small.
insects and earthworms are killed by pesticides Robins will be most affected becausethese three organisms are their only foodin the food web Other organisms that eatthese three organisms also feed on other.
organisms in the food web 8 Draw three food chains below that can beconnected in a food web Show producers andconsumers that you might see in your back yard oron your way to school.
Food Chains and Food Web ... Everything would die. 5 b. Explain your answer. Plants are involved in all of the food chains and are the base of the food chain in all ecosystems. 6. What might happen to the owl population is there were less rabbits, mice, and snakes in a certain year? There would be less owls because of the lack of food 7.

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