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Guides for the Evaluationof 15 Identified PAPs Lumpsum and Locally Funded Projects BudgetLine Items .
For downloading to the ROs What do you have so far Indicative IndicativeRegional Strategies RegionalSituation Targets.
What options you have Be Lame Usual Thinking Syndrome soothed with what you have and think no more Be Ridiculous Do things badly or.
Be Strategic be an agent of positivechange Do the right things right What can we initially offer to helpyou hit your targets 15 Centrally Managed items for you to.
based on SitAn which among these 15 PAPscan help you get closer to your targets andwhich are not determine the level of investment 15 Identified PAPs with corresponding DepEd.
Orders PAPs1 Support to Special Science Elementary SchoolDepEd OrderDO No 53 s 20122 Support to Multi Grade Education DO No 52 s 2012.
3 Support to Engineering and Science Education DO No 57 s 2012Program High Schools4 Support to Secondary Schools with Special DO No 56 s 2012Program for the Arts and Sports5 Support to SPED Centers Schools DO No 60 s 2012.
6 Every Child A Reader Program ECARP DO No 50 s 201215 Identified PAPs with7 Implementation of the Alternative Delivery DO No 54 s 2012corresponding DepEd OrdersMode Programs Project e IMPACT .
8 Alternative Learning Systems ALS DO No 58 59 77 Teaching Aid allowances Selection Hiring of Volunteers ALS UnifiedContracting Scheme 9 Indigenous People IP Education DO No 62 s 2012.
10 Basic Education Madrasah11 Implementation of the Redesigned Technical DO No 68 s 2012Vocational High School Program12 School Based Management SBM DO No 69 s 2012Installation Support.
13 Human Resource Training Development DO No 66 s 2010 and DO No 11 s 2009Incl Teacher s Training Scholarship Fellowship Grants and Capacity building forNon Teaching Personnel14 School Health and Nutrition Program.
15 Lump sum for Acquisition Improvement DO No 34 s 2012 1 Support to Special Science Elementary Schoola SSES is a research and development projectdesigned to develop students with higher aptitudefor science and mathematics through the.
implementation of an enhanced science andmathematics curriculum at the elementary level Children enrolled in the program are identified usingset criteria and are primed to be mainstreamed tothe Science and Technology High Schools .
b The project was piloted in SY 2007 2008 to selected57 schools in 55 divisions in the 16 regionsparticularly among the gifted and fast learnersclasses in Special Education Centers and regularProgram Coverage 15 Regions 99 Divisions and 103 Schools.
Budget AllocationFY 2011 FY 2012 FY 2013P27 636 000 P33 163 000 P36 479 000 Continuation SSESEligible Expenses .
Provision Conduct of activities such as investigatory projects leadership training workshop and or educational visits andparticipation in Science related activities for the development of Purchase of assessment materials and payment for professionalservices of psychologists and psychometricians in the screening.
and identification of Grade 1 entrants Capability building of teachers and school heads through theirparticipation in conferences trainings seminars and immersiontraining in science oriented schools and Procurement of reference books textbooks psychological tests .
video materials and software in Science Mathematics andEnglish instructional materials resources including maintenanceand minor repairs of devices facilities e g science model apparatuses etc 2 Support to Multigrade Education Traditional.
Definition This program intends to democratize access to andimprove the quality of elementary education throughthe realization of complete elementary schools andthe organization of multigrade classes in sparsely.
populated isolated and hard to reach areas Theprogram maintains education services in barangayswith decreasing enrolment and maximizes the use ofProgram Coveragelikethin resources Alllack.
Regions except NCR teachers of classrooms 130 Divisions 1 573 Schoolsother education resources Standard Multigrade Multigrade One 1 teacher in 1 classroom per class.
maximum of 30 learners for Grades 1 2 3 4 and 5 6 per class Purely Multigrade One 1 teacher in 1 classroom per class maximum of 30 pupils for Grades 1 2 3 4 and 5 6 New Definition acceptable pedagogy strategy not a stop gap measure.
Continuation Support to MG Education 2 Eligible Expenses traditional a Improvement of the learning environment through development procurement and production of print and non print instructionalsupplementary reading and reference materials .
b Professional development of teachers and school heads through theconduct of division district or school based trainings participationto conferences congress conventio... andeducational visits to schools institutions which have been known fortheir best MG education technology .
c Purchase of pupils learning kits and school supplies support to pupildevelopment activities such as participation to academic contests educational visits camping leadership training and other co curricular activities andd Support to Feeding Program of the school .
Budget AllocationFY 2012 FY 2013P118 000 000 P129 800 000 3 Support to Engineering and Science EducationProgram High Schools 1 .
A program designed to strengthen Science and Math educationdelivered through special science classes in public secondary schoolsimplementing a specialized Science Math curriculum Supported bya subsidy fund since 2008 Program Coverage 16 regions 158 divisions 198 schools.
targets additional 2 schools in ARMM in 2013 Components a Program Support Fund at the Central Science Fairs TestDevelopment Curriculum Development andb Subsidy to Schools.
Per school Fixed Cost P140 000 00Variable Allocation P500 00 per student at two 2 sections per yearlevel but not to exceed 320 students or P120 000 00Class size 1 40.
3 Support to Engineering and Science EducationProgram High Schools cont 2 Eligible Activities Expenses Supplies and materials re conduct of science investigatory Laboratory Rental Fees of students re researches projects by.
authorized agencies transport etc Subscription expenses for print non print Ims in Science and Math Professional Development Training of Science and Math teachers Minor repair and maintenance of science labs science equipment Eligible Students .
