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WISER Humanities E Resources for Research inFriday 27 FebruaryHilla Wait Kate Alderson Smith Structure of today s session.
Effective searching Overview of e resources in theology Resource discovery tools Full text resources Theses current research and awareness.
Time to explore with assistance available Where to start Decide what you are searching for before you start Know your resources Identify some keywords.
Work out search strategies Advanced Boolean Proximity Symbols for wildcards and truncation.
Make sure you have a system for storing the references you identify e mail or Refworks Construct the search to fit the query and the resource Tackling an unfamiliar database Check the coverage of a database to see if it.
includes what you want You can use cross searching for somecollections of databases Use the help screens provided check the conventions e g do they use or.
and Critical appraisal Evaluating search results and sources Academic credentials Peer review.
Use of source material Accuracy of references Currency Relevancy Citation count.
Finding aids in Oxford New resource discovery interface forp and e texts First but not last stop Catalogue of books journals.
Oxford e journals e journal subscriptions OxLIP Gateway to subscription databases Subject guidance.
Institutional Repository ORA E journalsSpecial collections catalogues OxLIP Theology menu Finding books.
SOLO e p texts OLIS for holdings and functions Manual catalogues Pusey House Local catalogues Heritage Wycliffe Manuscript catalogue in Duke Humfrey s.
Global access via OxLIP WorldCat 45 million items COPAC Catalogue of UK Research libraries European Library BL Catalogue.
Electronic Resources in Theology Subject specific bibliographicaldatabases Few irrelevant results Focus for the search.
Full text databases Primarysources Secondary works Reference works Bibliographic Databases ATLA.
Core e title for Theology Biblical Studies world religions Church history religiousperspectives on social issues 400 000 article citations from 1 400 journals 200 000 chapter citations from edited works.
375 000 book reviews ATLAS Links to70 full text journals Bibliographic Databases ATLA Navigating.
Search options Basic search Search Limits Advanced search Index search.
Exporting records Other Bibliographic Databases New and Old Testament Abstracts Philosopher s Index FRANCIS.
Multidisciplinary strong in Religionand good for European articles Index Islamicus All aspects of Islam International Medieval.
Bibliography OCLC Article First General Finding Biblical resources BibleWorks.
best resource for exegesis Anchor Bible Dictionary Oxford Bible Companion BibleGateway NT Gateway.
Finding full text primary sources Ancient Medieval Dead Sea Scrolls Patrologia Latina Acta Sanctorum.
Cetedoc Library of Christian Latin Texts Corpus Christianorum series Augustine Opera Omnia Thesaurus Linguae Graecae Medieval sources On Line.
Perseus Past Masters Augustine Anselm Aquinas Ockham Finding full text primary sources Early Modern Modern.
Digital Library of Classic Protestant Texts Digital Library of the Catholic Reformation Early English Books Online Eighteenth Century Collections Online Past Masters.
Luther Calvin Kierkegaard Newman Past Masters Expand package author title Using the Table of.
Changing the display Navigating the text Searching by simple search Power search Cross database searching.
Results Map Proximity search E Books Secondary texts for theology Oxford Scholarship On Line Taylor Francis E books.
Cambridge Companions On Cambridge Histories on Line Blackwell Reference On Oxford Scholarship On Line Complete list.
Search for a title or Abstract and TOC Navigating Searching by keyword Quick Search.
Sorting your search Advanced Search Taylor Francis Routledge Getting started Navigating.
Copying and Marking up text Searching Using the Research Reference Sources.
Oxford Reference Online Standard Abbreviations forTheological Journals Commentaries Encyclopedia of Religion Routledge Encyclopedia of.
Philosophy International Encyclopedia forthe Middle Ages Anchor Bible Dictionary Oxford Bible Commentary.
Encyclopedia of Isalm Encyclopedia of the Qu ran Finding theses Index to Theses UK and Ireland Dissertations and Theses International.
WorldCat via OCLC First Search Theological Research Exchange Network www tren com e docs index cfm Phddata www phddata org Locating current research.
Mailing lists http www jiscmail ac uk Conference proceedings OCLC Proceedings Theses and Dissertations.
Current awareness services Zetoc My TD Net Intute Arts and Humanities gateway Internet Detective http www vts intute ac uk detective .
Google scholar ORA Oxford Research Archive Religion Online And Finally Questions.
Practicalsession Evaluation formsTLG Greek texts from 8th C B.C. to A.D. 600 SOLO OLIS Institutional Repository (ORA) E-journals OxLIP+ Special collections: catalogues * * Note it knows that this is Oxford, so we are only seeing the Oxford subs. (click at bottom of page to go to PM home page rather than Oxford version if you want to see what else is available) Beware of ...

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