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Internet LiteracyYour Vehicle for InformationEvaluation Why not Google Anyone can make a website .
The top sites Google gives you isbased on popularity Google only shows the surface web not the deep web What is RADCAB .
This tool will helpyou to assess andjudge informationyou find online andto think critically.
about information RelevancyAsk yourself Is the information relevant or closelyconnected to my question .
Am I on the right track RelevancyLet s pretend we have a research assignment on recentfindings about new planets being discovered outside of oursolar system .
USE EXAMPLE WHYNouns and objects planet verbs and adverbs areplanets usually thrown outUsing OR planet or planets results with either one ordiscovery or find both of your terms.
Use quotes solar system use quotes to get exactphrase resultsUsing AND new planet and solar results will include both ofsystem your search wordsUsing NOT or planet not star results are only the first.
planet star word and not the secondsite planets site edu Only edu sitesplanets site gov Only gov sites AppropriatenessAsk yourself .
Is the information suitable for my ageand core values Will it help me answer my question Appropriateness Information sources that make you feel.
confused or uneasy are informationsources to be exited ASAP You are in charge of policing yourown research activity How By settingyour own personal boundaries for what.
you view read and listen to that takeinto account your age and core values Ask yourself How much information do I need Is the depth of coverage adequate .
What are the details How are they useful Site map Navigation and scopePage organization titles Navigation and evidence ofheadings and subtitles quality constructionCredit to information sources.
Works cited pagesExternal links Additional information sourcesInternal search engine Quick information retrievalVisual aids and interfaceInteractive graphic elements.
interactionDesign appeal Easy and pleasant to use Which sitehas enough Currency.
Ask yourself When was the information publishedor last update Currency The quality of our research is related.
to how carefully we analyze thecurrency of our information sources http solarsystem jpl nasa gov planets index cfm Authority.
Ask yourself Who is the author of the information What are his or her qualifications Authority Authoritative information sources have.
everything to do with how accurate andcredible the information presented is What are the author s qualifications Isthe author associated with a particularschool university organization .
company or governmental agency Ishis or her email address included on theAsk yourself Why was this information written Was it written to INFORM me .
PERSUADE me or SELL mesomething How do you know if the information you havefound has a special agenda behind it Doesthe information have a particular angle slant .
or spin to it Look for clues Clues like the domain name the domain suffix com edu gov etc the advertising.
the mission statement the authorship or organization behind theinformation the tone of voice or language used Best places to start.
Iowa AEA Onlinehttp www iowaaeaonline org EBSCO and World Book WebSweet Searchhttp www sweetsearch com .
Adapted with permissionfrom author RADCAB A mnemonic acronymfor information evaluationCreated by Karen M Christensson .
M S Library Media EducationInternet Literacy Your Vehicle for Information Evaluation ... USE EXAMPLE WHY Nouns and objects planet planets verbs and adverbs are usually thrown out Using OR planet or planets discovery or find results with either one or both of your terms Use “quotes” “solar system” use quotes to get exact phrase results Using AND “new planet ...

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