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1.Getting Started with ClassPointInteractive Teaching in PowerPoint

2.Sign Up For Your Free Account1 CLASSPOINT TAB2CLICK TO SIGN UPAfter successful installation of ClassPoint, you can proceed tocreate your free account from the ClassPoint tab (located above theribbon in PowerPoint).

3.Sign InSETTINGS & TOOLSOnce signed in, you will see various ClassPoint tools and settings:profile, pen and whiteboard customization, add interactivequizzes to slides, etc.

4.Get Started with ClassPointTo get started with ClassPoint, simply click the Get Startedicon. We’ve prepared some easy to follow video tutorials andFAQs for you.GET STARTED

5.What is ClassPointClassPoint is an interactive teaching add-in for PowerPoint that empowers everyeducator to teach interactively and build strong live engagement with students.

6.The Workflow1Design a slide with the question you want to ask2Add a question button and set its properties3During slide show, click the question buttonMultipleChoiceWordCloudShortAnswerand students will be able to submit their answers4View student responses live or review themanytime after class, right inside PowerPointSlideDrawingImageUpload

7.Example: Multiple ChoiceWhich of the followingare NOT insects?A. AntA. SpiderB. TadpoleB. BeeC. Ladybug

8.Example: Word CloudWhat aresome of yourfavouritelocal food?

9.Example: Short AnswerHow should weslow down globalwarming?

10.Example: Slide DrawingPlot

11.Example: Image UploadShow a real-lifeexample of Triangle

12.Play Options ExplainedStart question with slideWhen you navigate to this slide, the question will automatically startMinimize result window after question startsAfter question starts, the submission window will automatically minimize itself so you can go backto the slideClose submission after a countdownCreate some excitement for your students by closing submission automatically after a countdown

13.Still have questions?Contact us and we will get back to you as soon aspossible.123Watch our tutorial videosMessage us from in-app Helpdesk from ClassPointribbonEmail us at [email protected]


To get started with ClassPoint, simply click the Get Started icon. We’ve prepared some easy to follow video tutorials and FAQs for you. GET STARTED. What is ClassPoint. ClassPoint is an interactive teaching add-in for PowerPointthat empowers every educator to teach interactively and build strong live engagement with students.

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