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INFORMATION OPERATIONS All Information All Languages All the TimeThe New Semantics of War Peace Wealth DemocracyAuthor s BriefingRobert David Steele Vivas.
MA MPA NWC USMC CIA OSSCopyright OSS Open Access Third Title in SeriesWorks in Progress 2007 Commercial Intelligence.
by Mats Bjore Gray Book 2007 Peacekeeping IntelligenceEdited with Col Jan IngeSvensson of Sweden2008 Information Peacekeeping.
by Steele UN Blue Book Edited WorkCopyright OSS Open Access Highlights Foreword by Congressman Rob Simmons.
Technical Preface by Dr Robert Garigue Connects Strategic IO with Tactical GWOT Defines Six IO Heavy Mission Areas Summarizes the Information Challenges Provides Strategic Concept for M4IS.
Defines OSIS X as a Global Solution Provides Annotated Reality BibliographyCopyright OSS Open Access Why Now Information Operations Roadmap 2003.
Excellent idea incomplete needs heart must transform IO from bullshitto beliefs deception manipulation are TIRED Truth is WIRED STRATCOM has potential if it turns away from beltway bandit pathologies USDI dared to want it all truly inspiring transformational SOCOM demonstrated totality of the pit paucity of intelligence alone.
CISCO showed growth of machine speed information creation andinterchange no one Nation however rich can get a grip all alone CENTCOM makes Multinational Information Operations a possibility L 3 Tampa identified integrated key enablers Machine translation for screening not reading.
Advanced analytics for early warning predictive analysis Everything that could go wrong is going wrong Information Operations could and should save the Republic Tools for Truth Sharing of Truth Informed Democracy Transparency Sharing Kill Corruption Nurture Moral Capitalism.
Global Indigenous Legitimate Wealth through Information Sharing is theONLY Stabilizing Factor that is Affordable Sustainable and AttainableCopyright OSS Open Access The Strategic ObjectiveThe DoD Global Information Coverage program under.
the leadership of USSTRATCOM and in support ofthe COCOMs and all DoD policy acquisition andoperations leaders will 1 Correctly assess the nature of the global conflict Dr Col Ret 2 Understand the strategic environment within which.
Max Manwaring this global conflict is taking place M3 Identify and address the centers of gravity mostnon military x4 Understand and address all facets of US coalition and hostile party legitimacy .
5 Provide information helpful to fostering global inter agency and coalition campaigns 6 Provide metrics for measuring IO inputs outputs andoutcomes at all four levels of analysis strategic operational tactical and technical .
7 Provide predictive analysis to stop second generationterrorism while stabilizing reconstructing the world Copyright OSS Open Access Six IO Heavy Mission AreasSeven Communities of Interest.
1 Strategic Communication Public Diplomacy2 Peacekeeping Intelligence Information Peacekeeping3 Early Warning Stabilization .
Reconstruction Operations4 Homeland Defense Civil5 National Education NationalResearch Defense Related 6 Defense Acquisition .
Logistics Build Buy Bring Copyright OSS Open Access Congressman Simmons General Schoomaker got it in 1997 SOC General Kernan got it in 2000 NATO .
40 countries ahead of US Dr Stephen Cambone USDI has it right Universal coverage 24 7 all languages neighborhood levels of granularity Four key points .
100 year six front total war demands IO Sharing rather than secrecy winsR CT 02 3rd Term Need national Open Source Agency Need Open Source Software solutionsHASC Homeland For affordable state local sharing.
Security Chairman For affordable NGO coalition sharingSubcommittee on IO is central to DoD mission and HSIntelligence Information Need IO architecture to educate citizensSharing and Terrorism and also collect bottom up defensive dotsRisk Assessment.
Copyright OSS Open Access Dr Robert Garigue Canada Computers create and destroy knowledge Computers are in their infancy Three forms of IW .
Physical IW denial of service Syntactical IW corruption confusion Semantic IW belief systems IO creates organizational efficacy Knowledge can deter conflict and create.
stabilizing wealth ultimate source of power Data is getting smart comes with attributes VP for Information Integrity Data with history context more valuableand Chief Security ExecutiveBell Canada IP is about belief systems undermining bad.
Created the IW framework for ones and reinforcing good onesthe Canadian forces LtCdr RN IO IW IP killing bad sites is not enough Chairman of the Governmentof Canada Council for Need to Ramp Up IP and spread good ideasInformation Protection World Brain is a Reality We Need to Grow Up.
Chairman of the CanadianFinancial Information SecurityExecutivesCopyright OSS Open Access Author s Preface Bottom Line .
Inter agency sharing of non secrets more important thansecrets for the President Unclassified information on beliefs reality operations logistics more.
important than secret technicalinformation 30 years overseas as son of oilman USMC Modern IO is about Globalinfantry officer spy and intelligence coach Coverage 24 7 that leads to Created Marine Corps Intelligence Command sharing understanding foresight.
1 Amazon reviewer of global issues books and crafting of BUDGETS BEHAVIOR that make sense andachieve desired outcomes in near mid and long term PEACE PROSPERITY are not.
easy they require ethicalconstant thought application Copyright OSS Open Access Global Secret Intelligence FailureBreakdown in Collection and Understanding.
Digital Analog Oral UnpublishedEnglish NRONSA FBIS UN STATEForeign CIA DOLanguages .
Cascading Deficiencies 1 Don t even try to access most information2 Can t process hard copy into digital3 Can t translate most of what we collect 33 predominant languages over 3 000 distinct languages and.
twelve critical Arabic dialects we do not do well at all Copyright OSS Open Access Global Total Processing FailureBreakdown in Exploitation Dissemination50 Less Costly Does Not Exist.
More SatisfyingSTATE SIGINTCopyright OSS Open Access 50 This is a common sense contrast we can exploit ALL SOURCE ANALYSIS.
