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Bob Marshall MD MPH MISM FAAFP FAMIAProgram Director DoD MAMC Clinical InformaticsFellowshipINTRODUCTION TOINFORMATICS.
Clinical Informatics Outline Definition Major areas of informatics What Informatics is and is not Areas of Informatics.
Clinical Informatics in depth Professional Organizations Examples of Informatics Expertise Definition of Biomedical HealthInformatics BM HI 1 of 2.
According to the American Medical Informatics Association AMIA Biomedicalinformatics BMI is the interdisciplinary field that studies and pursues the effectiveuses of biomedical data information and knowledge for scientific inquiry problemsolving and decision making motivated by efforts to improve human health 1 Health Informatics is the science the how and why behind health IT according to.
the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention CDC 2 Practitioners of BMI are usually called Informaticians sometimes Informaticists Often the terms Biomedical Informatics BMI and Health Informatics HI are usedInterchangeably or combined as in BMHI or BM HI Definition of Biomedical Health.
Informatics BM HI 2 of 2 Clinical informaticians transform health care byanalyzing designing implementing andevaluating information and communicationsystems that enhance individual and population.
health outcomes improve patient care andstrengthen the clinician patient relationship Gardner RM et al Core Content for the Subspecialty of Clinical Informatics From HIMSS website 10 medicine 10 technology 80 sociology .
Homer Warner Short History of BMHI Informatics began to have an effect in the United States during the 1950 s Homer R Warner one of the fathers of medical informatics founded theDepartment of Medical Informatics at the University of Utah in 1968.
The American Medical Informatics Association was founded in 1988 by the mergerof three health informatics organizations In 2002 and 2007 AMIA developed Core Competencies for BMHI the final setwas published in 2010 In September 2011 Clinical Informatics was approved by the Amer Board of.
Medical Specialties as a board certified clinical subspecialty What Clinical Informatics Is We do Try to help folks use clinical systems more efficientlyand effectively.
Voice clinical opinions perspective on software andhardware selection Match workflow to software hardware Help improve quality care patient safety in any setting by applying bullets 1 3 5 .
Identify analytics data information and how best touse it clinically and for research Serve as a bridge between IT security folks andclinical end users What Clinical Informatics Is Not.
We do not Run the network Run the EHR PACS or other clinical Configure computers or ultimately decidewhat goes on them but we do recommend .
Have anything to do with computer security Run the Help Desk TerminologyInformaticsImaging Research.
Informatics InformaticsBiomedical andLegal Informatics ChemoinformaticsMedical Clinical Public HealthBioinformatics.
Informatics Informatics molecular person population Field Informatics Major areas of application1 .
Translational Bioinformatics Clinical Research Informatics Clinical Informatics Consumer Health Informatics Public Health Informatics.
Population Health Informatics often grouped under Public Health 1 American Medical Informatics Association AMIA Applied Clinical Informatics Military Clinical Informaticists generally work in what iscalled Applied Clinical Informatics .
This focuses on how the clinical informatics tools EHR s andsuch are used to care for patients In most cases work in the background to continually improvethe systems we all use in patient care Focus Areas for Clinical.
Informatics 1 of 2 Clinical Decision Support Computational Science and Analytics Security and Privacy Change Management.
System Adoption and Implementation IT Infrastructure Focus Areas for Clinical Informatics Terminology Taxonomies Interoperability and Standards.
User Interface User Experience UI UX Learning Healthcare Systems Research Patient Safety Population Health Knowledge Management Transitions of Care Disease Management.
More Clinical Informatics Areas Imaging informatics PACS now areas like pathology anddermatology Clinical Informatics X Informatics pharmacy primary care etc .
Clinical decision support Population health User experience development human factors Patient engagement mHealth.
Interoperability and data standards health information exchange Data reporting descriptive analytics Data science predictive prescriptiv... analytics Value based care comparative effectiveness research Clinical Informatics Areas.
May overlap with Bioinformatics genomics Population health governance and policy healthinformatics Health information management HIM .
historically focused on management of medical Translational medicine translationalbioinformatics Translational Bioinformatics Development of storage analytic and interpretive methods.
to optimize the transformation of increasingly voluminousbiomedical data and genomic data into proactive predictive preventive and participatory health End product is newly found knowledge that can bedisseminated to a variety of stakeholders including.
biomedical scientists clinicians and patients Clinical Research Informatics The use of informatics in the discovery and management ofnew knowledge relating to health and disease Includes management of information related to clinical.
trials and also involves informatics related to secondaryresearch use of clinical data Consumer Health Informatics The field devoted to informatics frommultiple consumer or patient views.
These include patient focused informatics health literacy and consumer education The focus is on information structures andprocesses that empower consumers tomanage their own health ex health.
information literacy consumer friendlylanguage personal health records andInternet based strategies and resources Public Health Informatics The application of informatics in areas of public health .
including surveillance prevention preparedness andhealth promotion Public health informatics and the related populationinformatics work on information and technology issuesfrom the perspective of groups of individuals.
Organizations Healthcare Information and ManagementSystems Society HIMSS American Medical Informatics Association AMIA Association of Medical Directors of Information.
Systems AMDIS American Board of Preventive Medicine ABPM Informatics Challenges and Goals Demonstrate value Clinical outcomes.
Financial outcomes Return on Investment Billable service Improve usability Interoperability standards and platforms Predictive prescriptive integration into practice.
Information assurance Cybersecurity Change control MHS Genesis as model Portfolio standardization Test and deploy new capabilities Workforce.
MHS GENESIS Implementation Optimization Examples of Informatics Expertise Data Analysis Pretty much every research and or QI PI project at MAMCuses CI for data retrieval and analysis.
Workflow Analysis Health IT Training GENESIS and other Natural Language Processing Machine Learning Artificial Intelligence More Examples.
Clinical Documentation Improvement AsUType and Dragon Macros HERMES Survey tool MHSG Optimization MHSG Implementation it could have been worse .
QuestionsDefinition of Biomedical/Health Informatics (BM/HI) 1 of 2. According to the American Medical Informatics Association (AMIA), “Biomedical informatics (BMI) is the interdisciplinary field that studies and pursues the effective uses of biomedical data, information, and knowledge for scientific inquiry, problem solving, and decision making, motivated by efforts to improve human health.”1

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