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Food Security and AgricultureMillions fed One billion hungryPresentation to theAll Party Parliamentary Group on Agriculture and DevelopmentJohn Barrett Deputy Director Food and Livelihoods .
Policy Division20 January 2010 Across the world high levels of hunger and malnutritionhave persisted for the last 20 yearsAffordability.
of Population Undernourished Poor spend an average of 70 of their income on foodversus MDG 1 Hunger a function of poverty but agricultural growth necessary to1992 20 improve food securityAvailability.
2008 17 Food production increasing though gains in Sub Saharan Africalow and static Volatility in production increases risks faced by the poor0 5 10 15 20 25 Chronic underinvestment in agriculture.
Lack of rural infrastructure and access to financial and otherservices lack of or inequitable land tenure systems etc Trade increasingly global but many markets for food indeveloping countries remain local and low value Then the food price spike in 2008 made food even less.
affordable and less availableSupply side Harvest failures pushing down crop yields stocks lowand further declined due to bad weather and low yields in exportingDemand side Rising incomes which increase overall demand forgrain biofuels.
resulting in riots and humanitarian disasters Policy responses exacerbated the problem further Export restrictions to protect domestic supplies Over 30 countries reduced cereal import taxes and more than halfapplied price controls or consumer subsidies.
and the economic downturn is exacerbating the problem Over 1 billion now hungry and there are warnings that a foodcrisis could happen again in the near future FAO food price indexis rising in 2009 Page 3 The crisis pushed food security and agriculture up political.
agendas and is being tackled at the international level bythe L Aquila processApril 08 July 08 Aug 08 Sept 08 Jan 09 July 09 Sept 09 Oct 09 Nov 09Prime Minister G8 Summit in Comprehensiv UNGA 63 Food Security forThe G8 Plus meeting G20 at CFS reform World Foodwrote to G8 Japan Donor e Framework focuses All conference in at L Aquila in July Pittsburgh agreed Summit.
April 2008 Led commitments of for Action on Food Madrid 2009 Five principles and UNGA In supportsto creation of 10 bn agreed Security agreed and New York L Aquila andUN led High Established commitment to spend side event on agreementconsiders newLevel Task Experts Group up to 20 billion over food reached to.
multilateralForce and the on Food the next three years reinforces work harder toCFA Security UK s contribution at L Aquila meet MDGleast 1 1 targetThe international debates have focused on .
Improved co ordination and country led processes New financing mechanisms Reform of the international architecture including CGIAR How to harness and control global markets Self sufficiency and the right to food.
How the world will feed itself in the future in the face of climate change andpopulation growth Food security is now top of Washington s agenda The US Global Food Security Act Special Coordinator for Global Food Security.
New food security strategy Provide additional resources for agricultural productivity nutrition and ruraldevelopment Emergency Food Assistance Fund that can make local and regionalpurchases of food.
New legislation on commodity market financial transactions in US leading push on food security internationally Key asks Increase spending for agriculture productivity Support for CAADP.
New Financing mechanism GAFSP and there is a locus of activity led by the UN agencies inRome in delivering the Global Partnership World Summit on Food Security 2009 Rome Principles .
Reform of the Committee on Food Security Collaboration with IFAD and WFP UN High Level Policy Experts Group Enhanced role for private sector e g Foundations and civil and the upcoming Spanish Presidency give high.
priority to food security Spain has prioritised food security announced 1 billion for agriculture and food security over 5years at UNGA 2008 Focus on West Africa and ECOWAS.
Support contribute to US led Global Agriculture and FoodSecurity Programme GAFSP Looking to work with DFID for guidance on good policy and Spanish Presidency will focus on MDG Review Presidency will lead consultation on agriculture and food.
security policy for approval by Council The Global Partnership is underway L Aquila 22billionMultilateralG8 UN HLTF.
Country led plans for food securityComprehensive FrameworkGPAFS Principlesfor Actionand agriculture.
World BankAfrica HUNGRYOCHA UNEP UNTAD OECDPrivate Civil.
Sector Society DFID needs a broader approach to food security agriculture and nutritionNew context Key Principles Food and economic Support for country led processes.
Donor harmonisation and Global food system alignment Paris and Accra Twin track most vulnerable andsustainable routes out of poverty Biofuels longer term.
Changing country Strong role for multilateral systempriorities Sustained commitment of Climate changegovernments and donors.
Population growth The UK remains committed to meetingthe MDGs Fair sustainable growth Helping poor in short term while.
building a platform for strong growthClimate change Secure a fair deal at Copenhagen build capacity to manage changeFocus on conflict.
New approach to provide securityand justice more focus on conflictand fragile countries while keeping our promises Reducing maternal mortality 8m.
children in Africa to attend school Our vision is to double agricultureproduction in Africa and double the ratesof production in SE Asia Supporting the Maputo commitment.
Double support for agricultural research overthe next 5 years Double support to the African EnterpriseChallenge Fund Put in place social protection mechanisms.
that integrate nutrition and food security Reform on the international architecture for Country and regional programmes are key to improvingfood security Africa Implementing CAADP.
Effective CAADP processes in place ARD 10m forCAADP Trust Fund DFID Programmes aligning behind CAADP plans DFIDRwanda Malawi Ethiopia PFA Post Rwanda tbc .
South Asia engagement political influencing and delivery South Asia Regional Food Security Programme withSASO and building support from EC WB and USAID Country led programmes DFID India Bangladesh Afghanistan Nepal.
Less than 10 of DFID s budget is spent on foodsecurity and agriculture compared to over 20 DFID bilateral spend on agriculture and food security is 227m 2009 10 the largest shares areagricultural production 62 6m rural development 55 5m and safety nets 51 1m Ethiopia Bangladesh and India country offices spend over half this budget 148m mostly on.
agricultural production and safety nets Multilateral spend on agriculture and food security in 2007 08 was 140mBilateral spend food security excluding emergency food aid Multilateral spend on food security excluding emergency food m aid and rural roads m Basic Nutrition .
Food Aid andHealth 12 9 Basic Nutrition Food Security Food Aid and Food 19 2Agric ulture 62 6.
S ec urityP rogrammes 51 1 RuralDevelopment Road Transport Fisheries 1 4Rural Feeder Roads Fisheries 5 6.
9 9 Agric RNRResearc h 33 1 Agriculture Rural Development 92 4 There is a large investment gap for tackling hunger andmeeting the MDG 1 target on hunger.
high MDG 1US billion pa to 2015The size of the 40 funding gap is2010 is an opportunity to.
between 10 and revitalise progress towards the30 30 bn per MDGs and set out a roadmap to Global Action Plan at the UNMDG Summit September 2010with a timetable on delivering.
0 commitment to double foreignW Bank UN HLTF IFPRI IFPRI IFPRI IFPRI US 20B assistance2002 2008 2008a 2008b 2009a 2009b over 3SSA SSA years UK priority to build momentum.
around the L Aquila FoodFunding estimates for MDG1 G8 20B Security Initiative Main challenges going forward Maintain political momentum behind the2009 initiatives.
Work to promote coherence andconvergence between them Continue to emphasise a comprehensiveapproach to food security andagricultural development with focus on.
nutrition of women and children Particular effort to support activities atcountry level2003/04. 2004/05. 2005/06. 2006/07. 2007/08. 2008/09. 2009/10. 2011/12. Agric and RNR Research. Agriculture and Rural Development. Africa Divisions. Total . Multilateral. Agriculture & Food security. DFID Total Agriculture and Food Security. DFID Total in USD. Total DFID Spending tbc. Multilateral (2008/9 onwards from AR ) Of whichTotal ...

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