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INLS 210 96Electronic Business forInformation ProfessionalsBusiness to BusinessJune 5 2000.
Today s Reading Forbes Have your computer call my comp Business 2 0 Let s Get Vertical Forbes Digital Tool .
Music biz uses web for new business to business initiatives Estimated savings fromB to B ecommerce Aerospace machining Health care 5 .
Chemicals 10 Life sciences 12 19 Communications 5 15 Machining metals Computing 11 20 22 .
Electronic components Media and29 39 advertising 10 15 Food ingredients 3 5 Oil and gas 5 15 Forest products 15 25 Freight transport 15 .
Paper 10 20 Steel 11 Business 2 0 May 2000 General Electric Increased materials cost.
Examination of purchasing procedures Inefficient Too many transactions between GE andvendors and within GE GE did not use advantage of making a.
large volume of purchases 25 of invoices were reworked due toSource Turban Electronic Co GE Lighting Sent hundreds of price requests to.
corporate departments daily Requests required copies of blueprints Various other paperwork included Corporate would sent requests to vendors suppliers who would bid on the job.
Process took seven days Able to send out 2 or 3 requests for each GE Trading Post Network Corporate receives requests fromGE Lighting in digital format.
Sends vendors suppliers anelectronic information request GE Trading Post Network Cut processing time by 99 Requests made globally to hundreds.
of registered vendors Reduced labor needed by 30 Cut material costs by up to 20 Use 60 of corporate staff elsewhere Cut time for entire process in half.
B2B Objectives Simplification Integration Openness Aiding Information Flow.
Products Alliances Customers Competitive Suppliers analysis Planning Transportation.
Marketing Inventory Performance Supply Chain Management Generating orders.
Taking orders Distributing orders Players in B2B Sellers Buyers.
Intermediaries Deliverers Networks Systems Sellers Buyers Sellers Buyers.
Developing online Looking to reducecatalogs as sales their purchasingtool price and quicker Integration with turnaround onbuyers systems is placing orders.
crucial Able to expand Focus on self market andservice market share Intermediaries Companies that run marketplaces.
where buyers and sellers meet FreeMarkets com Simultaneous negotiations willthousands of suppliers Few marketplaces will survive.
Source BusinessWeek June 5 Intermediaries E Marketplaces Communities Catalogs.
Procurement Hubs Auctions Exchanges Collaboration Hubs Tuesday Delivery.
Just in time delivery Tuesday Networks Agents Tuesday s Readings Posted by 3 pm Monday.
INLS 210-96 Electronic Business for Information Professionals Business-to-Business June 5, 2000

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