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How Do You Feel About Stress The Role of Positive Emotions in Stress the process by which weperceive and respond tocertain events called stressors .
that we appraise asthreatening or challenging Myers 2011 p 419 The Nature of Emotions and Stress Emotions co occur when stressed whether we.
recognize them or not How we perceive stress affects emotionsrecognized Harm or threat appraisal sadness anger anxiety and or fear.
Challenge appraisal excitement confidence and Folkman 2008 The Nature of Emotions and Stress Stress also changes the level of our negativeand positive emotions .
Increases negative emotions and decreasespositive emotions The changes appear to be more pronouncedthough on negative emotions than on positive Dowd Zautra Hogan 2010 .
The Nature of Emotions and Stress Level of Emotional Experience involves Heritability Estimates are at 40 to 50 Sprangers et al 2010 Environment.
5 Variables Emotional regulation Emotional disclosure Emotional Intelligence Alexithymia.
Intensity of Experience Pandey Choubey 2010 Instructions for the Positive Affectivity andNegative Affectivity Scale Momentary PANAS as cited by Seligman 2002 p 33 .
You will see a number of words that describe different feelings and Read each item and then mark the appropriate answer in the space nextto the word Answer based on how you feel right now in this present moment 1 slightly or not at all.
2 a little 3 moderately 4 quite a bit 5 extremely Add up your scores for positive affect PA and negative affect NA .
Positive Emotions The personal and individual experience of andengagement in happiness Pandey Choubey 2010 Feelings that reflect a level of pleasurableengagement with the environment such as.
happiness joy excitement enthusiasm andcontentment Cohen Pressman 2006 p 122 The Impact of Positive Emotion on Stress and Increased average life expectancy Cohen Pressman Lower susceptibility to illness throughout the lifespan.
Steptoe Dockray Wardle 2009 Improved immune response and pain tolerance Sprangers et al 2010 Better adjustment to traumatic events such as the deathof a loved one Pandey Choubey 2010 .
Better physical and emotional health Pandey Choubey 2010 The Impact of Positive Emotion on Stress and Heightened emotional intelligence Pandey Choubey 2010 .
Improved social relationships and social supportstructure Pandey Choubey 2010 Greater tendency to practice positive healthbehaviors Cohen Pressman 2006 Greater resilience or ability to bounce back from.
stress and illness Smith Tooley Christopher Kay The Impact of Positive Emotion on Stress and Optimism a positive emotion has been shown to promote Women who are more optimistic had a 16 less chance of a heart attack a 9 lesschance of developing heart disease a 30 less chance of dying from heart disease.
and a 14 less chance of dying from any disease than women who displayed littleoptimism Tindle et al 2009 better coping with a number of health problems such as osteoarthritis Ferreira Sherman 2007 breast cancer and human immunodeficiency virus HIV Aspinwall Tedeschi 2010 .
positive increases in an individual s immune functioning Aspinwall Tedeschi 2010 quicker and more complete recovery from a number of medical Aspinwall Tedeschi 2010 procedures longevity Aspinwall Tedeschi 2010 adherence to more positive health behaviors Aspinwall Tedeschi 2010 .
an individual s psychological well being with reductions in symptoms of anxiety anddepression Ferreira Sherman 2007 The Impact of Positive Emotion on Stress and Hope another positive emotion promotes Greater adherence to positive health behaviors.
and limiting unhealthy behaviors Berg Ritschel Swan An Ahluwalia 2011 Insulation from despair when facing chronic orpotential illnesses Wiles Cott Gibson 2008 How to Experience Positive Affect.
Recognize the external myths barriers tohappiness and that the pursuit of them do notlead to long term positive affect and well being These include Money means happiness.
Health means happiness Education means happiness Change your race or move to sunnier climate Seligman 2002 How to Experience Positive Affect.
Internal characteristics promoting positive Liking oneself good self esteem Have a balanced sense of internal and externallocus of control Optimism and hope.
Outgoing Myers 1992 How to Experience Positive Affect Humor and laughter Meditation.
Mindfulness How to Experience Positive Affect Spirituality Forgiveness Gratitude.
Compassion Other focused We Can Feel GoodAbout Stress Resources American Institute of Stress website Great informational site.
about stress http www stress org topic effe... Website of Dr Martin Seligman and his work with PositivePsychologyhttp www authentichappiness sa... .
Myers D G 1992 The pursuit of happiness Discovering thepathway to fulfillment well being and enduring personal joy New York New York Harper Collins Publishers Inc Seligman M E P 2002 Authentic happiness Unsing the newpositive psychology to realize your potential for lasting fulfillment .
New York New York Free Press ReferencesAlspach G 2009 December Extending the tradition of giving thanks Recognizing the healthbenefits of gratitude Critical Care Nurse 29 6 12 18 doi 10 4037 ccn2009331Aspinwall L G Tedeschi R G 2010 The value of positive psychology for health psychology .
Progress and pitfalls in examining the relation of positive phenomena to health Annals ofBehavioral Medicine 39 4 15 doi 10 1007 s12160 009 9153 0Berg C J Ritschel L A Swan D W An L C Ahluwalia J S 2011 The role of hope in engaging inhealthy behaviors among college students American Journal of Health Behaviors 35 4 402 415 doi http dx doi org 10 5993 AJHB 3... .
