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GREEK DRAMAOedipus Rex Unit BACKGROUND Greek drama reflected the flaws andvalues of Greek society .
In turn members of society internalizedboth the positive and the negativemessages and incorporated them intotheir daily lives Concept of exposing society s flaws and.
allowing the audience to learn from them evident in theatre BACKGROUND Athens center of Greek culture City state known for its cultural political .
and military power between 550 and 220 Festival known as City Dionysia held inMarch in honor of Dionysus god of wine Statue of Dionysus was carried into thetheatre so he could observe the.
performances First formal Greek theatrebuilt in Athens between 550and 534 BC Open air theater to devote full.
attention to actors andstadium style seating frontrows reserved fordistinguished visitors Orchestra literally .
dancing space wasnormally circular It was alevel space where the choruswould dance sing andinteract with the actors who.
were on the stage near the Skene the buildingdirectly behind thestage raised only twoor three steps above the.
level of the orchestra Usually decorated as apalace temple or otherbuilding depending onthe needs of the play .
Actors could makeentrances and exits Theatron literally viewing place is wherethe spectators sat The.
theatron was usuallypart of hillsideoverlooking theorchestra and oftenwrapped around a large.
portion of the orchestra Spectators in the fifthcentury BC probably saton cushions or boards but by the fourth.
Parodos literally passageways are thepaths by which thechorus and some actors such as those.
representing messengersor people returning fromabroad made theirentrances and exits Theaudience also used them.
to enter and exit thetheater before and afterthe performance Actors wore masks with exaggeratedfeatures and wide mouths so that their.
voices projected to the audience Wore long trailing robes with elaborate At the bottom of each actor s shoe was a 6inch wooden sole to make them appear talland intimidating .
Carried themselves with grand esteem andmoved gracefully about the stage Most Greek choruses blended music dance and Chorus entered orchestra during the parados andremained there for the whole play .
Purpose was to create foreshadowing and suspense gives you added information or insight into thestory or a character Helps the audience feel more involved in the play singing directly at them .
Also to help the audience come to their ownconclusions about the events unfolding before them STRUCTURE OF GREEK PLAY Prologue presents background and describes the Then the chorus or group of dancers enters and sings.
a parados or opening song Choral songs called odes separate scenes calledepisodes The odes divided into alternating partscalled stophe and antistrophe Exodos At the end of play the chorus exits singing a.
processional song which usually offers words of wisdomrelated to the actions and outcome of the play Can also include kommos the main character s lament in song with the chorus DRAMATIC CONVENTIONS.
Soliloquy a speech in which a character whois alone onstage reveals private thoughts andfeelings to the audience This character mayappear to address the audience directly but itis understood that the audience is.
overhearing the character talking or thinking Aside a brief remark delivered by acharacter to express private thoughts whileother characters are onstage Like asoliloquy it is directed to the audience and.
presumed to be unheard by the othercharacters The transition from one scene or act to GREEK TRAGEDIES Greek tragedies took their plots from well .
known myths and legends Shows the downfall or death of the maincharacter or tragic hero Hero is always anoble or outstanding person Downfall caused by a tragic flaw a mistake or.
unwise decision Sometimes this mistake isthe result of an innate character weakness such as excessive pride However the errormay instead result from ignorance forexample of some crucial piece of information .
GREEK TRAGEDIES The cause of the tragedy might be acharacter flaw but it may instead bysome weakness or evil in society itself Tragedies often explore powerful.
emotions such as love hate revenge and loyalty Aristotle wrote thattragedy triggers two main emotions inthe audience pity and fear We pitythe protagonist s suffering while we.
also fear for him her and ourselves Greek tragedies. The cause of the tragedy might be a character flaw, but it may instead by some weakness or evil in society itself. Tragedies often explore powerful emotions, such as love, hate, revenge, and loyalty. Aristotle wrote that tragedy triggers two main emotions in the audience—pity and fear.

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