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PHP ArraysDr Charles Severancewww wa4e comhttp www wa4e com code arrayshttp www wa4e com code arrays ... .
PHP Arrays Rock Better than Python Dictionaries Better than Java Hash Maps PHP Arrays have all the benefits of PythonDictionaries but they can also maintain the.
order of the items in the arrayhttp en wikipedia org wiki Associative array Associative ArraysCan be key value or simply indexed by.
Ignore two dimensional arrays for now http en wikipedia org wiki Associative array Integer Indices stuff array Hi There .
echo stuff 1 n Key Value stuff array name Chuck course WA4E echo stuff course n .
Dumping an ArrayThe function print r shows PHP data it is good fordebugging stuff array name Chuck course WA4E .
echo pre n print r something echo n pre n Array name Chuck course WA4E.
var dump vs print r stuff array name Chuck course SI664 var dump stuff array 2 .
name string 5 Chuck course string 5 SI664 var dump and false.
thing FALSE echo One n print r thing echo Two n Onevar dump thing Two.
bool false http stackoverflow com questio... dump vs print r Building Up an ArrayYou can allocate a new item in the array and.
append a value at the same time using emptysquare braces on the right hand side of anassignment statement va array Array va Hello 0 Hello.
va World 1 Worldprint r va Building Up an ArrayYou can also add new items in an array using a za array Array .
za name Chuck name Chuck za course WA4E course WA4Eprint r za Looping Through an Array stuff array name Chuck .
course SI664 foreach stuff as k v echo Key k Val v n Key name Val ChuckKey course Val SI664.
Looping Through an Array stuff array Chuck SI664 foreach stuff as k v echo Key k Val v n Key 0 Val Chuck.
Key 1 Val SI664 Counted Loop Through an stuff array Chuck SI664 for i 0 i count stuff i echo I i Val stuff i n .
I 0 Val ChuckI 1 Val SI664 Arrays of products array paper array copier Copier Multipurpose .
Arrays inkjet Inkjet Printer laser Laser Printer photo Photographic Paper The elements of an pens array ball Ball Point .
array can be many hilite Highlighters things other than a marker Markers misc array string or integer You tape Sticky Tape can even have objects glue Adhesives .
clips Paperclips or other arrays echo products pens marker Array Functions Array Functions.
array key exists key ar Returns TRUE if key is set in theisset ar key Returns TRUE if key is set in the arraycount ar How many elements in an arrayis array ar Returns TRUE if a variable is an arraysort ar Sorts the array values loses key .
ksort ar Sorts the array by keyasort ar Sorts array by value keeping key associationshuffle ar Shuffles the array into random order za array Course exists.
za name Chuck name is set za course WA4E addr is not setif array key exists course za echo Course exists n echo Course does not exist n .
echo isset za name name is set n name is not set n echo isset za addr addr is set n addr is not set n za array Null za name Chuck za course WA4E .
PHP 7 0 0 only name za name not found addr za addr not found Name ChuckAddr not foundecho Name name n .
echo Addr addr n PHP 7 0 0 equivalent name isset za name za name not found za array Count 2 za name Chuck za Is an array.
za course WA4E print Count count za n if is array za echo za Is an array n echo za Is not an array n .
za array name Chuck za name Chuck course WA4E za course WA4E topic PHP za topic PHP print r za Array .
sort za 0 Chuckprint r za 1 PHP 2 WA4E name Chuck za array course WA4E.
za name Chuck topic PHP za course WA4E za topic PHP print r za course WA4Eksort za name Chuck.
print r za topic PHPasort za print r za name Chuck topic PHP.
course WA4E Exploding Arrays inp This is a sentence with seven words temp explode inp print r temp .
0 This 3 sentence 4 with 5 seven 6 words.
Arrays and URL Parameters Time Browser Web Server Database ServerO static MySqlRespons GETJavaScri p.
RRC HTTP SQL http www wa4e com code arrays... This is a sprint through some of theunique language features of PHP Acknowledgements Contributions.
These slides are Copyright 2010 Charles R Severance Continue new Contributors and Translators here www dr chuck com as part of www wa4e com and madeavailable under a Creative Commons Attribution 4 0 License Please maintain this last slide in all copies of the document tocomply with the attribution requirements of the license If you.
make a change feel free to add your name and organizationto the list of contributors on this page as you republish thematerials Initial Development Charles Severance University ofMichigan School of Information.
Insert new Contributors and Translators here including namesIntroduction to PHP Last modified by: Sue Blumenberg Document presentation format: On-screen Show (16:9) Other titles: Helvetica MS Pゴシック Arial Gill Sans Lucida Grande ヒラギノ角ゴ ProN W3 Courier 1_Office Theme Office Theme PHP Arrays PHP Arrays Rock! Associative Arrays Integer Indices Key / Value Dumping an Array var_dump vs ...

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