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GenerationDescendents of George Hueber Lawrence Hueber Larry Born in Bronx NY on October 28 1933.
Parents George Hueber Camille Larocca Family Joked Kermit from Muppets Began around 19601934 Grandpa Lawrence Hueber with Larry in Bronx NY1935 Grandma Clara Rink Larry with dog Toodles in Bronx NY.
Lawrence Hueber Navy Man122 24 6767Lawrence was an Under seas Weapons Electrician for US Navy He was an active part of theKorean War His ship was USS Wasp an air craft carrier Got out of Navy about 1956 Lawrence Hueber Marriages.
First Wife Myrtle Louise Beck 6 Jun 1930 3 Sept 1984 Courting Met on Navy pier Navy Hangout in Chicago IL 1951 Married Parents disliked her Just looking for a father for that illegitimate child .
Talented Sewer Machine Hand Stay at home mom most life Member of Episcopal church Saint Vincents very important to her Worked volunteered there.
Thoughtful Made grandkids Jennifer Hueber Sarah Amanda Gilstrap matching dresses Loved her grandchildren Created matching shirts for all husband wives in family Lawrence s siblings loved her.
Sweet friendly pleasant personality Played board games Clue with younger brother Robert Hueber and his friends Mother who listened and loved her children Children Jimmy Jun 5 1950 son from wife s previous man adopted at 3 .
John 1952 lived only 8 months Larry Lee Feb 14 1954 Robert Jan 13 1958 Mary Ann Oct 5 1962 Second Wife Marge .
1985 Married Year after first wife s death Children None Lawrence Hueber Locations 1933 Bronx New York 1951 Chicago IL.
1954 Fort Worth Tarrant Texas 1956 Richland Hills Texas 1963 Wichita Falls Texas 2001 Corpus Cristi TexasLawrence 2nd wife Marge Erma Robert Hueber.
Lawrence Hueber His PosterityL to R Jimmy Larry Lee Robert Maryann HueberTook his children to Six Flags Amusement Park in Arlington TX every year after it opened Lawerence Hueber Christmas.
Christmas Eve Lights Tree Up then Mass Christmas Day Lawrence played with kids toys Lasted for 12 days then over Lawrence Hueber Information Birthdays .
50th Birthday Kermit Theme Huge extended family friends Location Basement of church Video Taped Vehicles .
Drove American cars Had a Chevy Van Suburu Purchase price 5 025 In 1975.
family made fun of him for buying expense car Lawrence Hueber Grandpa Thanksgiving was always at his home Grandkids racked leaves spelled out HUEBER with leaves.
Took grandson Jason Paul Hueber surffishing in 2000 Gave granddaughter Sarah Gilstrap away in Marriage Summer of 2001 Lawrence Hueber Death.
Death Date 28 Dec 2001 Corpus Christi Nueces Texas United States of America Parents George Hueber Camille LaroccaRobert Hueber Marriage Erminia Ciccione Born Feb 4 1959.
Born at home in Brookylnn NY Legal documents say Feb 14 1959 Trouble naming her Black hair Nice Brassy Italian girl.
Great cook Good childhood memories At Lady of the Snows Floral Park Long Island NY Children .
Robert Joseph Hueber 1960 Richard Michael Hueber 1964 Carolanne Hueber 1968 Occupations Housewife.
IRS worker Whitman s Packaging workerPictured Erminia Ciccione Robert Hueber Robert Hueber His PosterityLeft to right back Hueber Hueber Hueber Carolanne Hueber Winckler .
Nicolas Winckler Hueber Hueber Bob Hueber Erminia Ciccone Hueber front Winckler Winckler Hueber and Hueber Parents George Hueber Camille LaroccaClaire Hueber Her Posterity.
Generation Two Descendents of George Hueber Lawrence Hueber Lawrence Hueber: Navy Man Lawrence Hueber: Marriages First Wife: Myrtle Louise Beck (6 Jun 1930 – 3 Sept 1984) Courting: Met on Navy pier (Navy Hangout) in Chicago, IL 1951 Married Parents disliked her- “Just looking for a father for that illegitimate child.”

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