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GarnishingWe eat with our eyes Chef Knife Tooth Picks Paring Knife Skewers Peeler Food.
Melon Baller colouring Cookie CarvingCutters Tools Apple Corer V Shaped Egg Slicer Cutter.
Pastry Bag U Shaped Specialty Spiral Cutter Serving Molding ware.
Wands Mandolin Plating for Effect Plating for Effect Designing Your PlatePreparing an elegant.
plate can take preciseBlueprinting Designyour plate on paperbeforehand anddiscuss the look you.
are aiming to achieve Draw pictures makenotes and work by trialand error to blueprintyour idea into.
perfection Plating for Effect Let the food be thefocal point Serving pieces.
should compliment Match the plate toappearance colourand flavour of the Keep the design.
Plating for EffectFood Structure Make neat piles Create a clock Keep it clean .
Plating for Effect Plating for Effect Plating for Effect Plating for Effect Garnishing for Effect.
Sauces are placed eitherunder the food to highlightit or on top to garnish it Don t hide the food Remember sauces are.
used to enhance the food they are not the focus Sauces Video http www youtube com watch v 7... Plate Painting.
Fruits Vegetables Produce can bearranged intogarnishes or as part ofthe main meal .
Choose ripe brightcoloured uniformlyshaped andunblemished produce Use the greens of the.
produce for added Fans Fanning FruitStrawberry fan http www youtube com watch v Q... More Fans Citrus Garnishes.
Citrus Twist video http www youtube com watch v O... http www vegetablefruitcarvin... More Fruit GarnishesBrush egg white on fruit.
and dust with icing sugarto create frosted fruit look Icing Sugar GarnishLess is moreSprinkle with a mesh strainer.
VegetablesPepper flowers http www youtube com watch v J... Green onion flowers http www youtube com watch v s... aiZ8i0 feature related Vegetable Garnishes.
Bell pepper baskets and cups Vegetable FlowersHow to make a tomato rose http www youtube com watch v A... Vegetables.
cucumber deco http www youtube com watch v S... celery http www youtube com watch v p... Herbs and FlowersHerbs and Flowers.
Herbs add beauty fragrance and a senseof freshness Match the garnish withthe flavours of the.
Edible flower petalscan be used to garnishsmall plates Flower blossoms canbe used for larger.
Garnishing for Effect Any effect comes into Sauces can be used tohighlight the food Chocolate decorations.
can be created with apastry bag Fruit can be used asthe focus or garnish Simplicity is the key .
Chocolate GarnishesChocolate curls http www youtube com watch v s... Chocolate scrolls http www youtube com watch v 3... Chocolate Dipped.
Strawberry tuxedo http www youtube com watch v Z... eature fvwp Leave some negative space on the Coffee Art.
http www vegetablefruitcarving... og coffee art Garnishing for Effect Sugar or Salt rims Kebabs.
Peel Spirals Fruit Slices CentrepiecesCenterpieces Watermelons and.
other large fruitsand vegetablescan be createdinto incrediblecenter pieces and.
Centrepieces CentrepiecesWishing well http www youtube com watch v n... Centrepieces.
Baby stroller http www youtube com watch v V... Apple SwansApple swan http www youtube com watch v M... .
CentrepiecesUsing Green Apples Garnishing Tips Don t rush making garnishes take your time Use sharp knives and proper equipment.
Ice water preserves some garnishes for a few Some garnishes require you to bend or curlvegetables soak slices in a salt water solution Lemon juice can remove the odour from onionsand stop an apple from going brown .
Use toothpicks and wooden skewers to holdobjects together Use vegetables at room temperature because coldvegetables tend to split and break apart Final Thoughts.
Be Creative andInnovative anything can be a Let the food speakfor itself .
KEEP IT SIMPLE All images from personalsources andhttp images google ca .
Match the garnish with the flavours of the dish. Edible flower petals can be used to garnish small plates. Flower blossoms can be used for larger platters. Herbs * * * * * * * * * * * * * Start here period 5 – showed red pepper and tomato rose videos * * * * * *

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