Students with general average of 85 in Science andMath 83 in the rest of the subjects no grade belowBudget Allocation80 in any grading period FY 2011 FY 2012 FY 2013.
P59 000 000 P58 500 000 P61 516 000 4 Support to Secondary Schools with SpecialProgram for the Arts and Sports 1 SPA is a nationwide program for secondary students with potentialsand talents in the arts namely Music Visual Arts Theater Arts Media.
Arts Creative Writing and Dance Piloted in 17 schools and lateradopted by 51 secondary schools SPS is a program aimed to address the needs of secondarystudents with potentials talents in sports namely Archery Arnis Badminton Chess Gymnastics Table Tennis .
Taekwondo Tennis Dancesport Under the program thestudents undergo an 4 15 hours per week training under trainedcoaches specializing in sports where they excel in Initiallyimplemented in 15 HSs later mainstreamed in 300Program Coverage Same schools get the fund support for two 2 .
consecutive years as developmental fund Currently covers Arts 15 Regions 17 Divisions and 17 SchoolsSports 17 regions 17 Divisions 17 schools 4 Support to Secondary Schools with SpecialProgram for the Arts and Sports cont 2 .
Eligible Activities Expenses Student development activities such as training workshop participation in DepEd approved festivals competitions Procurement of art music sports supplies costumes uniformand instructional materials in the different art sports areas .
Training of teachers and administrators on arts sports and Participation of teachers in DepEd sponsored scholarshipprograms professional upgrading of teachers including enrolmentin a master s degree program in arts sports Budget Allocation.
FY 2011 FY 2012 FY 2013P17 000 000 P17 000 000 P17 000 000 4 Support to Secondary Schools with SpecialProgram for the Arts and Sports cont 3 Sports 1 45 per class at 2 classes per year level with different no .
of students per specialization Arts 1 50 per class per class with 7 students minimum perspecialization Requirements Recipient schools shall conduct a yearly monitoring training.
program to schools within the division region which intend toimplement the same program as well as giving access to otherschools on the equipment facilities Participants on the program must continue to participate in thenational international events competition .
Student beneficiaries must have achieved the mean percentagescore MPS above the national average in the NationalAchievement Test NAT 5 Support to SPED Centers Schools SPED is designed to serve students with special needs .
Currently covers 385 elementary SPED centers and 190secondary schools with SPED classes across thecountry Enjoys fund support since 2008 500 ooo perelem SPED Center for secondary a fixed cost variableallocation depending on enrolment per exceptionality .
caters to 11 exceptionalities namely mentallyretarded learning disabled behavior problems hearing impairment visual impairment speechdefective orthopedically handicapped multiplyhandicapped .
Program chronicallyCoverage ill 174 17 Regions developmentalDivisions and 381handicapped .
Schools except ARMM for secondary Budget Allocation FY 2011 FY 2012 FY 2013P188 065 000 P 244 440 000 P227 350 000 Continuation Support to SPED Centers.
Eligible Expenses a ROs DOs allocation for monitoring the implementation ofprograms projects for children with special needs b Pupil development activities i e training educational visits camp activities sports and pupil participation in SPED related.
activities c Procurement of instructional and reference materials psychological and other assessment tests early interventionmaterials supplies for the Transition Program manipulativematerials for the gifted and talented and other disabilities .
d Professional upgrading of teachers and school heads super visors and travel expenses relative to their participation andattendance to activities relevant to the implementation ofthe program ande Standard in procuring IMs for the gifted children .
6 Every Child A Reader Program ECARP The ECARP is a national program that addresses the thrust ofDepED to make every Filipino child a reader at his her ownlevel It is designed to equip elementary pupils with strategicreading and writing skills to make them independent young.
readers and writers It also provides a year long training forteachers to make them multi literate and independentproblem solvers Program Coverage 17 Regions 79 Divisions and 170 SchoolsBudget Allocation.
FY 2011 FY 2012 FY 2013P21 034 000 P21 034 000 P21 034 000 Continuation ECARPEligible Expenses a Development of Early Grade Math Assessment EGMA Tool.
b Capacity Building on Early Grade Reading and Math EGRAand EGMA Administration and Assessment ResultsAssociated Teaching Activities ARATA c Levelling and reproduction of Existing Reading Materials andDevelopment of Early Math Teaching Learning Materials.
d Capacity Building on Early Grade Reading and MathAssessment and Basic Intervention Strategies Training ofe Monitoring and Technical Assistance 7 Implementation of the Alternative DeliveryMode Program Project e IMPACT .
TRADITIONAL DEFINITION ADMs are tried andtested alternative modalities of education delivery withinthe formal system that allow schools to deliver qualityeducation to marginalized students and those at risk ofdropping out by helping them overcome personal social .
and economic constraints in schooling NEW DEFINITION Same with multigrade acceptable alternative modality in basiceducation delivery not as a stop gap measure PROPOSED DEFINITION FROM DRAFT CONCEPT NOTE A.
program which aims to provide independent self pacingand flexible options of study within the formal basiceducation system with equal opportunities for learners fromGrade IV anytime anywhere 7 Implementation of the Alternative Delivery.
Mode Program Project e IMPACT cont Current Program Coverage e IMPACT 10 Regions 20 Divisions and 40 Elem DepEd Order. 1. Support to Special Science Elementary School. DO No. 53, s. 2012. 2. Support to Multi-Grade Education. DO No. 52, s. 2012. 3. Support to Engineering and Science Education Program High Schools. DO No. 57, s. 2012. 4. Support to Secondary Schools with Special Program for the Arts and Sports. DO No. 56, s. 2012. 5. Support to SPED ...

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