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Moli re andNeoclassical The Play We re Reading We ll be reading Moliere s play TheDoctor in Spite of Himself.
These notes will cover things you needto understand about the author timeperiod and aspects of comedy utilizedin the play Please note that we ve skipped ahead to.
the 1600 s Moli re author Born Jean Baptist Poquelin in 1622 He adopted Moliere as his stage pen His father was valet of the King s.
chamber and keeper of carpets andupholstery for King Louis XIII Abandoned his law career for a stagecareer in 1643 Adopted his stage name of Moli re .
1645 ended up in debtors prisonfollowing the bankruptcy of his theatre Moli re Cont Found success after performing for KingLouis XIV who supported Moli re for.
the remainder of his career Wrote and often acted in 31 plays In 1673 he collapsed on stage whileperforming The Imaginary Invalid Hecompleted the performance but died.
shortly after Commedia dell Arte Italiantheatre style meaning comedy ofplayers Actors and actresses performed outlined.
scenarios for audiences improvised dialogueand physical action to tailor the performance foreach audience Popular plotlines involved love disguises andtricking someone out of money .
Actors in a troupe would spend their entirecareer playing a specific stock character acharacter type who appeared in each show regardless of performers Moli re adopted many of these conventions into.
Stock Characters Pantalone rich old man whose life revolvesaround his money Dottore A high status doctor who has no ideawhat he s talking about Other characters rarely.
question his ridiculous diagnoses Lovers Often Pantalone s son or daughter Infatuated with each other and themselves Zanni Servant lowest character socially due tohis stupidity and poverty .
Columbina Female servant maid capriciousrelationship with Arlecchino tries to teach him alesson but accepts him in the end flirty Arlecchino Servant but much more intelligentthan Zanni Tries to trick his masters usually out.
of money the most popular character Costuming Pantalone Dotorre Capitano Capitano s Mask Female Columbina.
Lover Male Arlecchino Comedy Categories High comedy Intellectual complex witty language.
double meanings comedy of manners society vs character Goal is corrective to curb the sin of antisocial Low comedy physical comedy of situation.
plot dominated goal is laughter A specific type of high comedy that aimsto improve society by pointing out theabsurdity of human shortcomings and.
folly through humor exaggeration and Forces audience introspection andreflection in the hopes of curbing certain A farce is a comedy which aims toentertain the audience by means of .
Unlikely extravagant and improbablesituations Disguise and mistaken identity Verbal humor of varying degrees ofsophistication which may include sexual.
innuendo and word play A fast paced plot whose speed usuallyincreases culminating in an ending whichoften involves an elaborate chase scene Farce Cont .
Farce is also characterized by physicalhumor the use of deliberate absurdity or Often times the plot becomesincomprehensible due to the many twistsand turns The importance of farce was.
simply to entertain not focus on thedevelopment of the plot or characters Example from Monty Python https www youtube com watch v ... Modern Farce.
It s a Mad Mad Mad Mad World 1963 Rat Race Ferris Bueller s Day Off Monty Python and the Holy Grail Fawlty Towers Frasier.
Arrested Development It s Always Sunny in Philadelphia The HangoverSatire. A specific type of high comedy that aims to improve society by pointing out the absurdity of human shortcomings and folly through humor, exaggeration, and ridicule. Forces audience introspection and reflection in the hopes of curbing certain behavior.

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