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Hepatitis BTraining information for support workers What is Hepatitis B Hepatitis B a viral infection It attacks the liver and can cause both chronic and acute disease .
It is caused by a virus that s spread through blood and body fluids It is spread through contact with blood or other body fluids of someone who is An estimated 257 million people in the world are living with hepatitis B virus infection Hepatitis B is an important occupational hazard for health workers It can be prevented by correct use of Protective equipment and infection control.
Acute vs Chronic Becoming infected with Hepatitis B can result ineither an acute or chronic infection When someone is first infected it is called an acuteinfection or new infection Most people are able to.
fight the virus with no symptoms Some adults are unable to get rid of the virus after sixmonths and are diagnosed with chronic infection How do you Contract it The Hepatitis B virus is found in blood and bodily.
Infections of hepatitis B occur only if the virus isable to enter the blood stream and reach theThe virus can survive outside the body for atleast 7 days and still be able to cause infection Through Blood.
Direct contact with infected blood can transmit thehepatitis B virus through Punctures of the skin with blood contaminated sharps Direct contact with open sores of an infected person Splashes to skin that has scratches abrasions burns or.
even minor rashes Splashes to mucous membranes in the mouth nose or Through Saliva Saliva of people with Hepatitis B can contain the Hepatitis Bvirus but in very low concentrations compared with blood .
This means bite injuries can also spread Hepatitis B Intimate kissing may hold risks as blood could be presenteg bleeding gums or ulcer There are no reports of infection from sharing of utensils Through Other Bodily Fluids.
Hepatitis B is found in semen and vaginalsecretions The virus can be transmittedduring unprotected sexual intercourse andfrom mother to infant during birth Hepatitis B is not transmitted by casual.
contact eg sneezing coughing holding hugs hugging kissing peck breastfeeding etc You CANNOT catch it through Kissing unless blood present Holding hands.
Hugging Coughing Sneezing Breastfeeding Sharing crockery and utensils.
Chain of infectionPrevention and Control of Infection In Care Homes Health Protection Agency 2013 Symptoms of Hepatitis B Flu like symptoms including tiredness a fever .
and general aches and pains Loss of appetite Feeling or being sick Diarrhoea Abdominal Stomach pain.
Yellowing of the skin and eyes jaundice Measures to prevent infection Infection Control Personal Protective Equipment Vaccination.
What Infection Control measures should youPrevention and Control of Infection In Care Homes Health ProtectionAgency 2013 Prevention and Control of Infection In Care Homes Health ProtectionAgency 2013 .
TreatmentTreatment for Hepatitis B depends on how long you ve been infected for If you ve been exposed to the virus in the past few days emergencytreatment can help stop you becoming infected If you ve only had the infection for a few weeks or months acute.
hepatitis B you may only need treatment to relieve your symptomswhile your body fights off the infection If you ve had the infection for more than six months chronic hepatitis B you may be offered treatment with medicines that can keep the virusunder control and reduce the risk of liver damage .
Chronic Hepatitis B often requires long term or lifelong treatment andregular monitoring to check for any further liver problems Resources Prevention and Control of Infection In Care Homes Health ProtectionAgency 2013 .
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Hepatitis B is found in semen and vaginal secretions. The virus can be transmitted during unprotected sexual intercourse, and from mother to infant during birth. Hepatitis B is not transmitted by casual contact eg sneezing, coughing, holding hugs, hugging, kissing [peck], breastfeeding etc

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