Blatner A Blatner A 1997 The art of play Helping adults reclaim imagination and spontaneity Revised Edition New York New York Brunner Mazel PublishersCohen S Pressman S D 2006 June Positive affect and health Current Directions inPsychological Science Wiley Blackwell 15 3 122 125 doi 10 1111 j 0963 7214 2006 00420 xDoud H Zautra A Hogan M 2010 Emotion stress and cardiovascular response An.
experimental test of models of positive and negative affect International Journal of BehavioralMedicine 17 189 194 doi 10 1007 s12529 009 9063 3 ReferencesFerreira V M Sherman A M 2007 January The relationship of optimism pain andsocial support to well being in older adults with osteoarthritis Aging Mental Health .
11 1 89 98 doi 10 1080 13607860600736166Folkman S 2008 January The case for positive emotions in the stress process Anxiety Stress Coping 21 1 3 14 doi 10 1080 10615800701740457Horowitz S 2009 August Effect of positive emotions on health Hope and humor Alternative Complementary Therapies 15 4 196 202 doi 10 1089 act 2009 15706.
Kuiper N A Harris A L 2009 February Humor styles and negative affect as predictors ofdifferent components of physical health Special section Europe s Journal ofPsychology 5 1 1 18 Retrieved from http www ejop org Merrill R Read C Lecheminant A 2009 July The influence of religiosity on positiveand negative outcomes associated with stress among college students Mental Health .
Religion Culture 12 5 501 511 doi 10 1080 13674670902774106Mohan A Sharma R Biljlani R L 2011 Effect of meditation on stress induced changesin cognitive functions The Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine 17 3 207 212 doi 10 1089 acm 2010 0142 References.
Myers D G 1992 The pursuit of happiness Discovering the pathway tofulfillment well being and enduring personal joy New York New York HarperCollins Publishers Inc Myers D G 2011 Exploring psychology Eighth edition in modules New York NewYork Worth Publishers.
Pandey R Choubey A K 2010 Emotion and health An overview SIS Journal ofProjective Psychology and Mental Health 17 2 135 152 Retrieved fromhttp www somaticinkblots com S... Perceive n d In Merriam Webster s online dictionary Retrieved fromhttp www merriam webster com d... .
Respond n d In Merriam Webster s online dictionary Retrieved fromhttp www merriam webster com dictionary respond... Roberts K C Danoff Burg S 2010 November December Mindfulness andhealth behaviors Is paying attention good for you Journal of American CollegeHealth 59 3 165 173 doi 10 1080 07448481 2010 484452.
ReferencesSchwartz C E Keyl P M Marcum J P Bode R 2009 Helping others shows differentialbenefits on health and well being for male and female teens Journal of Happiness Studies 10 431 448 doi 10 1007 s10902 008 9098 1Sebelis S 2011 June Reflecting on relaxation Journal of the Australian Traditional Medicine.
Society JATMS 17 2 45 47 Retrieved from http www atms com au journal i... Seligman M E P 2002 Authentic happiness Unsing the new positive psychology to realizeyour potential for lasting fulfillment New York New York Free PressSmith A J Greer T Sheets T Watson S 2011 May June Is there more to yoga thanexercise Alternative Therapies in Health and Medicine 17 3 22 29 Retrieved from.
http www alternative therapies... Smith B W Tooley E M Christopher P J Kay V S 2010 May Resilience as the ability tobounce back from stress A neglected personal resource The Journal of Positive Psychology 5 3 166 176 doi 10 1080 17439760 2010 4821... Sprangers M A G Bartels M Veenhoven R Baas F Martin N Mosing M The.
GENEQOL Consortium 2010 Which patient will feel down which will be happy The need tostudy the genetic disposition of emotional states Quality of Life Research 19 1429 1437 doi 10 1007 s11136 010 9652 2 ReferencesSteptoe A Dockray S Wardle J 2009 December Positive affect and psychobiological.
processes relevant to health Journal of Personality 77 6 1747 1776 doi 10 1111 j 1467 6494 2009 00599 xTindle H A Chang Y F Kuller L H Manson J E Robinson J G Rosal M C Siegle G J Matthews K A 2009 Optimism cynical hostility and incident coronary heart disease andmortality in the women s health initiative Circulation 120 8 656 662 doi.
10 1161 CIRCULATIONAHA 108 827... Vaillant G E 2011 Jan Dec The neuroendocrine system and stress emotions thoughts andfeelings Mens Sana Monographs 9 1 113 128 doi 10 4103 0973 1229 77430Watson D Clark L A Tellegan A 1988 Development and validation of brief measures ofpositive and nagative affect The PANAS scales Journal of Personality and Social Psychology .
54 6 1063 1070 Retrieved from http www apa org pubs journals... Wenner M 2009 February The serious need for play Scientific American Mind 20 1 22 29 Retrieved from http www scientificamerican co... Wiles R Cott C Gibson B E 2008 December Hope expectations and recovery fromillness A narrative synthesis of qualitative research Journal of Advanced Nursing 64 6 564 .
573 doi 10 1111 j 1365 2648 2008 04815... Rarely a week goes by in which there is not a new study that shows the impact of stress on an individual’s life. We talk and read about the stressors which bring about stress and how to better deal with them through coping skills like exercise, proper diet, sleep, and healthy distractions. ... Estimates are at 40% to 50% (Sprangers et al ...

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