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Saswata SenguptaNov 30 2016Metis Data Science Meetup Analyzing IBM Watson IoT Events Using Spark Jupyter 2016 IBM Corporation.
Overview Introduction to IBM Watson IoT Platform Introduction to Node Red IBM and Spark Spark as a Service.
IBM DataScience Experience Python Panda and DataFrame Jupyter notebook and Visualization Recorded Demo Walkthrough2 2016 IBM Corporation.
IBM Watson IoT Platform and 2016 IBM Corporation II IBM Watson IoT PlatformWhat is IBM Watson IoT Platform The IBM Internet of Things service lets your apps communicate with and consume.
data collected by your connected devices sensors and gateways IBM recipesmake it super easy to get devices connected to our Internet of Things cloud Appscan then use our real time and REST APIs to communicate with your devices andconsume the data you ve set them up to collect This is available as part of the IBM Bluemix Cloud offering.
IBM Spark4 2016 IBM Corporation II IBM Watson IoT PlatformConnect your devices securely to the cloudBefore your apps can get to work you need to get your devices connected up IBM have a set of.
verified instructions or recipes for connecting devices sensors and gateways from a variety ofpartners and individuals Build an app that talks to your devicesCommunications between your devices and the cloud happen via the open lightweight MQTTprotocol For example you might have a sensor that collects and sends humidity readings every.
minute IBM REST and real time APIs allow you to quickly pull that device data into your apps forIBM Sparkfurther analysis 5 2016 IBM Corporation II IBM Watson IoT Platform.
What is Node Red Node RED provides a browser based flow editor that makes it easy to wiretogether flows using the wide range nodes in the palette Flows can be then deployed to the runtime in a single click JavaScript functions can be created within the editor using a rich text editor .
A built in library allows you to save useful functions templates or flows for re Node Red Starter pack is available as part of the IBM Bluemix CloudIBM Spark8 2016 IBM Corporation IBM and Spark.
2016 IBM Corporation Spark EcosystemBusiness Applications and Business IntelligenceSpark Spark MLlib GraphXSQL Streaming machine.
Apache SparkHadoop Database MainframeIBM Spark10 2016 IBM Corporation park is complementary to Hadoop but much faster with in memory performa.
IBM Spark11 2016 IBM Corporation IBM s 3 pillars for Apache Spark1 Spark as acomponent of BigInsights.
2 Spark as a Serviceon BluemixSPSS Commerce 3 IBM productsSecurity Power .
Heathcare and manyIBM Spark12 2016 IBM Corporation Why does Spark matter to a business 1 Spark makes it easier to access.
and work with all dataEnables new data basedAll data Internal External Structured Unstructured2 Spark lets you develop line of business Real time insights from all.
data sourcesapplications faster Automates analytics withmachine learningSpark learns from Clients that lead in data .
data and delivers in lead in their industryIBM Spark13 2016 IBM Corporation BM has the largest investment in Spark of any company in the worldIBM Spark Technology Center.
Top committer contributor300 inventorsCommitment to educate 1 million data scientistsContributed SystemMLFounding member of AMPLab.
Partnerships in the ecosystemIBM Spark14 2016 IBM Corporation IBM DataScience Experience Python Panda and Jupyter.
2016 IBM Corporation IBM Data Science ExprienceIBM Data Science ExperienceNow you can create value faster using the best of open source and IBM together Built for datascientists by data scientists the IBM Data Science Experience is a new cloud based social.
workspace that helps data professionals consolidate create and collaborate across multipleopen source tools such as R and Python Pandas and DataFrame Data Science Experience uses Apache Spark as a service for distributed analytic workloadmanagement IBM Spark.
16 2016 IBM Corporation II Python Pandas and DataFramePython is a widely used high level general purpose interpreted dynamicprogramming language Its design philosophy emphasizes code readability and itssyntax allows programmers to express concepts in fewer lines of code than.
possible in languages such as C or Java Data Engineers and Data Scientist have been using python with Pandas NumPyand SciPy to build analytical models It is a viable alternative to R programmingPandas are python libraries for for data manipulation and analysis DataFrame isa 2 dimensional labeled data structure with columns of potentially different types It.
is similar to a spreadsheet or SQL table or a dict of Series objects IBM Spark17 2016 IBM Corporation II IBM Data Science Experience NotebooksWhat Is A Jupyter Notebook .
In this case notebook or notebook documents denote documents that containboth code and rich text elements such as figures links equations Because ofthe mix of code and text elements these documents are the ideal place to bringtogether an analysis description and its results as well as they can be executedperform the data analysis in real time .
IBM Spark18 2016 IBM Corporation IBM Watson IOT Event processing and Analysis using Spark and NotebookIBM Spark19 2016 IBM Corporation.
Architecture ComponentsIBM s Watson IoT Platform provides an integrated cloud and edge analyticsprogramming model that allows control and optimization over the data flowing betweenedge devices and the CloudApache Spark is an extension of the core Spark API that enables scalable high .
throughput fault tolerant processing of live data streams The Jupyter Notebook is a web application that allows you to create and sharedocuments that contain live code equations visualizations and explanatory text In thisdemo we will learn ways to explore historical events captured on the IBM Watson IoTNode RED is a visual tool for wiring the Internet of Things this will be used to connect to.
IoT Platform and store the data in cloudant Cloudant is an open source non relational distributed database service of the sameIBM Cloudant is based on the Apache backed CouchDB project and the open sourceBigCouch project Cloudant will be used as a datastore 20 2016 IBM Corporation.
Demo steps available here https developer ibm com recipe... ot events by using jupyter not... Shared Notebookhttps apsportal ibm com analyt... .
aad2 eadfdb3f5440 view access token cd5199032caf7a854... 2a35600ae3f04fIBM SparkYou will need to create a datascience ibm com account and a bluemix.
account It is free 21 2016 IBM Corporation Thank YouPlease feel free to contact with me atSaswata sengupta ibm com.
IBM Spark22 2016 IBM CorporationIIIBM Watson IoT Platform. IBM | Spark. What is Node-Red ? Node-RED provides a browser-based flow editor that makes it easy to wire together flows using the wide range nodes in the palette. Flows can be then deployed to the runtime in a single-click. JavaScript functions can be created within the editor using a rich text editor.

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