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Food literacy versus Food skills 26 June 2019www foodafactoflife org uk Food a fact of life 2019 FOOD LITERACY VERSUS FOOD SKILLS WHAT EXACTLY IS THE SAMENESS .
Sandra Fordyce VoorhamPhD MEd BEd Home Economics Head of Food NutritionMentone Girls Grammar SchoolMelbourne Australia.
sfordyce mentonegirls vic edu ... Food Skills Australia28 06 2020www mentonegirls vic edu au Introduction to presentation.
The emergence of food literacy over the last Food literacy versus food skills what is the sameness Food literacy declarative knowledge vs Foodskills procedural hands on .
What food literacy skills should be taught The need for an evidence based model to designand evaluate our skill based programs Links to Food a fact of life resources arehot linked throughout this webinar presentation.
Suggestions for further reading and sources ofinformation28 06 2020 httpwww mentonegirls vic edu au Transitions of definitions of Food Literacy .
Food literacy is the ability of consumers to understand and act upon thefood labelling and nutritional information they need toprepare tasty and nutritious meals for themselves and theirfamilies Fordyce Voorham S 2010 .
a collection of inter related knowledge skills andbehaviours required to plan manage select prepare andeat food to meet needs and determine intake Vidgen H Gallegos 2012 knowledge skills and capacity to source prepare cook a.
share food in a sustainable manner to promotea healthy and balanced lifestyle Food literacy is also aboutindividuals understanding the role that food playsin communities and cultures Home Economics Victoria 28 06 2020 Food literacy competencies presented as a frameworkwww mentonegirls vic ... .
that 4 Use of the term food literacy in theliterature between 1990 201218 Vidgen 2014 www mentonegirls vic edu au.
Who are some of the From Denmark reported in the International Journal of Home Economics Jette Benn 2014 Published in IJHE Vol 7 No 1 2014 Food nutrition or cooking literacy a review ofconcepts and competencies regarding food educationFrom Hong Kong Wai Ling Theresa Lai Yeung 2011 Published in the Asia Pacific Journal.
of Clinical Nutrition 2011 20 1 87 94 Nutrition education for adolescents Principals viewsFrom Australia Ronto R Ball L Pendergast D and Harris N 2016 Food Literacy at Secondary Schools in Australia.
Helen Vidgen Danielle Gallegos 2014 Published in Appetite 76 2014 50 59 Defining food literacy and its componentsHelen Vidgen Danielle Gallegos 2012 Defining food literacy its components development and relationship to food intake A case study of young people and disadvantage .
Sandra Fordyce Voorham 2010 The identification of food skills in skill based healthy eating programsFrom CanadaSarah Colatruglio Joyce SlaterFood literacy Bridging the Gap between Food Nutrition and Wellbeing.
Slater J Falkenberg T Colatruglio S Rutherford J 2016 Critical Food Literacy Competencies for Young AdultsFrom Scotland and AustraliaProfessor Donna Pendergast Griffiths University Qld and Yvonne Dewhurst University ofAberdeen Published in the International Journal of Home Economics Volume 5 No 2 2012 .
www mentonegirls vic edu au28 06 2020 Home Economics and Food Literacy An International Investigation 6 Food Literacy Sustainability and Well BeingSlater J Falkenburg T Rutherford J Colatruglio S 2018www mentonegirls vic edu au.
Food Literacy and Well Beingwww mentonegirls vic edu auFalconberg 2014 Food Studies Conference PratoTitle Exploring Food Literacy .
From L to R Thomas Falkenberg Joyce Slater Helen Vidgen Andrea Begley Danielle Gallegos Sandra Fordyce Voorham28 06 2020www mentonegirls vic edu au Who are the players in schools .
Food and nutrition teachers are in house food experts teach young people the food skills that they need to live healthyand independent lives most confine teaching to the procedural food skills preparation andcooking of healthy meal and snacks .
WE RE NOT JUSTCOOKING PANCAKES 28 06 2020www mentonegirls vic edu au Procedural Skills the hands on skills.
How shall we cooktonight s dinner 28 06 2020www mentonegirls vic edu au Procedural Skills the hands on skills.
FOOD LITERACYIs the ability to 3 Preparation 4 Eating3 1 Make a good tasting meal 4 1 Understand food has an impact onfrom whatever food is available personal wellbeing .
This includes being able toprepare commonly available 4 2 Demonstrate self awareness of thefoods efficiently use common need to personally balance food intake pieces of kitchen equipment and This includes knowing foods to includehaving a sufficient repertoire of for good health foods to restrict for.
skills to adapt recipes written or good health and appropriate portionunwritten to experiment with size and frequency food and ingredients Clean as you go and clean after 4 3 Join in and eat in a social way the meal is prepared.
4 4 Evaluation what would I do3 2 Apply basic principles of differently next time safe food hygiene and handling Helen Vidgenwww mentonegirls vic edu au.
PROCEDURAL SKILLS28 06 2020www mentonegirls vic edu au Food literacy skills content of a skill based programThe twelve essential food life skills content include .
Consumer knowledge information and skills where food comes from Hygiene and Safety knowledge and skills Meal knowledge and skills food planning Nutritional Health knowledge Cookery Methods knowledge.