Copyright OSS Open Access Baseball AnalogyHarnessing the Power of the CrowdCopyright OSS Open Access QDR 2006 Shift in Focus.
OLD NEW State based threats Transnational networks State on state combat Safe havens within states One force for all Tailored deterrence options Reactive Proactive preventive action.
Static garrison forces Mobile expeditionary Battle ready Battle hardened One major conflict Multiple irregular operations Stovepiped services Joint coalition operations Focus on hardware Focus on knowledge intelligence.
User finds data Data finds user CISCO AON US military does it all Deep coalition partnerships DoD rules the roost Inter agency campaignsCopyright OSS Open Access Understanding the Threat.
Big War is 10 Probable Takes 90 of USMC knew all this in 1988 QDR 2006 is 18 years late but finally Four threats require Four mind sets.
Four forces Four strategies Four campaigns Unity of Effort both inter agency coalition non governmental.
organization is not possible without aGlobal Common Operational Picture GCOP that is NOT Secret Sharing not secrecy is the operativeprinciple for unity victory.
US Industrial Congressional corruptionis our worst enemy blocks changeCopyright OSS Open Access New Strategy 1 iii Need better balance within national security .
CINCWAR CINCSOLIC CINCPEACE CINCHOMEStrategic NBC Small Wars State USIA IntelligenceBig War s Constabulary Peace Corps Border PatrolReserve Ground Truth Economic Aid Port SecurityReserve Environment Electronic.
Peace Navy Public Health50 15 20 15 250B vs 400B 75B vs 20B 100B vs 20B 75B vs 32BCopyright OSS Open Access Understanding the Real World.
100 year 6 front total war Arabic Aramaic Berber Catelan Chinese Danish Dari Dutch English Farsi Finnish French German Indonesian Irish Italian Japanese Korean Kurdish Kurmanji .
Norwegian Pashto Polish Portuguese Russian Serbian Spanish Swedish Tamil Turkish Urdu minimal mandatory Arabic variations Andalusi Arabic extinct but important role in literary history .
Egyptian Arabic Egypt considered the mostwidely understood and used seconddialect Gulf Arabic Gulf coast from Kuwaitto Oman and minorities on the other side Hassaniiya in Mauritania Hijazi Arabic .
Iraqi Arabic Levantine Arabic Syrian Lebanese Palestinian and westernJordanian Maghreb Arabic Tunisian Algerian Moroccan and western Libyan Maltese Najdi Arabic Sudanese Arabic.
with a dialect continuum into Chad andYemeni Arabic You either get with the program or lose Copyright OSS Open Access Neighborhoods Not Nations.
This is the level of analysis for the long warThe other rules are in THE NEW CRAFT OF INTELLIGENCE Copyright OSS Open Access Modern Analysis 101 Absent this model it is not possible to be effective at integrated long term analysis .
Copyright OSS Open Access Modern Analysis 102 We need to stop wastingmoney on costly US buttsin seats lacking deep.
historical cultural linguistic or real lifeforeign area expertise It s time to get seriousabout global psycho social.
analysis in depth We cannot do it alone wemust go to multinational IOin full collaboration with allrelevant NGOs .
Copyright OSS Open Access Situational AwarenessWe Geo Tag RDF OWL SOAP Everything Used withpermission .
XML Geo And a fewother thingsthe beltwaybandits have.
not thoughtabout Open Hyperdocument System from Doug Englebart allows citation analysislinkage at the paragraph level and copyright compensation at the micro cash level Copyright OSS Open Access.
A Revolution is UnderwayDistributed Ubiquitous Collective Intelligence Now Possible We MUST Go Multinational SINGLE CULTURECOMMAND CONTROLSINGLE ORGANIZATION.
NEW PARADIGMOLD PARADIGMHistorical 3Future Future Your Top Issues .
Local National GlobalCopyright OSS Open Access NEW PARADIGMOLD PARADIGMSecrecy rules.
Elites rulesAct on 2 of the info People complacentShort term view Here Unilateral militarism.
Immoral capitalismForeign GamingViewpoints FutureBig stick works BUTLong term cost not.
Reality Based Behavior Budgetsvisible to publicCopyright OSS Open Access The Information MarketplaceDiplomacy IC State .
Communication USG LocalPolicy OSIS XAcquisition of Foreign CorporationsRight Stuff at Budget GovernmentsRight Time NGOs.
Policy World Client WorldBudget not based on threat Only a fraction of clients are served Copyright OSS Open Access Status of the Tribes TodayWe Must Transfer Proven Legal Ethical Decision .
Support Intelligence Process to All National 50 Military 40 80 Business 30 70 Military.
60 Academic 30 50 Business40 Law Enforcement 20 30 NGO Media 20 10 NGO Media Religious 20 .
We have much to do Copyright OSS Open Access Copyright OSS Open Access Success Story Dutch OSINTP2P file sharing.
Email mattersinstant messagingmore than wwwCISCO deep webSurface web is.
IPICS surface WebNOT the InternetConverts Internet Deep web plus Tactical TVRadio to radio.
Digital Merging with InternetBooks down still matter as0 500 000 1 000 000 1 500 000 2 000 000 2 500 000 3 000 000 3 500 000 4 000 000 4 500 000 5 000 000instant P2P fileprint film magnetic optical telephone radio TV Internet surface Web deep web email.
INFORMATION OPERATIONS: All Information, All Languages, All the Time The New Semantics of War & Peace, Wealth & Democracy Author’s Briefing Robert David Steele Vivas MA MPA NWC USMC CIA OSS Third Title in Series Highlights Foreword by Congressman Rob Simmons Technical Preface by Dr. Robert Garigue Connects Strategic IO with Tactical GWOT ...

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