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Injury Prevention forBasketball OfficialsRiver Valley Health Common Injuries Acute Injuries i e Rolled Ankles Knee Injuries .
Musculoskeletal Strains Overuse Injuries IT Band tightness Knee Pain Hip Pain.
Low Back Pain Hamstring Tightness Achilles Pain Causes of Common Injuries Muscle weakness and imbalance.
Previous injuries Poor shoes or poor training Biomechanical inefficiencies Am I injured Treatment of Acute vs Overuse injuries.
Pain vs Discomfort Soreness Pain is your body s way of communicating Overuse injuries occur for a reason cessation of activity willgenerally not correct the problem Mechanical problems require mechanical solutions.
See a practitioner that understands sport and repetitive use injuries Chiropractor Active Release Therapy Massage Therapist Physiotherapist Exercise Therapist etc Injury Prevention Hydration Hydration Hydration.
Silk vs Sand Paper Having a sufficient training base Strength Endurance Flexibility etc Get treated before your injury interferes with your activity Tissue Quality Work.
ART Massage Therapy Foam Rolling etc Proper footwear Injury Prevention Cont d Dynamic Warm up Movement Preparation raise the.
heart rate get the body warm Cool down Slowly lower your heart rate Static Stretching Stretching and Training.
Static Stretching as a Warm Up Static stretching inhibits muscle firing as a resultstretching after is more beneficial A proper warm up should increase muscle firing andraise your core body temperature.
Warm muscles are less likely to be injured Walking before you run does not constitute a warm up However something is better than nothing Cross Training forBasketball Officials.
River Valley Health The Importance of Cross Training Injury Prevention Prevent or correct muscle imbalance Strengthen weak muscles.
Improve joint stability Performance Improvement Increase stability mobility and strength Stability vs Mobility Relationship between strength and.
flexibility What is Cross Training Cross Training is using a variety of training techniques towork on balancing the body Core strengthening can help prevent injury improve.
performance and improve efficiency Think of the core as a concrete pillar Strong through the glutes and stomach Cross training should involve training and strengthening ofmuscles that are key to the activities movement .
Specific to Movement Components of a Training Program Tissue quality work Movement Preparation Prehab Exercises Muscle Activation .
Strengthening Exercises Stability Mobility Exercises Core Exercises Flexibility Exercises Frequency and Duration of.
Dependent on the amount of activity or thegames week The more you complete the more cross training you need General guidelines Use a variety of activities.
Roughly 1 cross training routine for every 2 days ofrefereeing 4 games 20 minutes to an hour of training time is sufficient for a Over 2 hours is a complete waste of time Routine Breakdown.
Foam Rolling 5 Minutes Movement Prep 5 10 Minutes Prehab Exercises 5 Minutes Strength Training Conditioning 30 Minutes Stretching or Foam Rolling 5 10 Minutes.
Strong through the glutes and stomach. Cross training should involve training and strengthening of muscles that are key to the activities movement. Specific to Movement. Components of a Training Program. Tissue quality work. ... Injury Prevention for Runners Last modified by:

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