Equipment knowledge kitchen tools and small and large appliances Food exposure knowledge restaurant market visits guest speakers Seasonal Produce knowledge when fruits and vegetables are in season Troubleshooting knowledge how to anticipate and rectify culinary disasters .
Sources information where information obtained cookbooks Internet food magazines television markets supermarkets Terminology information culinary terms and techniques defined anddescribed Skills acquisition knife skills meal preparation and cooking competencies .
Fordyce Voorham 2010 www mentonegirls vic edu au Definition of Food Literacy in context withdeclarative skills Declarative Reynolds J 2000 skills focus on the context.
in which that meal is constructed the suitability of themeal occasion decisions and resources required tocomplete the meal to a level considered satisfactory tothe food preparer and for the other individuals consuming They include the food literacy skills which refers to an.
individual s ability to make effective consumer decisionssuch as weighing up the monetary versus the time savingcosts of purchasing convenience foods Lang Caraher 28 06 2020www mentonegirls vic edu au.
DECLARATIVE SKILLS IN28 06 2020www mentonegirls vic edu au WHAT S IN MY PANTRY REFRIGERATOR .
28 06 2020www mentonegirls vic edu au Declarative Skills the thinkingWhat shall we have for dinnertonight Two stage process skill.
of designing andplanning of healthymeals to suit thedietary and sensory likes and dislikes .
needs of familymembers and friendsconsuming those28 06 2020www mentonegirls vic edu au.
Declarative Skills the thinking skills1 Planningand Management 2 Selection1 1 Prioritise money and time for food 2 1 Access food through multiple.
1 2 Plan food intake formally and sources and the know advantagesinformally so that food can be regularly and disadvantages of these sources accessed through some source irrespective of changes in circumstances or 2 2 Determine what is in a foodenvironment product where it came from how to.
store it and use it 1 3 Make feasible food decisions whichbalance food needs e g nutrition taste 2 3 Judge the quality of food hunger with available resources e g time money skills equipment .
FOOD LITERACYIs the ability to Helen Vidgenwww mentonegirls vic edu au DECISION MAKING PROCESS.
1 PLANNING AND INVESTIGATING Declarative skill considers number age food intolerances likes dislikes of diners resources of skills time energy money equipment recipes access to food2 IDENTIFYING AND WEIGHING ALTERNATIVES Declarative.
skill considersAssessing meal choices3 TAKING ACTION Procedural skill Preparing and making the meal4 EVALUATING Declarative skill .
What would I do differently next time 28 06 2020www mentonegirls vic edu au The need to evaluate food skills programs Teachers lack time and access to databases to.
evaluate their food skills programsI teach Year 8 with a real emphasis on safety hygiene food handling cooking skills in onetheory lesson and one cooking lesson per week The constraints of the timetable is a significantly.
limiting factor with the school allocating semesterelective subjects across many year levels onlygiving the students a limited view of the breadth ofthis subject Teacher Melbourne 08 09 14 Rely on researchers.
to promote and endorse their work28 06 2020www mentonegirls vic edu au Food Literacy Model forFigure 1 A food literacy model for schools Fordyce Voorham 2015 .
www mentonegirls vic edu au Description of Food Literacy ModelBasic level described as the operational dimension Renwick K 2013 the food tasks performed at this level focus onthe individual and their interactions with food .
Examples include an individual s food likes and dislikes access to different food varieties fresh and processed andamount of food basic knowledge of the origins of food .
the chemical nutritional and sensory aesthetic propertiesand analysis of food in relation to their health 28 06 2020www mentonegirls vic edu au Description of Food Literacy Model.
Intermediate level described as thecultural dimension Renwick K 2013 thefood tasks performed at this level involve theindividual interacting with people family teachers students and local shopping vendors .
in their near environmentExamples include family food likes and dislikes includingcultural variations food decisions gate keeping of food.
availability of and access to food in the home availability of and access to food in the28 06 2020 community www mentonegirls vic edu au Description of Food Literacy ModelAdvanced level described as the critical dimension .
Renwick K 2013 the food tasks performed at this level involvethe individual interacting with the social environment media culture society technology and making ethical decisions aboutfood including sustainabilityExamples include .
social including television digital and print media andtechnology and cultural factors influencing and modifying individual and familyfood decisions and choices Decisions to use smart foods28 06 2020.
www mentonegirls vic edu au Putting it togetherOr where do we go from here Both terms food skills and foodliteracy interrelate.
Recommended to inform the design anddelivery of sustainable and evidence based food education programs Suggestions for further reading evaluation of food skills literacy.
program to support your teaching inschools Fordyce Voorham 2018 andSlater J et al 2016 28 06 2020www mentonegirls vic edu au.
For further information go to www foodafactoflife org ukwww foodafactoflife org uk Food a fact of life 2019Who are (some of the) players?. From Denmark reported in the International Journal of Home Economics: Jette Benn (2014) (Published in IJHE Vol 7 No 1 2014) Food, nutrition or cooking literacy—a review of concepts and competencies regarding food education. From Hong Kong: Wai Ling Theresa Lai-Yeung (2011) (Published in the Asia-Pacific Journal of Clinical Nutrition 2011;20 (1):87-94)

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