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Hungarian special teacher psychiatristand self made futuristliving with AD since 2005Istv n Kapp ter MD Special teacher teacher of pedagogy and psychology .
specialist in neurology psychiatry and psychotherapyLiving with mild cognitive impairment plus L wy typesince 1996 AD since 20051 Hungarian Alzheimer Association 2 Consulting at Psychiatric Nursing Home in Hungary.
E mail kappnov yahoo comIntroduction at the 27 Conference of ADI London 8 th March 2012 RESERVES OF THE BRAIN AREEXTRAORDINARY I inherited from my many ancestors the necessary.
skills to live an innovative life I grew up in two loving families I have to thinkindependently since early childhood as Ciompi During the communist era I was declared classalien by the ruling working class thus I had to.
work harder and change professions a lot I learned from the Hungarian line of specialteaching that at first we have to practice happyadaptation and so I practiced it MY EXTRAORDINARILY QUICK MEDICAL.
EXAMINATION AND BEGINNING OFIn March of 2005 my wife and I often recognizedmy severe mistakes in recalling simple names inputting data in order and in orientation in newWe urgently consulted excellent specialists of.
AD The examinations showed typical brainabnormalities on my MRI and psychologicalexamination proved AD the most probable I have been taking cholesterinaze inhibitors daily since April 2005 I learned to cope with my daily.
pleasure in life She learned how to treat me and is willing toface any difficulties My colleagues at work like me and help mewhen I am not quick enough .
I win publishers to publish my writings easierthan before Earlier I stated many strange opinions and I was not modest and thorough THE HUNGARIAN ALZHEIMERASSOCIATION.
I have joined the Hungarian Alzheimer Association andbegan to work together with Chairwoman Eva Himmer We try to convince people particularly theprofessionals of the urgent need to examine peoplewho lose abilities like quick recalling making order .
orientation If a mild cognitive impairment plus is diagnosed itshould be treated without delay We also teach the relatives coping methods We also try to convince patients to seek help and to.
recognise the impairment as soon as possible We organize events to explain that early and thoroughtreatment of demented people is worth so much for thesocieties as well .
Hungarian special teacher psychiatrist and self-made futurist living with AD since 2005 István Kappéter MD. Special teacher, teacher of pedagogy and psychology, specialist in neurology, psychiatry and psychotherapy Living with mild cognitive impairment plus Léwy type since 1996, AD since 2005 1. Hungarian Alzheimer Association, 2.

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