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American Association ofSchool AdministratorsThe Principal as LeaderMay 9 2012www fortwayneschools org.
We can wherever andwhenever we choose successfully teach all childrenwhose schoolingis of interest to us .
We already know morethan we need to do that Whether or not we do itmust finally depend onhow we feel about the fact.
that we haven t so far Ron Edmonds 1969 Wallace Foundation2003 5 million 4 Part Grow Your Own Leadership Program.
Monthly Meetings Led by the SuperintendentFocusing on the District s Direction2007 750 000 Continued Leadership Initiatives Where Are They Now .
FWCS AdministratorsFWCS Other61 4 Resign Direction Setting From theBoardroom to the Classroom.
B Personalization C Precision Pyramid forSuccess Instructionalon MORAL Scorecard.
Five GuidingStatements ImprovementVision ApproachProfessional.
D ProfessionalLearning Learning HOPE Principles A Moral PurposeFort Wayne Community Schools educates all students to high standards.
enabling them to become productive responsible citizens Fort Wayne Community Schools will be the school systemof choice and a source of community pride Core Values student achievement as the heart of our work .
equity in educational opportunities the diversity and uniqueness of our district and community the accountability of the school board the administration employees and teachingprofessionals open and honest communication with our community parents and students .
partnerships with business governmental and community agencies our community s support sacrifice and contributions the ability to change and meet all challenges facilities that are clean safe and well maintained District Goals.
I Achieve and Maintain Academic ExcellenceEliminate the achievement gap among all groups of studentsby maximizing the achievement of all II Engage Parents and the CommunityEngage all segments of the community to support.
the education of young people III Operate Effectively with Integrity andFiscal ResponsibilityDemonstrate effective and efficient use of taxpayer dollars by usingbest management practices and systemic long range planning.
B PersonalizationPyramid for Success The FWCS Pyramid for Success is a district wide system of proactive actions andprogressive responses that provide value added support and challengefor all students for their Academic and Readiness to Learn needs .
C PrecisionFWCS Improvement ApproachSchool Board Goals District BSCBalanced Scorecard 1 I understand the 5 I understand the results.
new resultsMoral Purpose Gather data Assess Current Analyze and disaggregateEducating All Students toHigh Standards I dentify strengths and areas.
for improvement1 What are our student Create SMART goalsachievement goals 2 What do students need toknow and be able to do .
4 I am able to implementthe changes to get 3 How will students experience 2 I understand mydifferent results the learning opportunities responsibility in the4 How will students exhibitwhat they know Review classroom practice.
I mplement 5 How does our new knowledge and alignment with FWCSimpact our classroom vision mission goalsinstruction Explore FWCS identifiedresearch based effective 3 I understand what needs to practices.
be done differently to getdifferent results Select Research Based Effective Practices LEAD Work Plan Leading Educational Achievement with Distinction .
Structure and maintain a professional learning communitythat ensures adults are able to meet the academic anddevelopmental needs of students as evidenced by increasedstudent achievement on national standardized measures Culture Learning Environment commitment .
Curriculum Instruction what and how Accountability for Results job descriptions expectations and annual evaluations District Support Structures put in place to ensuresuccess of .
Administrators Teachers Support Staff Students Four Step.
System of Support TM Step 1 Daily Snapshot Focus on Instructional Practices Step 2 Principal Initial Feedback Focus on Planning Instruction Leadership.
Step 3 Focused Feedback Focus on Planning Instruction Leadership Step 4 Indiana Teacher Effectiveness Rubric District Support Structures LEAD Principal Cohort.
Academic Team Reorganization Principal Effectiveness Support Leadership Sessions Focused AroundAcademic Achievement for All Superintendent.
Area Administration Departments regularly in buildings andworking with Principals Results 95 95 Attendan.
AYP Eng Math ceEng Math Graduatio n .
Special Ed American Indian Asian .
Indiana sAccountability System FWCS Graduation Rate.
Outpacing the State2008 2009 2010 2011 You cannot deliver a qualityyou do not ownand you cannot manage a quality.
you do not deliver by W Edward Demingwww fortwayneschools orgThis is a visual of what schools were doing to write their school improvement plan with the incorporation of the Balanced Scorecard. Our work continues as both the SIP and the BSC are living documents that help guide the work while at the same time making adjustments when needed. Sheet3. Sheet2. Sheet1. Chart2. FWCS Administrators. FWCS Other ...

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